Rafael van der Vaart has been relatively quiet during this lengthy spell of speculation but his comments today may give some hope to the section of Spurs fans who want the Dutchman to stay.

VDV had been linked with two German sides, Schalke 04 and Hamburg but according to some reports both deals have fallen through over wage demands. In response to this, Rafa had this to say about his future.

“It’s unbelievable how my name is speculated around Europe. I can only say these are only speculations. I will probably stay at Tottenham,” he said.

In addition, there were rumours linking the player with a move to the UAE but he’s not quite at the age where he may want to be put out to pasture and claim one last big payday. Overall, maybe his assumption is correct and VDV will stay at the Lane for one more year at least.



  1. Great news if this ends up being true, absolute class and his habit of scoring against the scum is a very welcome one!

  2. Can afford to loose Modric but would definitely want to keep hold of VDV. Sell him next season and replace him with Mousa Dembelle or Christian Erikson

  3. I like rafa but im not sure he will fit avb s 4 3 3 he is not mobile enough, and if avb drops rafa he will sulk BIG TIME


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