It’s probably fair to say that few of us expected any deal for Emmanuel Adebayor to go through smoothly, even after reports began to emerge on Friday suggesting that a cut price figure had been agreed between Spurs and Manchester City.

That still leaves the issue of personal terms, including Ade’s £170,000 a week wages and some parts of the media are claiming that Tottenham are already looking at alternatives as the deal starts to stall.

One of the other names mentioned is that of José Salomón Rondón, a Venezuelan international currently playing with Malaga. Rondon is 22 and after an unremarkable start to his career with Aragua and Las Palmas, his ratio in La Liga is just starting to nudge towards a goal every other game.

The player has a 20 million euro buy-out clause in his contract although the press in Spain suggest that Malaga are ‘cash strapped’ and may be willing to accept something nearer 15 million.

In the meantime, the Ade deal isn’t dead but those hoping to see the Togolese back at the club next season will be getting nervous as the days drag on.




  1. if this idiot wont take a pay cut and take the same wages as the rest of the spurs team then let him rott at city spurs dont need him he plays when he feels like it he misses 5 goals for every one he scores – there are better strikers out there than him – as for city they should just take anything offered for him as they dont want to be paying a player 170 000 grand a week and not even have him on the bench

    • It does frustrate you when our main striker unleashes a shot that could not penetrate wet tissue paper, and the top three ALL have strikers blasting them in from all angles…

    • Forget Adebayor.

      Bring back Pav !!

      At Spurs Pav scored a goal a game on average and will score more under AVB.

      Spurs can resign Pav for a fraction of the cost and we know that Spurs love Pav and Pav loves Spurs.

  2. This is typical Spurs start of great then Levey hits the buffers this proves my point why sack Redknapp when we cant live with the big boys. We have lost Oscar to Chelscum now it looks like someone has scuppered this deal my forecast for where we finish is going down by the silent week. Wellcome to Spurs AVB you will now see why Harry had a difficult time with a chairman and owner who talks big and delivers small time.

    • i dont think oscar was a real target just interest i think spurs will move for moutinho as soon a luka is sold and hopefully a top striker

  3. Although I understand your frustration davspurs but one thing Mr Levy doesn’t do, and that’s mouth off. I think you’ll find that Mr Redknapp was the one who says he likes every player that the media put up in front of him. Would you really want Spurs to pay 25 million for a player that hasn’t kicked a ball outside of Brazil? That’s a big risk and one I don’t want Spurs to take. Ade will sign for Spurs and be our top goal scorer (again).

    • That I do agree with. Just about EVERY Spurs fan seems to be desperate to sign Leandro. I am not…unless he signs for 16m max. It may sound like a harsh tarring-all-with-the-same-brush, but please somebody name me a Brazilian striker that has managed to do well in England? I hear Jardel and Alves – who scored bucket loads previously – came here, flopped, and never were the same again. Now name me successful Brazilian players in any position? Besides Juninho, you have the promise of Sandro, and you are struggling… This makes it a gamble based on form… If you spend too much, you cannot shed a flop easily. This is why Man C and Chelsea are so wild with money – because they can make flops disappear. Shevchenko comes in for over 20m and leaves for nowt. Spurs CANNOT do this. People were worried about us taking 300-400m debt for the stadium (something guaranteed to make its money back), but couldn’t care less of taking on 25m expenditure on a SINGLE player’s fee and 20m wage contract (something that is likely to never come back).

  4. Too many Spurs fans like Davspurs. They read something in The Sun then get all excited without engaging the brain. *And for future reference, it’s spelled Levy* And Levy has spent well over 100m in the last 5 years. Which puts us in the top 10 in Europe for expenditure.
    We don’t have the money to compete with Chelsea so why would anyone expect us to beat them to a signing? Get your head out the tabloids. We have a solid scouting network which we should all trust and we have a finite amount of funds. If they say Oscar is too much of a risk at 25m, then he is. Let Abramovich take the risk and if it pays off, good for him. This Ade deal is far from being dead – just because we’ve agreed terms doesn’t mean we should expect an announcement straight away.

  5. Adebayor is a great guy and at times a very good striker but he’s not the only answer to our prayers…he looked great compared to players like Crouch (who couldnt’ score) and Pavlyuchenko (who couldn’t earn a starting role) and Defoe (who couldn’t get up high enough to score from crosses).

    Whether or not he comes to agreement to accept a salary Spurs cam afford, we need to buy another striker, as dynamic a player as we can find.

  6. I agree totally with TonyRich and Dram.
    Leandro for £16mil would be worth a punt IMO, but much more than 20mil and it starts getting too risky for me.

  7. Why is that spurs can’t find a striker? I am an american have been following Spurs since 07 although that may hurt my football credibility it doesn’t take away from the validity of my point which is Spurs need a striker or two. If Adebayors wages are the issue don’t sign him. Spurs need a striker that puts the ball in the net on a consistent basis and Adebayor can do that but for how long, he is 28 after all and a huge investment into a player who at times has shown to be a handful might not be the best interest of the new manager

  8. Ade will sign, got to be pretty confident about that. All these rumours about (unknown) players from Spain is the standard way of hurrying these things up.
    We only need him and Defoe as we’re gonna play with one striker in all probability. Are we really gonna have 2 top strikers on the bench every week? Nope. Kane will be on the bench next to Defoe with Ade starting

  9. Lets find a young striker who can beat 1-2 defending players. Adebayor I feel overated-holding type center forward & missed more easy goals than scored with stupid wages- we need some beef

  10. Falcao would be an insane signing, and there’s the whole AVB link to Porto which is something that the press are likely to jump on. Damiao for a reasonable price would be good, I guess we’ll be able to match whatever AC bid, but he’ll probably go there rather than here. Aubameyang would be a great signing, for anyone that watched the AFCON you would have seen how vital he was for Gabon. Also scored a lot for St. Etienne in Ligue 1. Then you’ve got players like Jovetic, Huntelaar and the like, the tier below Cavani who we’ve got 16/1 odds of signing…options, options, options…


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