This week has been notable for the lack of goalkeepers linked with Spurs and the only stories on that subject seemed to suggest that the club had withdrawn their interest in Lyon’s Hugo Lloris.

However, suggestions today claim that the French number one is our main target and that this is a man that AVB tried to sign while he was in charge at Chelsea.

It is widely accepted that the stalling point is the transfer fee with Lyon quoted as wanting something approaching £16m with Spurs coming in at around £4m less.

However, rather than withdraw as some are suggesting, it’s now claimed that Daniel Levy is sticking with it in an attempt to thrash something out.

Some are even expecting a deal to be announced ‘imminently’ but whether that’s true or not, it does suggest that a new keeper is still a major priority.




  1. Lloris
    Walker Vert Kaboul BAE
    VDV Sandro Sig
    Lennon Bale

    What a team we will defo get 4th at least, and hopefully Anto will get a job this year and save the benefit system some more money what a double deal that would be!!!

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  2. what is the truth as im at the lane now ive just seen ade popping in through the gates at the lane so it is not true then ????……these rumors and waffle billy bull sh**ters…are just scared of what avb and spurs of what they can reallt do this season …..JUST WATCH THE COYS GO …..UP THE SPURS !!!!!

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  5. Anto you really have to wonder why you would come on here and choose to pick a fight when you are 1000/1. The fact is that even your board are turning on each other and for the 3rd year running you are about to lose the only talented player you have that without his goals you would have finished 6th or 8th. I dont need to attack your lack of intelligence or your upbringing but would like to suggest that you focus on your problems within your club and stop commenting on our progress you jealous mutt.

  6. Just ignore the other dude. spurs and other teams are basically in horse trading/”who blinks first” mode. Coupled to that, Spurs have this big squad and avb has already indicated that he needs to assess the squad. So Spurs need to balance bringing new players in, keeping the players avb really wants, and then loaning/getting rid of those he does not want. And they all have dependencies. Cannot see Levy telling avb to buy 4 to 5 players, and then have players who are paying for that are not part of the squad (like Man City). Then you have to deal with the negotiations between the clubs. Personally, I think Spurs should be prepared to pay a bit more in salaries and transfer fees – but they should have limits. I don’t think Lloris is worth 16, and Spurs don’t want to pay that – great. We should not. Similarly if Adebayour does want to take a decent offer on the table, we should move on.

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