Fans of Tom Huddlestone would have been delighted to see our midfielder return to action in the recent pre-season friendlies even if the player himself admits that he is still working his way back to full fitness.

Hudd acknowledged that this has been a frustrating couple of years at the Lane.

“Last season was so frustrating,” he said. “I made four appearances at the start but then I picked up the ankle problem which persisted for months. It was particularly hard when I was two or three weeks away from returning and then I discovered I needed another operation that ruled me out for the season.”

Tom is now clearly hoping to impress AVB ahead of the new campaign.

“Everybody’s new to him and it’s a fresh start for everyone,” added Hudd. “Players who were maybe in the shadows before have now got a clean slate and, to a certain extent, I am one of those players, having missed so much of last season.”

While Tom’s return is a welcome one, where will he possibly fit in to an already overcrowded midfield?



  1. Reality or mere fantasy?

    Walker Kaboul Vertonghen BAE
    VDV Modric*
    Hulk Cavani Bale


    • I think it is Huddlestone or Sigurdsson. Ef Huddlestone is 100% fit he stand a chance. Otherwise Sigurdsson will be better.

  2. I think Hudd sits next to Sandro as the ‘2’ in a 4-2-3-1 system.

    Sandro has the energy to compensate for Hudd while Hudd has the passing to compensate for Sandro.

    Sigurdsson,VDV and Bale behind Adebayor.

    That’s as things stand right now of course.

    • I think I’m on the same page TD. I think Hudd can perform something of a Pirlo role for us next season if he has the energy of Sandro to compensate. I worry about VDV and Hudd’s lack of mobility and Sigurdsson doesnt look the most energetic player (although I’m willing to be proved wrong there).

  3. Of course he fits! he is the best passer in our team if we deploy a 4-2-3-1 then he and Sandro should be the holding two he has the attributes to become are very own Pirlo. We need a new keeper! (Lloris, Ter Stegen or Butland) and Strikers i just can’t see why we haven’t gone for Ba 7M is a steal and if we could pick up Ade for 5M would be a great bit of business and a strong strike force!

  4. Agree with TD. We also have Parker & Livermore who could slot in the “2” especially with the number of games we’re likely to play this season.

    My concern is with the “3” where we look light. Currently we only have Bale, Sig, VDV, & Lennon that suits the formation. I’d like to see us go for at least 2 of the following 3; Hoillett, Dembele, Sturridge.

    In terms of the lone striker, assuming we get Adebayor, i’d like to see us go for Remy as well

  5. I am pleased someone mentioned Livermore in this discussion. do not forget him –he is tough and improving he has potential to be a real star–not a Real star (I hope)!!

  6. What happened to Hoilett? Lennon is not the same player and Hoilett could fit in nicely on the right hand side. Moutinho in for Modric alongside Huddlestone with Bale on left Hoilett on right with VDV playing off Ba. With Moutinho as an exception, a reasonably cheap front 6. Livermore, Sigurdsson and Parker have to also be used sensibly.

  7. Love his passing, don’t like his mobility, turning, strength on the ball and in my opinion is not fit to replace Modric in the middle. Sorry hudd. If Modric goes he will be nearly impossible to replace but I reckon dembele must be looked at moutinho is too pricey. We need a ball player In the middle alongside the beast. Someone who can do it all. . . . . .

  8. I am so saddened when Spurs fans dont see how Huddlestone MUST be a pillar around which our team is built. We decried England for not recognising Hoddle for Wilkens or Reid and now we have a preference for Siggi or Parker of Huddlestone. I do not understand that.

    The ball travels faster than the man. Spurs best season todate had Huddlestone and Modders dominating the midfield. How are we forgettting that. Thudd, has scored of the most memorable Spurs goals ever. How can he anything other than a secured starting 11 player. enough already about the mobility and tackling.

  9. If we can sign Remy, Moutinho(to replace Modric),Lorris and Adebayor I would be the happiest Spurs fan in the world. 4-3-3.
    Walker Kaboul Vertonghen BAE
    ……..VdV…….Moutinho (if we can’t,Sigurdsson)

    Huddlestone would be able to back up in any of those midfield 3 , as well as Sandro so our depht would be great to field a strong side in all competitions.

    In a 4-2-3-1

    …….Same defence……..
    …. Paker….Sandro
    Remy. .. VdV. ….. Bale

    Huddlestone would be amazing in those 2 midfield slots, perhaps better than Parker in a year or two, or maybe even now!

    Come On You Spurs.

  10. Quick side note — any news about Fryers? He seemed perfect for a backup/future LB, and beyond that the back 4 look solid (with backups).

    In the middle I’d like to see Sandro, Hudd, and Gylfi start, with Parker, Livermore, and VdV as backup.

    (justification) Sandro has huge potential and should be brought in and given time now while Parker is there as a mentor/example rather than wait until Parker just can’t do it and Sandro is forced in out of form and not good enough.

    Gylfi has comparable stats to VdV already and is still growing as a player. Similar to Parker, we should take advantage of having VdV as a mentor while still offering backup. Also, in a more attack-minded lineup we could use both VdV and Gylfi.

    A lack of pace shouldn’t hurt Hudd as he’ll be backed by Sandro and his role will be to distribute, not to make runs himself or to be tackling all over the pitch. I’m assuming Modric will be gone, but his replacement will either force Hudd to 2nd spot or will be backup to him, depending on who we get. Either way, the middle isn’t too crowded for Hudd and with proper rotation even the backup should get plenty of playing time.

    Bale and Lennon are just fine on the wings but we have no real depth, Townsend, Falque, or Bentley(!) have improved a great deal. I think 1 backup winger capable of playing either side would be ideal, with the 3 I just listed as crisis-backup.

    We need just 1 top quality forward who can be backed by Defoe and Kane.

    Last, we really need a keeper BEFORE Friedel is forced to retire.

  11. i am glad to see some people recognising thudds passing ability i been hearing people say he should go, that would be foolish,if he can gain fitness and form back he must start
    walker kaboul vertongen bae
    sandro thudd
    lennon vdv bale
    if were gonna play on the counter attack with thudds pinpoint accurate passing lennon bale and ade with there pace we can cause anyone problems people seem to forget thudd before he got injured had lost alot of weight and was one of our most important players 2 or 3 seasons ago and i seem to remember a run of quite a few games without a win when he got injured we were not calling him hoddlestone for no reason i know Lloris and ade aint signed (yet) but would be happy with above line up to start season as selling modric and any big signing we may or may not make prob will happen after aug 18th frustrating i know but always the way

  12. i would play a 433 and it would be

    walker, kaboul, vertonghen, bale
    sigurdsson, VDV
    lennon, adi, gio

    send hudd him out on a season long loan 2 a top team with the condition that he gets played, then next year let parker go and keep hudd, sandro and jake all as ur holding midfielders,
    we need 2 start playing players in there possions and not were thay wont 2 play, bale is an attacking left back not a winger, VDV ur an attcking midfeilder not a stricker, the it would give the likes of gio there chance 2 shine as well as townsend and falque, bentley can cover sigurdsson or VDV when needed and with carrol we dont need 2 spend big this year.


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