There’s been a fair bit of talk about players ‘rotting’ at White Hart Lane next season and comments from Gio dos Santos this week might just lead to that sort of situation.

Gio has incurred the displeasure of head coach Andre Villas-Boas by publicly stating that he will not be renewing his contract with Spurs when it runs out in 12 months time.

“I am not sure what Gio’s thought process was, coming out with a statement like that,” said AVB.

“The player is contracted to the club. We respect him and are counting on him to return to club duty.

“Then we will make a decision that is best for the club.”

Earlier this month, Gio stated that he wouldn’t be pushing for a move this summer and there are hints in this story that he is another player with a clean slate who could just have one last chance to prove himself as a Spurs player.

While few of us doubt his quality, could the Mexican ever change his attitude to the extent needed to establish a future at the club?



  1. So unfair to attack Dos Santos while he has to concentrate on the Olympic games with Mexico. And if somebody has to “change attitudes” is not Dos Santos but Tottenham “authorities” which have treated him sadistically for years!!


    • John Ducket, not every player will thrive in multiple systems and formations. The best formations that suit Gio as he has shown with Mexico is either a 4-3-3 or a 4-3-2-1 in which is either plays on the right (which is most of the time) or he plays directly behind the lone out and out striker as a center attacking midfielder or CF. A 4 midfielder system not only gives Gio less room to operate, but gives him less oportunity to show his one v one skill. Aaron Lennon is a kick and run winger, blinding speed but not nearly the skill as a Gio. In a regular 4-4-2 system that Harry loves so much, Lennon will do well. You can argue that Lennon will do well in a 4-3-3 system as well but what happens when you meet a left wing back with as much or even more pace than you? Would Lennon have the skill to twist him into knots then make the nifty pass or head towards goal? Think about it. for the Gooners Cesc looked good, very good, but with Barca he has loads of space and time to look like a player with far more purpose. Before you blast blast Gio and his Concacaf competition, just look at his World Cup 2010 performance and in any competition how he always has the keeper guessing in riddles. Nuff Said, what a waste of a valuable resource he has become.

  3. It’s an old quote made before AVB’s comments after the LA Galaxy game that the press are trying to make a long running story about. It is meaningless drvel.

    As for the guy commenting on here that Dos Santos has basically been a model professional, well that’s unbelievable nieve.

    Gio doesn’t have to change his attitude? If you went into work with the attitude he has used, you would be sacked. You work to be given a chance, not be given a chance before you can be bothered to work.

    Do you support him sitting down against PAOK whe he was tackled and just watching? Do you support him just standing there against PAOK when he was tackled and just watching?

    That is the attitude he has got to maintain is it? Not attending training, turning up late, going clubbing, is that the professional attitude he has got to maintain? Utter stupidity presumably form a benefit scrounger, a lot of them think the world owes them a living.

  4. Any of you who have watched Dos Santos play in recently – and they are few since he can’t get a game at Tottenham- might consider he could fill the role of midfield general soon to be vacated by Modric. He played brilliantly for Mexico when brought on for the last 35 minutes last night and will likely be his country’s MotM in every game he plays in the Olympics. All the negative reports we read from Spurs fans are hearsay. If he can deliver on the pitch he should be picked to play.

  5. Full time he gets a look in. It’s all about scheme and formation. Give him some room to work and he will look like a top 10 world footballed. He looked good for racing when he was on loan there and everyone saw his quality yet somehow he seems to still be under the radar.

  6. The fact of the matter is that he is not disciplined enough physically or mentally to play in England.
    He’s to small with to big of an ego, to play in a league that is much more demanding than playing for Mexico or Racing.
    The only place he’s done well in England was in the championship with Ipswich.

  7. Spurs aren’t gonna get anyone decent in as no one wants to get trapped at Spurs if things don’t go well. Right or wrong that is a fact.

    It looks like what Levy does is best for the club but it’s only best for the bank, it will bite Spurs on the ass

  8. Looks like we aren’t getting any strikers does anyone think this formation could work? (the Spain way)


  9. Im confused…let him rot ???hahah.. That’s what his been doing…but now he has all the power to F the tight ass rottenham toss spurs….Dos santos can say what ever he wants.. He does not have to prove him self to anyone at Spuddly dudlyJs FC …Dos Santos wants out of yr smelly tight ass club..take there money for one more year u will only b 24…then leave next year costing Spuddly dudly Js FC one years wage and zero return on u…. Players like pienaar krajncar.. Rotted for u.. While u played a hopeless Livermore …what a waste of space he is .. Talent I don’t think so .. Can’t shoot, can’t pass … Skill zero.. I’ve got more talent in my big toe then he does … League 2 material ..yr a joke of a club… What u need is 10ton of cheese that comes with all that wine from the spurs supporters and clown of a chairman

    • steve you are clearly an a1 tosser who has a miserable and pointless life and let me guess, no friends. the fact you show no understanding of either football or tactics begs the question, why comment?

      • Why do you say Steve has no idea on footy or tactics??? He clearly knows something about football with his unbias opinion on this matter. And you cannot tell if he has a clue about tactics.
        Then you say he is friendless lol. You are the tosser here people are sick of hearing cak about Spurs all the time and their whining fans. Someone gives an opinion that Spurs fans don’t like and their friendless. You should be getting a life, yer touchy girl

  10. What his thought process is?I can tell u what that is… His going to **** in the *** and good on him .i hope he does the bosman… Give u zero.. Takes a years wage of u thank u very much bye bye …


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