Tottenham’s young strikers have shone during Spurs XI games in pre-season and after Souleymane Coulibaly grabbed our headlines last weekend, Harry Kane proved last night that he still possesses a great deal of potential.

Whether either of those players can build on that potential to forge a career at Spurs remains to be seen but both featured heavily in our 6-0 win over Southend United yesterday.

Coulibaly opened the scoring in the first half with what was described as the goal of the night before Kane doubled our lead at the break.

In the second half, Harry added two more strikes while a deflected shot from Andros Townsend and a header from Jon Obika completed the rout.

Both our young strikers are doing well ahead of the new season but what lies in store for Kane? Having impressed on loan at Millwall last season, maybe a similar deal is likely – although perhaps it should be at a Premiership side for 2012-13?




  1. So what are we saying here? A 19 year old who doesn’t need to be registered for a ‘squad berth’ will be included in said squad. Good. Excellent commentary.

  2. Scoring against Southend doesn’t prove anything that we didn’t already know…thats his level ….so what!

    He will never cut it at spurs…very average and thats being kind

    • hes 19 -_- your slagging off a 19yo, caulker got his chance in the prem at 20, why cant kane get europa n a bit of prem at 19, not many players are successful in the championhip at 19 and he was at 18. geez, its like ur exacting him to be a rooney at 19..

    • Look at Welbeck he didnt start playing Prem till he was 21/22 and now hes in the England squad. So lay off Kane and let him develop. We now have a structure at the club (Sherwood, AVB and Freud) who all have experience developing youngsters (Sherwood with the current crop at Spurs, AVB in Portugal and Freud who has helped developed the new crop of German players) and all appear to be bloody good at it so just wait and see.

    • Nice one….
      And yes please. Somebody sort him out. He signed a new contract 12 months ago for crying out loud. For what? 20k extra a week. He made his own bed………..
      And I would love a right-in-the-head Modric at SPURS.

      P.s. Imagine if we had met the evaluation of Damiao 12 months ago. (15-18m as I remember it. We only wanted to pay 12m)

      Anyway I still believe in Levy. Lets get the 2-3 players we need and start challenging……………

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  5. i was at the game last night, i follow southend aswell as supporting Spurs, due to family, but i’ve got to say Coulibaly, Kane and Townsend all heavily impressed me last night.. Townsend was absolutely outstanding he’s got pace, movement, a good eye for goal, his ball control is brilliant, given some weights training and he could be a star, he’s definitely worth keeping i our squad this season as AVB has decided to play 3 playing behind the striker and he could be a replacement for any of Bale, Lennon and VDV and do a good job, Kane is a clinical goal scorer but does lack pace and strength so maybe not quite yet ready, as for Coulibaly he can definitely do a job and i’d expect him to get a chance, as for our left back, Danny Rose, he’s faultless and is well worth being out second choice this season, him and Bale could tear up the left side, all in all the Tottenham XI team have 5 or 6 decent young attacking players who have got bright careers ahead of them, as for the defenders, they were abit poor so i wouldn’t recommend any of them quite yet and i’d expect them to be loaned out to League 1/2 teams.. Some of you have got to be patient and a hell of a lot more positive!

  6. Townsend = Ready for 1st team football
    Kane = Season loan to a Premiership side would be good
    Coulibaly = Needs to be loaned to a Championship side

    I get the feeling AVB is trying to rush Kane into the first team in case we do not secure the services of a new striker(s). We need major cover in that area, so I can’t blame him. Will Kane live up to expectation? Not yet, IMO. From watching him play, you can see that he is talented, but a Premiership side loan would instill some much-needed confidence into the boy.

  7. Good thing you’ve got a few promising youngsters, because tight-wad Levy wont be spending any money on quality players.

    Spuds are in decline, heading back to obscurity!


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