Unless there are any dramatic transfer developments within the next 48 hours, it seems ever more likely that Jermain Defoe will take his place as a lone striker for Spurs this weekend. However, surely even Tottenham won’t let another transfer window slip by without signing a centre forward so will JD keep his place?

Defoe has been on the fringes of the side for a couple of years now and has made intermittent noises about a move away for first team football. With 2012-13 looming, the player has said once again that he is unhappy about playing ‘second fiddle’.

“Last season was heartbreaking for me in terms of putting my body on the line, being prepared to give everything for the club and not getting a game”, Defoe said.

“Obviously I have to think seriously about my future. I will talk to the club and see what happens but right now all I want to do is what is best for Tottenham.”

Those quotes could have come from any point in the last two years and some Spurs fans will be getting a little tired of reading them. At this stage however, it looks as if any decision about JD’s future is likely to be postponed until the winter.




  1. I was quite optimistic when AVB took over, since then things have started to look less bright. There is the prospect that Spurs will start the season with only one proven striker, and he seems to be unhappy at the club, 3 goalkeepers – one of which is 40+, one seems happy to just turn up and train and the other is just not competent, and to top it all there is very little cover for the wide midfield positions. You would not be happy with a pub team starting the season set up like this. Levy and AVB should have been sorting this out weeks ago. Not good enough.

  2. How the hell can Defoe play second fiddle again? We haven’t got anyone for him to play second fiddle to. All I’ve seen us linked to this transfer window are goalkeepers (needed) and defensive midfielders (not needed). Perhaps that’s the way forward, a goalkeeper, a back four and six defensive midfielders in front of the back four. Won’t WIN many games but we should be really difficult to break down!!!

  3. Also, reading a Barcodes website this morning, they are struggling to have a few of their first team defence fit for saturday. With our lack of strikers, should be an interesting game.

  4. Our 7-a-side team was playing on Saturday and our striker scored 4 in 5-2 win.
    He is relatively cheap. Why not have a go???????

    Come on Levy…
    I have been one of your strongest supporters throughout this ‘so called’ transfer window.
    Please tell me you have got something in your ‘magic hat’

  5. I heard on EPOL podcast someone say Defoe has already been offered to Sunderland. That suggests they are confident someone is coming in (likely Adebayor) and also sums up where they feel Defoe fits- haven’t confirmed that but I would be shocked if they were shopping him without something in place.


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