The name of Gaston Ramirez has appeared already on this site but it seems that the race to sign the 21 year old has gathered momentum in the last 24 hours.

It’s now being reported that Spurs have made a firm offer to Bologna for the player’s services but claims are that the bid has been rejected as Ramirez may be holding out for a move to Liverpool where the big appeal must lie in the presence of his national team mates Luis Suarez and Sebastian Coates.

Described as a ‘wing-centric attacking midfielder (!), other parts of the press claim that a move to White Hart Lane could still happen if Tottenham are prepared to improve on personal terms.

“The only solid offer is the one from Tottenham, who offered £12.6m,” said the player’s agent Oscar Betancourt.

“But the deal didn’t go through because Spurs offered too low a wage to the player and if the wage difference is minimal he would stay at Bologna.”

So this one may still come off but how many times have we seen reports of bids for the clubs that are either too low in terms of fee or terms? Additionally, how many times do we see those bids improved upon?




  1. Same old story Levy being Levy making useless offers even he would not accept , Making an offer is just for show to make it look like he is willing to spend some cash , but we need to sign this player i cant believe we are so close to getting him and its all down to wages , im sure he will prove to be our best signing of the season if we get him , we can only hope.

  2. well done again levy missing out on great young players because he is too mean with cash – if spurs want to be a top 4 club we need to pay players the same wage as arsenal liverpool pay their players – simple as

  3. Transfer windows for THFC are like being heterosexual and strapped to a chair and forced to watch gay pornography: the longer it continues the more it makes you want to vomit and shoot the person resposible.
    It may be a fiscal art form but IMHO it has the same effect on me and the team as an enema.
    Someone tell LEVY WE NEED ELEVEN on the PITCH NOT TEN…..Spain can play 4-6-0 but we CANNOT.
    Poor Kane is a second Keane style striker not a front man and if AVB thinks that he will do as a front man I am very worried.

  4. You know, I usually like how Levy is a strong negotiator and always tries for the best deal – however recently he’s been getting on my nerves. If we lose out on Ramirez due to personal terms I will be furious! He needs to stop this! The season starts BEFORE the transfer window ends so if we can conclude deals for Ramirez and Lloris before we play Newcastle, then pull your finger out and do it.

  5. Pretty quickly it becomes penny wise, pound foolish. If the squad we end up with just CANNOT do the job (top 6, bare minimum) then it’s not saving money wages on a player or two, it’s wasting the wages of the whole team.

    Depth in midfield would be nice, but we can deal with it.
    Young, quality keeper would be great, but Friedel probably has a year left in him if needs must.

    Strikers, though, Kane is NOT ready and Defoe is the wrong type of player. Defoe is actually a good player, but the ONLY way he would work is if he was partnered by another forward THAT WE DON’T HAVE. Instead of signing a partner for him we really should sell him and buy two strikers, both capable of playing up front alone.


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