Does AVB see a future for this Spurs outcast?

Does AVB see a future for this Spurs outcast?


It’s being whispered quietly at the moment but there are stories suggesting that Jermaine Jenas may well be part of Andre Villas-Boas’ plans for the start of the season. At present, there appears to be no more substance to this but with everyone starting with a clean slate, there’s every chance that JJ could slip through.

It may seem like the club has an overcrowded midfield at the moment but AVB does have some selection problems ahead of the Newcastle game on Saturday. Scott Parker is definitely ruled out while it’s being reported that Tom Huddlestone isn’t quite 100% and won’t be risked.

Sandro may also miss out after a busy period with Brazil while Gio Dos Santos is also struggling with the foot injury that kept him out of the Olympic final. Meanwhile, it’s though that there is no chance of Modric playing, even if he is still at the club.

That still leaves Livermore, VDV and Sigurdsson at least when it comes to centre mid but there is word that AVB is looking at Jenas. Gossip it may be but I guess we’ll just have to wait and see.



  2. what thehell is going on with the spurs …..levy get players you promised or f**k off you loser !!!!! avb its gonna be a long season …..hope you dowell with what you got bring it on

  3. And so it comes to pass……well summer is over come 3.00 Saturday
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    Next he choose wisely and using Danieldores magic cross bred Denise Lewis with Shergar to produce beast twins called Sandro and The Hud. They were told to sit in wait and get the ball off of whoever dared come near. A thing of beauty was then made from an Icelandic volcano and we called him siggy. He was allowed to roam from side to side to receive the ball from the beasts.
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    Other magnificent’s such as Caulker and Livermore creatures were told to lay in wait in case the beast before them were not ready, they knew this role and would not complain but instead be ready, unlike the whimpering drainage animals of Bentley and Jenas of the treatment table.
    Danieldore still wanted more to satisfy the blood lust of young Boas and spent time screwing negotiating with other wizards to rid them of their young talents telling them it was in their interest to sell for nothing and let them play free from the worries of agents wanting them to earn money. If 40k is enough for BAE then its bloody well good enough for anyone!
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  4. looks like luka finally going for only 23 million. I think jenas will start on saturday. He will pick the same team which played in spain, the only changes will b walker and kaboul coming in for gallas and naughton. Hopefully sandro will be fit

  5. Every new manager seems to rate JJ. He must be likeable and compliant on the training ground. But then his ability and technique are found wanting in a real game.

  6. Let Carroll have a go! What’s the harm in letting him loose for a week or two and then loaning him off if he’s not ready for the Prem? Every bit of experience helps!

    • Carroll kane townsend will have a big part to play this season we have alot of kids coming through which is exciting. We will have a massive season with hopefully a cup or 2. AVB WILL BE SUCCESSFUL AT SPURS. I AM SO LOOKING FORWARD TO THIS SEASON

  7. I remeber Cappello picked for his 1st England tean, never again though. He is pants worse that that he is crutchless pants, with a stained gusset. We will get 1 point form our first 4 games. Do not blame AVB becasue he must be well hacked off. Capitalism over progress Levy that is your game matey.

  8. Been trying to be positive about this season,but if jenas worms his way back in I don’t know if I can cope.just wait for someone to give him the ball so he can turn 360 degrees trip on the ball or his talentless feet as he gifts possession to the oppos best player who is free to run at our back four.been trying to give avb a go but always knew we would regret hiring a ginger!

    • How does this reflect on AVB? Sandro, Hudd, Parker, and Gio are all not fully fit, Modric is crying like a little girl, and Levy’s not spending where he should.

      We can judge him after he’s given a full squad and had a chance to let the team warm to his tactics. It’s bound to be a transition season (sadly) but it’s setting up to be even more transition-y than it ought, with not a single real forward.

  9. Im so pissed off with Spurs & Daniel Levy all he has done is conned all Spurs supporters all i keep hearing is if we sell modric we might be able to afford to get Gaston Ramieres and pay his wages, What i want to know is , “What happend to the 20-25 million pound we got when we qualified for europe ? What happend to the Berbatov sale money 30 million ? thats about 50 million pounds unaccounted for so far , also what happend to the money from the sales of crouch, palacios, pavlychenko, corluka, pienaar, keane, ? as you can see Daniel Levy is all about profits he has no intention to spend big on a decent striker i would love him to prove me wrong . With the sales of all these other players we should have at least 75 million pounds to spend on new players , its just criminal

  10. If we play 4-4-2, i hope this is our formation for saturday. Brad,
    kyle,younes,vertonghen or dawson,BAE
    Lennon, Hudd or Sandro or livermore, sigurdsson, bale
    rafa, defoe
    and if we play 4-3-3
    same back 4

  11. Jenas has the ability to equal Steven Gerrard, all he has ever lacked is self belief. Maybe a clever AVB can give him that. Give him a chance.

  12. If we are led to believe, AVB studies video tapes for hours on end of players and tactics.Well maybe he should study tapes of Jenas and save himself time and fan heartache n realise how crap he is.


  14. We do need players in attack but its vital that we bring in the right players that will fit in with our style of play and that we do not pay stupid money. Its not all about how much a player costs just look at Newcastle last season, demba ba and Cisse ripped most defences apart and did not cost anywhere near the prices of some strikers we have been looking at. I think Dos Santos has been under rated since his arrival and he could be our jewell in the crown given half a chance. You don’t play up front for Mexico if your not top draw.

  15. Just going to throw this one out there, if united get RVP as i rumoured, why not chuck in a cheeky £15mil bid for hernandez?
    Proven prem goalscorer


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