While the goalkeeper and the striker might be sorted, the rest could be anybody’s guess. AVB said after the Stevenage game that he likes to play ten behind the striker – a good plan when you only have one forward at the club.

The full backs also pick themselves but there would be a question in the middle. Will it be two from Kaboul, Dawson and Vertonghen or will he try to fit in all three?

In midfield, Scott Parker is ruled out while Luka Modric seems certain to be left at home. Gareth Bale claims he will be fit despite aggravating a back injury in midweek but Tom Huddlestone might not be risked at this stage.

Up front, AVB could pair Defoe with Kane but perhaps the old 4-4-1-1 favoured by Harry will be seen once again.

Here’s our view but what do you think?

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  1. I agree. It looks pretty much our best 11 at the moment.
    But didn’t AVB give the captains armband to Dawson?
    That must surely mean that it is any of the others next to Michael.
    I think Sandro needs to catch his breath after not having any time off during the summer. That is why Livermore should be there, imo.


    • Sandro “catch his breath”??? What are you on?

      He had a summer break, then went to the Olympics. Has pretty much had a week off. He should be the fittest guy in our squad. He HAS TO PLAY

  2. Freidal Subs.
    walker Kabol Vertongen BAE Cudichini
    Sandro Dawson
    sigurdsson Vaart Livermore
    Lennon Bale Dos santos

  3. Sandro and Livermore will start. St James’ is a hard place to go, and we’ll need to work hard in midfield. Siggy and Rafa together is too much of a luxury. Rafa to start, Siggy on when he tires at 60mins. The rest makes sense.

    • why would you go with no creativity in the centre of midfield? The game is there to be won – get our noses in front and then worry about defending what we have. Sandro and Livermore in CM is far too negative and will put us on the back foot from the first minute

  4. Sandro has to play. Would have either him and Siggy or him and Huddlestone in the centre. I think VDV and Siggy can play similar roles

  5. ps I think Dawson should be 4th in line for a CB place this season. Verty, Kaboul and Caulker are all better than him

  6. I disagree AVB has a formation and will stick to it, VDV will start on the bench in my opinion.

    Friedel; Walker, Kaboul, Vertonghen, BAE; Huddlestone, Sandro; Lennon, Sigurdsson, Bale; Defoe

  7. Team tomorrow –




    Lennon—–Sigurdson—— VDV———-Bale


    • Thats creative! Your lineup plays to the players strengths but I’m not exactly sure if you would be able to play the whole 90 mins that way because of vdv having to try to assist in the midfield. I would play vertonghen and kaboul not dawson.

  8. For the record I would like to say I’m a huge spurs fan. That being said I’m seriously worried about the beginning of the season. I believe we could be in real trouble in the newcastle game. I agree with your line with the exception of livermore I would like to see Sandro there but he hasn’t really an offseason because of the olympic games with brazil.

  9. Hmm, I think we might go 4-2-3-1


    Walker – Verty – Kaboom – Benny

    Sandro – Livermore

    Siggy – VDV – Bale


    Subs – Cudi, Caulker, Gallas, Lennon, Dos Santos, Kane

  10. Is it confirmed Dawson for captain? seems strange choice as he is far from being guaranteed a starting spot. He is the slowest of our CBs and will be caught out with high defensive line, as Terry was at Chelsea…Wouldnt be surprised to see VDV start in forward position with Bale – LIvermore – Sandro – Siggy – Lennon behind him. Walker and BAE wingbacks for me, pace of Kaboul and Vertongen in the middle. Can only see Daws getting a run at home against slower attacks than that of Newcastles…

  11. Friedel. Walker dawson vertonghen benny. Sandro livermore. Lennon siggy bale. Defoe. Daws has been named captain for now so shud expect to start. Would much prefer caulker or kabs tho.

  12. I think the formation pictured is more of a home game setup, than an away to Newcastle formation. Not enough defense in a LIvermore,VDV,SIgurdson midfield triangle IMO. Sando is match fit and in form, would be crazy to leave him out. He is also our best and hardest in the tackle without Parker there.

  13. With that formation we shall be overrun in the midfield and risk letting in goals. The back four are fine but place Huds in front of them and then put Sandro instead of Livermore and start without VDV. That would work better.


    Walker – Kaboul – Vertonghen – Assoe ekotto


    Lennon – Sandro – Sigurdsson – Bale


  14. Newcastle will only cause us problems down the centre so we need 3 central defenders. Also Walker & BAE can get forward down the flanks so Bale could move into a central attacking role and cause them problems down the middle


    Walker, Dawson, Kaboul, Vert & BAE
    Sandro, Livermore, Sig

  15. Will be dissapointed if Kaboul misses out, he was one of our best last season and has the pace required for AVBs preferred defensive system. I can se us getting caught out with Daws there as strikers manage to get in behind him too much when defending deep, let alone the high line.Can only think that if Daws is captain he will start, and perhaps Verty on the bench or in for BAE on the left?? Agree, strange to make Daws captain.

  16. Siggs behind Defoe(later on Kane) and Sandro partnering Livermore in midfield because we need 2 strong midfield players because Newcastle are dangerous trough the middle. Bale and Lennon for the pace and Kaboul and Vertongen in the middle of defense. Walker and Assou on the outside and Friedel on goal.

  17. He will play 4-2-3-1 like he has in every friendly.

    Dawson looks set to play as he has been announced as captain – which is suprising as I would have picked kaboul and Vertoghnen.

    Believe it will be:






    Cudicini, caulker, BAE, huddlestone, rose/jenas, vdv, Kane.

    Would be suprised to see giovani on the bench evough though I think he would thrive under AVB and 4-2-3-1 formation.

    Ps. We have been an embarrassment in this window – just been highlighted by Ramirez agreeing a move to Southampton over us as we didn’t off enough wages – he’s gonna be on 45k a week at Soton. Sigh

    • I completely agree with you this transfer season has been a complete embarrassment 3 or more players that I have read absolutely rejected a move to spurs. Our striker situation is laughable and of course there’s the Modric situation which I believe is the catalyst for all of this.

  18. what a shit team.ur gonna struggle bigtime.
    have u got a striker yet? no hulk? no llorente? no damaio?
    theres a surprise. fukin 2nd rate europa league team.
    2-0 newcastle.

  19. Read an interesting article that states that AVB always sticks to his preferred 4-3-3 formation and chooses the players that fit best within that system as a team, not neccesarily the best players. I cant see him going with 3 CBs, but can see Verty coming in for BAE on the left perhaps due to his all round better technique and passing game, assuming that Dawson will be starting CB as captain. If Dawson in, need Kabouls pace to cover. Siggy has been used by AVB pre-season and Swansea last season as a striker, so wouldnt be surprised to see him in a lone forward position, with Bale,Livermore,Sando,VDV and Lennon midfield. For me, VDV is excellent in the link role between Sando and Bale/Siggy/Lennon. Defoe could yet start on the bench as his style of play and lack of a passing/linking game is not preferred by AVB either. Anyhow, great debate and looking forward to the game and how the boys line up. COYS!

  20. No matter what website I gone there’s always some arsenal fan who has some shit to say. You would think that they would be too busy worrying about their own business. By the way what is robin van persie up to! Everyone told me that arsenal fans are the worst and every single day they prove that to be true. I would rather be associated with a mid table club then with a club that threatens The wife of your former team captain! COYS

  21. livemore is awful dont get how hes even involved! passes sideways and awful on the ball and doesnt break much up! im aware huddlestone can go out on loan which to me is a joke! he has so much more ability than livemore!

    walker vertoghen kaboul asso
    lennon sandro sigurdson bale

  22. I think that the team will/should be:

    Walker Vertonghen Kaboul Bae
    Livermore Sandro
    Lenny Siggurdson Bale

    I’ve got a feeling that Lennon’s in for a big season in a Spurs shirt. Looking sharper in pre-season than I’ve seen him in a while, the flying winger has been getting into more goal-scoring positions than ever before. Aaron’s got it all as a winger, but I think its fair to say that he is yet to put it ‘all’ together,consistently, over the course of a season yet! CAN’T WAIT FOR KICK-OFF TOMORROW! 2-1 SPURS. COYS

  23. i think all this attention about us not having a new striker signed yet isnt as bad as people may think. we have siggy and vdv who play in the slot behind who can both contribute with good forward play and goals but obviously a new striker is needed before aug 31st. i’d have
    walker kaboul vertonghen BAE
    lennon vdv siggy bale

    with siggy being replaced by livermore at half time/60 mins if newcastle are having the lions share of the play in midfield. the diamond of sandro vdv siggy and defoe could create some passing moves with great link up with defoe getting quick ball and create loads of space out wide for lennon and bale to cause problems

  24. kyle or whoeva you are, are you joking with that line up! livemore useless and vdv up front and no striker! thank god your not our manager wow

    • Hudd aint fit and was shit before he got injured. Jenas is awful whoelse is there.plus vdv would be a better striker than the two we got defoe is far to greedy his just a player that can come off the bench

  25. vdv could not run in between the defence and looks blown out once minute 60 comes along! defoe is greedy but look at his goal the other day and he wil run in between defences! ideally would have prefered a new striker or ade playing but defoe has to play . im not sayin hudds shud start just saying once hes fit i wood prefer him than livemore, but instead we are trying to loan him out.

  26. I agree about hudd shouldnt go on loan. And we should of signed damiao by now or someone world class. Vdv should play upfront coz he could play both bale and lennon frew plus get sigi involved weve got anuf players in that line up that can finish the ball wivout needing to play defoe or the massively overated kane

  27. Anyone remember the start of last season? First 2 games Livermore and krancs in the middle got spanked. Is Livermore and siggy gonna be much different? Definitely need sandro in there getting the tackles in and breaking up the play. Wouldnt play vdv and siggy together for this one, personally. Sandro, Livermore and vdv with Defoe in front, bale and Azza creating the width.

  28. You have to get the central midfield pairing right. This is Newcastle away.
    There will be three attacking midfielders in front of them and then Defoe in the box.
    Four in defence with a high line and midfield support by the wing backs.
    Walker, Dawson, Kabul, BAE
    Sandro, huddlestone
    Lennon, sig, bale


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