Does losing Hudd and Dawson make any sense?

Does losing Hudd and Dawson make any sense?


Any new coach coming into a club will, sooner or later, make his mind up about the existing squad but some of the transfer rumours coming out of White Hart Lane will have surprised Spurs supporters.

While the club continues to offload the deadwood with the sale of Sebastien Bassong to Norwich, there are claims that AVB is looking to clear out five more players but those names include Tom Huddlestone and Michael Dawson.

Hudd has worked his way back to match fitness and it was thought he might get a place on the bench over the weekend at the very least. However, he was left out of the squad and later made his feelings known on Twitter.

Daws meanwhile was expected by many to partner either Kaboul or Vertonghen in defence but all the stories today suggest that the pair are surplus to requirements. Stoke and QPR have been put in the frame for both although some reports are pointing at a loan move for Tom.

Bentley, Dos Dantos and Jenas are the other names mentioned and while you would presume that reinforcements must be coming in, would the club be making the right decision to lose Thudd and Daws?



  1. Err, ….

    I think we should look to keep them both until we at least bring in replacements first, rather than sell them on and then be left with an empty squad. AVB needs to lower his targets and accept that we don’t stand a chance of luring the Kaka’s of the world to White Hart Lane.

  2. Quite simply NO! Daws and Thudd are both top players on their day and are two fantastic options to have in the squad. All this nonsense about selling before we buy is starting to piss me off! We know full well there is money there and that we need to strengthen now. Daniel Levy needs to grit his teeth and spend some of that money on top top players otherwise we’ll left behind again. You were brave enough to change the coach, now you’ve got to show that same courage in the transfer market…..oh and the clock is ticking.

    • Actually I agree with the transfers of Dawson and Thudd, especially Dawson. Thudd while not being very athletic does have very good passing ability and a thunderous shot…great eye for goal. Yet we are stacked at defensive midfield especially if we bring in M’Vila from Rennes, then you;’ll soon have a healthy Scott Parker and we already have Jake Livermore. Dawson simply lacks pace even though he doesn’t lack heart. He reads the game well but he would get torched by balls over the top or through the back 4 in the AVB high line. You wouldn’t expect him to run with the likes of Fernando Torres, Lukas Podolski or RVP and even a Kenwyne Jones. Gallas is older but he may offer a bit more pace coupled with more experience than Dawson why he’s still asked to hang around. Dawson will do well somewhere in a 4-4-2 or 4-5-1 setup. Just my opinion though.

    • I’m afraid AVB has told Dawson he’ll be third choice at Spurs and QPR look like bidding for him. As for Hudd, in a reply to a tweet about AVB he said:-

      ‘Respect needs earning before being given. Fact’.

      Looks like Daws and Hudd are surplus to requirements.

      • I believe Dawson should’ve been ok with being 3rd choice. Anything can happen, the season is long and there are cup matches to be played. Despite his lack of pace, it could’ve been seen as an opportunity to show he can cover based on his vision and technique and work his way back in. As for Thudd, he lacks certain attributes but he does seem to have decent skills. He’s injury prone though. I just hope AVB and his grand scheme doesn’t ruin the ream. I’ll reserve my final verdict until I see the rest of teh players we bring in now that Ade is confirmed as being back.

  3. Look Dawson was missing from Saturday’s match due to a family grievance and was recently named club captain until Scotty comes back. However they may be truth in the Hudd loan which I can put my head around. Hudd is much better than Jenas and Livermore isnt up to the standard when Hudd got us 4th. #SortitoutAVB

  4. Hate to see Thudd or Daws go – my two favourite players. Hudd has a lot to offer and I would love to see him given an attacking midfield role, he has a great shot and is a superb passer – as for Dawson he might not be the most technically gifted of defender but is a leader who always gives 100% and is a very solid player. Lets flog Jenas, Bentleyy and Gallas instead ( if we can find someone to buy them )

  5. Hudd looked so slow in pre-season and I still can’t shake the sight of Daws being turned inside out by Aguero in our 5-1 defeat to Man City last season!
    Can we please just sign a striker or 2 and a creative midfield player otherwise we are looking at top 8 and nothing more!

    • Agreed and well said. Hudd does lack pace, worse Dawson but at least I can come up with 2, maybe 3 decent reasons for keeping Hudd around over Bentley and Jenas.

  6. Huddlestone has to be a loan.. So then in January when AVB is sacked, the new manager will come in and recall him immediately. Top player

    • I hope you’re not right John T, because if AVB is sacked in January, it means Lilywhite’s doing rubbish. I would much rather we be somewhere in the top 4 or 5 in January.

  7. I hope there is no truth in any of this. Both are good squad players, and surely we have learnt by now that there will be long term injuries to the squad in the long and hard season ahead, so both will at some stage be needed.

  8. Sigurdsson was loaned out from hoffeinheim.. He impressed on loan at a lower profile club swansea, then when he returned to hoffeinheim big clubs were all over him and hoffeinheim didnt stand a chance.

    If Tom stays fit for a season at whoever on loan.. Man united will sign their replacement for carrick next season.

  9. If avb had given them a chance then fine but in my view he has not so both need to prove they are back to their best before any call is made. I hear that avb’s reason is about speed, G
    allas v Dawson I know who gets my vote.

  10. NO WAY. Daws should definitely be staying ahead of Gallas. And Hudds is our only other player in the team that can pass more than 20 yards. Even if he doesnt play every game – why get rid.
    Just take the money for Mod and get buying a striker QUICK.
    Saturday proved that without that we are not going to score enough – why is it once again that we have not started the season with any strikers…..

    • I would keep Dawson and drop Gallas. As i posted my comment before i forgot about gallas. Dawson is better than him but I think a lot of that has to do with Gallas age.

      • Just tired of stalling all the time – the season has started – the sooner they make the window from close season to open season the better for everyone. All this up in the air is driving me mental.

  11. I like huddlestone and dawson but i think they are both slow and injury prone. I believe AVB wants to play fast and they don’t fit. I believe huddlestone should go to Stoke I think he would fit in perfectly

    • As much as I love Hudd, I really get your point.
      Hudds passing would be perfect for a team like Stoke.
      Having said that, I still want to keep both Hudd and Daws. Eventhough AVB wants to play fast, we always need a plan B. Daws for consolidating against teams just like Stoke, and Hudd to come on and change the game once it has slowed down a bit.
      In short: keep both. We need to be deep.
      BUT…….. Where are the two strikers Mr. Levy?
      Ade + 1 NOW.


  12. i was more concerned about seeing Jenas’s face on the bench at the weekend… reminded me of darker times!!!! i would like THudd to stay but Daws has worried me for two years now so i wouldnt lose sleep if he left.
    the current squad worries me… a lot!

    • Jenas is a issue for a lot of spurs fans. I honestly don’t think he’s that bad, I don’t think he is the footballer that use to be due to injuries in the fact is gotten older and he’s not used very often. But a part of me feels really bad for the guy everybody trashes him even I have been guilty of this. I don’t think he fits in the team

      • I agree with you I’m sad to say that but I do agree with you. Livermore looks like you should be playing in the championship i feel he is a very average needs some more time to develop. I would send him out on loan or just keep him in reserve for right now. Definitely not a starter though.

        • nah… enough of Jenas! hids from the ball and wastes possession far to often! and in all honesty im just bored of seeing him in the squad year on year.
          Livermore at least has youth on his side and can break down opposition play… def not starter but rather him that Jenas for me!

  13. I wouldn’t worry about paper speculation at this time, its always the same in late August. I do however think that Hudd could do with a loan with another prem club until January to get his sharpness back he has been out a very long time. I think what you’ll find this season is AVB will pick players on merit and not because he gets on well with them so I expect plenty of squad rotation.

  14. keep them both. if there still not in the team at christmas sell them then.need to strengthen not sell.ades deal apparently going through by thurs….anyone know if its true….

  15. Daws are my fav player, always plays with his heart. If AVB&Levy sell Daws I will be seriously pissed. BTW, Harry should never have been sacked….There will be no 4th place this season.

    • Harry was a piss poor tactician. Nice bloke, good man handling skills but that could only take us so far. So I think he should have been sacked, however the manager we should have opted for is now managing France. if the height of our (I Mean Mr Levy’s ambition) ambition is to re-sign Adybayore, then I agree No 4th place and it will be in no small way Mr Levy’s doing.

      • Ade is the best striker Spurs have had in over a decade. Scored more and assisted more than Berba ever did. Why would signing him permanently show a lack of ambition? All these players linked from abroad are totally unproven in the prem where Ade has a career record of a goal every other game. Sorry but you don’t really have a clue.

        • Saying Ade is the best Striker that Spurs have had for a decade is hardly a glowing endorsement. He has the first touch of a leper and needs 10 chances to score unless it is from the spot. As far as a goal record of a goal every two games….So does Pav. And at nearly 29 years old not really an ambitious signing for the future of the club. What the hell does a proven record in the premiership have to do with anything? Aguero, Pappise Cisse, Drogba, Dzeko, Ruud van Horse face, Berbatov, Torres, and probably many more that escape me had NO previous premier experience before setting the league on fire in their first season. So if you can’t spot talent regardless of their country of Origin I’d suggest you have NO clue, not I. And just as an aside I didn’t say Ade wouldn’t be a useful addition…..just not the best addition given our ambition. PS I also want someone who plays for the badge not the cash…….If first team football and the chance to play for Spurs was not enough for the mercenary then he can go play in China somewhere

      • If Harry had some help in january instead of Saha & Nelson we surely would have sealed 3rd place tactics or not.

        surely we cant sell Dawson, at least he has a future, Gallas should have retired already

        Jenas is not good enough Hudd anyday

        and can anyone tell me exactly what Livermore is good at?

  16. Definitely not! Daws is an England centre-half and although Gallas was in on Saturday seriously think it will be a three way battle between him, Vertonghen and Kaboul for a starting berth. As for Hudd, something must have happened between him and AVB as was totally bemused as to why Livermore started ahead of him at the weekend. If we are honest, Livermore should be nothing more than a squad player where as Hudd is a creative player who can pick out a pass from anywhere on the pitch. If you look at what happened against Newcastle, we were short of that creative spark in the middle of the park which would have opened up a team that was there for the taking.

  17. Levy is starting to grate – if we are not selling Mod make him play if we are selling him – get on with it…moyes\neville spoke yesterday of the importance of signing them early and how that has helped them – they beat united we lost to Newcastle….surely enough said

    • I can’t believe you said that. If all this is building for a future then berbatov is a bad idea. He’s a temporary solution if he came back he would be there for maybe 2 years at the most by then spurs wouldnt be able to sell him anyway plus united want 8,000,000 for him that’s ridiculous. I’m a fan of berbs too a HUGE fan but I wouldnt wanna see him back at Tottenham

  18. My concern with Huddlestone is his mobility and we can’t afford lack of pace in the midfield! He has a hell of a shot on him and can pass like Hoddle but his workrate isn’t the best so ultimately he isn’t first choice! I love Daws his passion his no nonsense style but again pace let’s him down ( although you could level that at Gallas ) I can’t see beyond Kaboul and Vertonghen for first choice and would he be happyas 3rd choice at best, injuries aside!

    • surely you can lay all the same accusations at Van der Vaart. The difference is Hud won’t spuriously get twinges when the temp drops below 15C nor will he go missing in games after 60 minutes

  19. Surely we would be left short in holding midfeild and in central defence if we sold them both , and I dont think AVB will find better players for less money to replace them! clear out bently, jenas maybe dos santos and gomes before Thud or Daws! And AVB should be focusing on incoming players at the moment anyway !

  20. No way they should go – AVB needs to give them a chance both of them have been out injured for a while, they need games to get match fit.
    Why has it all gone quiet over the Modric saga ? Get red of and get that striker in now.
    Bassong — bye bye go back to Chris Hughton.
    Bentley — come on Martin Jol you rate him you have him.
    Jenas — go back to the North East.
    Daws & Hudds — stay where you belong at ‘The Lane’.

  21. Less than 12 months ago we were basking in the sure knowledge that we had a great squad, established Management team, continuity, togetherness a very real sense that what was displayed and demonstrated on the pitch had its roots in a real team-work and team ethic culture. I could not help but smile serenely as AVB and Chelski self imploded. So can somebody awaken me from this frigging nightmare. Daws & Thudd wtf?? We began this self destruct procedure last January in the worst transfer window possible and then….. Our club needs stability and an English spine in order to comply with UEFA regs doesn’t it?? I am losing the faith … It takes years to build and construct a decent squad and team; what a profligate waste of resources – any other commercial enterprise would balk in horror.

  22. With the news of Hudds and Daws may be leaving WHL, this makes me think of Chelsea last season. AVB tried to get rid of too many players and then the players revolted. Hmm, is this going to happen. I am starting to believe that AVB just loves to disrupt teams. So let’s see, we have got rid of Bassong (Norwich), yes that’s a right move. Then AVB decides that Gallas is a better player than Jan Vertonghen. So looks like we are going to keep Gallas and get rid of Dawson. This is a BIG mistake! Maybe looking at who was on the bench on Saturday, AVB maybe thinks that Jenas is better than the Hudd….? No way is Jenas in the same class as Huddlestone. I’d rather play Tom Carroll than Jenas!!!
    I am getting worried that we are going to get rid of those who can come into the squad. I was going to give AVB the benefit of the doubt and I was going to give him support. However I’m now thinking that Levy has made two mistakes this summer. Firstly the Modrić affair, surely we should not be in this position with only 1 week left of the Transfer period. Now I’m getting the feeling that maybe AVB is not the one for Spurs. Only time will tell and we must all stand together and cheer on our team regardless. I’m just hoping that we don’t buy a last minute buy that turns out to be even worse than those very iffy purchases in the past.
    I am sure that all would agree, don’t let Huddlestone or Dawson leave. The are an important and integral part of the Spurs machine!
    All what needs to be said is COYS!!!!!

    • OK I am readying myself for the ridicule that may be heading my way, but here goes…………From what I have seen of Tom Carroll, with a little bit of encouragement I think we already have Modric’s replacement at the Club. Modern day Vinny Samways……actually I think he’s a but better than Vinny………just wanted to give Vinny a name Check :o)

      • I admire your bravery you went out there on a limb for that one. No ridicule coming from me but I think he needs more time to develop in my opinion.

        • And actually I also like the look of Falque…..If we do have a 3 year plan………let’s throw in the youth..perhaps Mr Hansen can make some flippant comment that we’ll never win anything with kids and years of football dominance will be ours…………i think someone’s spiked my drink………Now miss Moss…………bend over


  24. Be very careful AVB, any decision to get rid of Daws will come back and bite you. He is a rare combination of being a very good defender and 100%THFC. His committment in the tackle and leadership qualities alone, make him a “must” for our squad. Remember he is also club captain, a role that says everything about the man. I know for a fact that he dosn’t want to leave us.

  25. Neither player should be sold right now. But a fact that not that many people seem to have realised is that we have over the 25 man list so unless the squad is trimmed we are going to be left with players on the payroll who can’t be used. If we are going to actualy try and compete in cups this year then maybe one or two can be kept for that purpose. Otherwise there is no point in having players you can’t use.

  26. NO WAY DAWSON is my hero spurs through and through and a good solid defender who could still come in and do a professional job even if off the bench. Hudds is a class passer of the ball. They are talking about this now on talk sport they feel a player revolt could occur if he tries to get rid of these two players.

  27. Now to a subject more important, from the deals we have done this season, players ins/outs you will see spurs have come out about even meaning we really have’nt spent a penny so you can see Levy is all about money . We have needed a striker for so long its ridiculous that should have been the priority getting a striker. Where has all our money gone the 30 million from berbatov the money from the sales of Keane, Crouch, Pav, Kranjcar, palacios, Bent. Why do we have to sell Modric before we can spend money on a striker , surely we got moner from our kit sponser’ers and money about 30 million when we qualified for europe , i think Levy is raising as much money as he can then he will sell his shares and leave the club in a bad state, I just hope if this happens that we get someone to buy the club who is willing to spend money when its needed.

    • What a load of bollocks…..
      Levy is a top chairman. He only wants the best for SPURS.
      When the FIFA rules (about financial fair play) come into play by 2014 we will be more or less the only top club in England (and Europe) with finances to comply with those regulations.
      And yet, we have money to spend. And we will, I am sure.
      The news just broke that the Ade deal is done……
      And I think that Mr. Levy has one more striker up his sleave.
      In Levy we trust.


  28. I have been saying this about levy for ages

    forget top drawer strikers unless they give them away there is no way we will ever be getting one of these. I truely hope i will regret ever having said this

  29. Very very simple. Good players though they both are both lack mobility. We saw with Lampard at Chelsea same issue. AVB high line approach demands pace pretty much everywhere and H and D don’t have it. Plus Hudd is clearly an idiot for his tweets last week. Will miss em though…

  30. Caulker, Vertonghen and Kaboul are better than Dawson right now. It also makes sense to keep Gallas rather than Dawson because the former is more likely to accept the fact that he is not staring every match.
    I like Dawson. Good player and great attitude but him leaving might be better for him and the club.

    Huddlestone has hardly played for the last two seasons. Sandro, Parker and Livermore have all had good seasons so he’ll have to earn a spot in the squad. A loan seems like the ideal situation. The club recognises that he’s a quality player that just needs to find his form.
    There are more important matters … like the need to buy two extra strikers and a replacement for Modric.

  31. I think the Dawson transfer is inevitable providing Gallas remains at the club. Now, I like Micheal a lot and I think he has been really good, not only for the team but for the club as a whole. There is no doubting that whenever he is fit and on the pitch, he gives eveything for the shirt that he wears, which is why every Spurs supporter is bound to speak so highly of him.

    But for me Gallas offers more to the current squad at this moment in time. Even at 35, the Frenchman is MORE mobile, is quicker over the ground and offers greater versatility than our English stalwart. I also think that Gallas will be more understanding about playing a reduced role in the team given his age, and the fact that he IS bound to have his fitness issues this term, allowing Jan Vertonghen and Steven Caulker the opportunity to battle it out for for a starting berth in the team.
    Do YOU really think DAWS at 28 is going to be happy playing a bit part role in the side this season?

    The truth is Dawson simply does NOT fit into AVB’s vision of how he wants to play and It doesn’t take a genius to understand why. Because while we all appreciate what Michael has done for the club, its important to realise that the English International is NO world beater! I’ve lost count the amount of times smaller, more mobile strikers have drifted pass Dawson with consummate ease, then slotted it pass our keeper.i.e Think Sergio Aguero!
    Now imagine what would happen should our no-nonsense defender be picked to play in a particularly high line against pacey opposition….it doesn’t bear thinking about!

    Gallas also offers a greater experience of winning things, he has a know-how that Dawson, for all his qualities, simply doesn’t posses. This will be a vital reference point to the rest of the squad should Spurs progress this season as we all would like.

    Remove all sentiment from this debate and it becomes EASIER to envisage a future without Dawson, especially with talent like Kaboul, Vertonghen, Caulker and Gallas amongst our ranks.

    Tom Huddlestone has always been one of may favourite players. He is someone who makes the game look simple with his effortless distribution of the ball, with either foot.
    A class act, the arrival of Tom saw most of us forget about the gaping void left in the side following the departure of M.Carrick. I would love to see Big Tom stay, even if it’s as a utility player, capable of filling in at the back should we require defensive cover. But after a year out, and still at the tender age of 25/26, would a player of Toms ability be happy to sit on the bench, playing second fiddle to Sandro, Parker, Livermore and whoever else comes in to add creativity to the midfield department? Probably not.
    Until a deal is done I will be hoping and praying that Hudd is able to convince our new coach of his worth, but as a football man (before being a football fan) I CAN SEE WHY AVB has his doubts, considering the system/tactics he wants to employ.


    • bravo… fully agree with all points made! although Billy G does make me pap myself on occassion, especially when the ball is in the air.

    • Totally agree with what you said re DAWS, I think 6 month loan for Thudd to regain full fitness would be a good idea then we can re-assess the situation in Jan.

  32. Bruski says this had better be speculation. Daws and Thuds (still top squad players) to go before all the other dead wood we have. Leave it out. Here we go again, a shitty start to the season, losing the first few games (as previously), an unsettled squad before Levy spends some money. Look what happened last season because of our slow start. Not again!!!

  33. It’s daft! Do we need to get rid of another centre back now that Ledley and Seb Bassong have gone? Let’s not forget the injury probs we had in that area last season. But if we do have one over, it should be Gallas who goes, even if there is little financial return. It makes no sense to get rid of Daws, who has for the most part been first rate for the club over the last few seasons. He may not be world class but he is solid and absolutely committed, and that’s not something you can easily buy.

    I’m afraid I think AVB has no clue. He didn’t see Daws last season as the player was injured most of it, so is letting him go. Ditto Hud.

    What’s more, Gallas isn’t right for captain. Experienced sure, but question marks over judgment and commitment. Parker a far better choice.

  34. You simply don’t let players like Michael Dawson go in a hurry – the club will suffer for it.

    I am a coach and a keen student of tactics & formations, but you need to understand that football is more than this i.e. players like Daws (or a Graham Roberts, Steve Perryman etc etc) may have limitations but their effect on the pitch and at the club is greater than their individual ability.

    AVB doesn’t seem to get this – Alex Ferguson does. A worrying, worrying move from AVB.


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