Spurs head coach Andre Villas-Boas was honest about the side’s performance as we conceded another late goal for a second successive 1-1 home draw. After a busy week of transfer activity, new signing Moussa Dembele grabbed the lead on 68 minutes before a Robert Snodgrass effort ensured that the points were shared.

“This was a different game, we didn’t play as well as last week,” said Villas-Boas after the match.

“It’s a pity because we fought hard in the second half, mainly because the first half was poor and we looked a little sloppy in our passing.”

Andre also hinted at a lack of concentration as we failed to hold on to the lead.

“We got the goal but again, we conceded in the last minutes so we have to improve on this sharpness, this reaction, this concentration,” he added.

“We have to assume responsibility for what is happening, which is disappointing, but everybody inside the dressing room feels if we get the win that we need, it will be the boost we need to take this through.”

At least it was an improvement on last season’s 2-1 defeat to the same opposition but we’ll have to wait two weeks now until the Reading game on 16th before we can resume the search for our first league win.




  1. Should look Closer to home with the blame. I would play Vertonghen at LB give Benny a kick up the arse. Dembele should of played from the off with Livermore dropped.

  2. We desperately need parker back and fit. His drive and leadership have been sorely missed in the middle. I’d have himself and dembele in the middle two for reading away. Jake and Sandro offer us similar qualities and must not start together in there once we have fit options.
    One thing is for sure, we can only get better from here on in.

  3. Did anyone realize Spurs only actually spent about 3 and a half million pounds with all the goings and comings ,We were all fooled into thinking LEVY was going to spend millions .I think its time for LEVY to go i dont understand how he can blatantly lie to us about spending millions on new players .You have to blame him for the state we are in today, we could of had MOUTIHO, WILLIAN, LEANDRO DAMIAO, LLORENTE, we’ve got the money and could’ve easily afforded to buy any of these players even 2 of them , and i state again we only spent about 3 AND A HALF MILLION you work it out and lets get rid of the CON MAN before its to late.

      • I think we actually made just over £5.5m in the transfer window if you bothered to look into it. You can stop banging on about Llorente, why is a 27yr old going to leave Spain to go to a club for 70k a week and a Europa Cup run. That man (like Modric unfortunately) is at the age where he wants trophies now. Loosing VdV was disappointing but lets see what the new players do and stick with the Levy master plan, he hasn’t done that badly really has he – Modric, VdV, Adebayor, Lloris – this is never the calibre of player we were getting 5/10 years ago. Onwards and upwards #COYS

    • Keep dreaming. We need to think on our level, who could we possibly get for our price range. We have been consistent with 28-30 year old players in the 5-7m range. We have done decent business this year I believe. LLoris, Dempsey, and Vert is definitely significant to me, and even rivals business done by Arsenal. Chelsea and Man U however have done the business of the year, but its ok. I’ll take what we have done to cover the losses we have.

  4. akshayaalase your a mug … stop posting this Gumph….!!!!


        • Yet you are still here. How wonderful your main rival is this little club. Hmm.. maybe I am going to say something nice. You should appreciate what you have. I’m not going to say Arsenal is terrible, no, they are champions league for 15 years running, impressive for all to see. especially from Europe’s strongest league year in and year out. yes, of course we aspire to be like Arsenal. you should use your energy to support your great club on to deserved silverware. we would like no more than to emulate the same success. of course, that would also mean, we would properly challenge Arsenal as well. there is territory to be fought if we are to challenge top 4. so lets be honest men here. we are still looking up, but surely we are coming for you. otherwise, why play right? cheers.

      • I agree, its hard to stomach. Especially since our rivals are all off to a hot start. Newcastle and Everton look to become our main rivals again however. We can do no worst than Liverpool. We have a better squad on paper atleast, but our belief is poor. That is where we need AVB. I agree, I am more excited now that he is here, but the critics are loud for sure.

  5. The team played badly because morale had dipped. VDV and Modric gone, the Moutinho transfer ballsed up, no new striker, same old penny pinching from Levy, this time supplemented by the unforgivable incompetence of the Moutinho debacle. He has to go. Look at his eleven year track record? Pathetic. Not AVB’s fault, just Levy, Mr ‘Day Late And A Dollar Short’. He must go.

  6. levy has no interest in taking the club forward yet again he spent nothing- sold our 2 most creative players and replaced them with cheap players- we knew modric was leaving all summer and he did not have a player in place to come in – this whole think waiting till the last day and failing to grt in players is joke and it clearly does not work – what spurs need is a take over and a new chairman that can get players in and knows what he is doing- last season we had a great team and a great manger that had us in the top 4 – levy sacks the manger and sells half the team and make the squad weaker – well done levy you ruined the clud for a second time idiot

  7. C’mon guys, this is the strongest the squad has looked in some time, even without mods. With mods, we were definitely a top 4 squad, but now we will be fighting without that midfield person pulling the strings. Somebody will have to step up and unfortunately, we haven’t replaced him. Thats what I’m a bit worried about, we look good up top and on the wings, but very shakey in the middle. Could cost us and probably will now that Arsenal look pretty strong.

  8. We need someone to step up and lead the team on the pitch. To blame Levy for the first three matches is nonsense, on paper we’ve been as good or better than our opposition. I’d have loved to see Moutinho come to WHL, but with the team on Saturday we should still have beaten Norwich. To blame AVB likewise is to miss the point, perhaps he needs to nurture a leader, to draw a player out of their shell to lead on the pitch, but ultimately the player needs to do that. It’s hard for Friedel to do it with Lloris arriving, Gallas perhaps should step up, but to drive a team on a midfield or attacking plaayer needs to pick up the tempo. My concern is that with Lennon, Bale, Siggy, Livermore, Defoe and Sandro there is a huge amount of talent, but I don’t see a player among them with the personality to drive the whole team on at the moment. One of them needs to do that, become the team figurehead, not just for class but for grit and drive, to give the team a spearhead to defend and attack around.


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