After just three games, Andre Villas-Boas finds himself under fire from parts of the media and this is only to be expected given the man’s history in English football. However, how much of this criticism is coming from the fans and is it justified if some of us are a little impatient right now?

The calls for the Head Coach to be given time started from Jermain Defoe, speaking at an England press conference.

“There will be a lot of changes and sometimes it takes time. Also it takes time for the manager to get used to the players. It is such a long season and I’m sure we will come good. We’ve got good players and we’ve made some good signings,” JD said.

Tottenham old boy Chris Hughton, in charge of the Norwich team which claimed a point on Saturday added.

“This is certainly not the moment to start questioning what the new manager is doing,” said Hughton. “The club have decided to change direction with a new manager and that man has to be given time by the supporters to put his ideas into place.”

Those comments seem perfectly reasonable so why were some fans jeering at the end of the game? Are they misguided or are they having cause for concern over tactics, the starting XI, or transfer policy at this early stage of the campaign?




  1. nothing wrong with the comments, he should be given time, and given the backing he needs from the players to impliment his tactics, its crucial to spurs plans for this season, as for the transfer policy, all he can do is name the players he wants then its up to Daniel Levy to get the players we dont know if he was too tight with the deals or just couldnt get the players, either way it too late the window is shut, we cant blame AVB we just have to move on and get on with our season. COYS

  2. AVB needs all the time he can get i believe he will be a great manager its not his fault things are not going right at Spurs its MR LEVY’S FAULT what you must remember is first Mr Levy is a business man his job is to make as much profit as he can each year if you look at the players we signed you will see that they are all cheaper options of the big players we originally wanted to sign its so he’s made a profit and kept some fans happy the ones who cant see what he is doing ‘if you put yourself in Mr Levy’s shoes you would do the same, PRIORITY make as much money as you can he did it when he sold Berbatov for 30 million and never replaced him , When we were in europe we got between 25-30 million where is that money gone and the millions we sold Modric for where is that , its all profits . From the players bought and sold in this transfer window we made about 5 million profit . What we need is a billionaire rich with oil who does not need to count money but just throw it at the team , i understand Mr Levy not wanting to sell his shares because he is making millions but ive been a Spurs supporter for 49 years and i want to see us win a trophey or two but its up to Mr Levy one of the best business men in the world.

    • Spurs just don’t have the revenur of some of the other premier league teams. Levy is gathering funds for the Northumberland development project that will give us a new stadium, which will get us a much larger income from gate receipts. Maybe then we can start competing consistently with richer clubs for expensive signings. Anyway is much rather have a chairman who runs the club sensibly rather than one that spunks money left right and centre and turns us into another Leeds or Pompey, or a billionaire who buys the club and then loses interest like happened at Malaga. Come what may, I’ll support the team whether they’re 1st, 4th or 20th! For someone who has supported the club for so long, I’d expect a little more sense!

    • Proof indeed that it does not make one iota off difference how long somebody has supported a club for. You epitomize the short sightedness of some.

  3. We, the fans, need to stick together and back AVB fully against the Media faithful who are firmly in the Harry Redknapp camp and waiting for the first cracks to appear so they can start ripping him to shreds.

  4. The booing so called supporters started during the very first game . a game in which we played quite well . they are judging on what happened at chelski and that’s just plain wrong . chelski shi* all over AVB there so called professional players showed off something rotten and i think they will regret getting rid of him . i know they won the CL but would any spurs supporter pay to watch the shit football they played to win it because i would not so i say to all spurs supporters give it time and support your club . COYS

  5. I believe in the lane. I believe in our fans. I believe in our players, our manager, our chairman and our club. That’s why they call me a Spurs supporter.
    Come join me if you dare. After all, to dare is to do.

    • That’s what they said in the trenches in WWI. Unquestioning obedience to the establishment and an inability to differentiate between those not responsible for the crisis, the players, the manager, the club, and those who are responsible, the chairman are qualities characteristic of a donkey.

  6. First of all it is not AVB who is at fault here, it is Levy and Lewis. Every time a crisis hits Spurs, or indeed any EPL club, it is the manager who gets stiffed when it should be the owners. This is one of those cases. The account in today’s Guardian about the botched up Moutinho transfer means not only that Spurs and AVB have lost a great player but it has thrown the AVB project into crisis and doubt, hence the poor motale on the pitch at WHL last weekend. And who was responsible for botching the Moutinho transfer? Levy. So call for him to go before you ask the same of AVB!

  7. I believe Daniel levy tried his best to get Moutinho but sometimes things just don’t work out how we planned them to . so stop looking for a scapegoat and put all this wasted energy into supporting the team. COYS

      • I totally agree with your comments Ed and its funny how Mr Levy managed to buy the cheaper options Dempsey ,Dembele and he couldn’t get Moutinho or Willian or Leandro Damiao , It worked out well for him he made a profit on the Modric money .Mr Levy is not the chairman/owner to make the fans happy he’s there to make as much money as possible.

  8. If as rumors have it dempsey is on 22 million over 3 years and for arguments sake the other 25 squad members were on the same just do the maths can tottenham hotspurs football club afford everyone that we get linked with or do you want us to end up like man utd millions in debt or worse bankrupt levy is doing his best to run our club so cut a bit of slack and support your team COYS

    • Then why did daniel levy say he was going to give AVB a £70 warchest to buy players, it said so we would not be on his case but some of us dont forget. Smudger we all want the best for Spurs.

  9. If the pressure on daniel levy got too much for him to bare there is two choices he can make either spend a lot of money on players to prove he cares about Spurs and not just the money or sell his shares to hopefully someone who is willing buy players of top class.

  10. We spent approx 45 million on transfers plus the 22 for Moutinho that would have been nearly 70 miln as said i don’t get where levy has let us down . this club has started on a new journey and the first step is always the hardest . keep the faith believe in the club and fully support the team. COYS

    • look at his record for goodness sake – he and Lewis took over in 2001 – since then he has hired seven managers, the eighth is AVB. That is one manager per 18 calendar months or one and a bit seasons. and their return for all this investment (incidentally no-one ever mentions how much they have had to shell out to honour managerial contracts)? One League Cup winner, two runners up and one year in the CL. That’s it folks. Eleven years and one trophy and a few matches in the CL! And you call that competing “at the top end of the hardest league in the world”. Well to me it looks very much as if it was the middle not top end!

  11. Why is it that some supporters believe we have a god given right to be challenging year in year out for everything. Look at the size of our current stadium, the wealth of our owner, our need for redevelopment, the size of our fanbase etc etc. Finishing in 4th and 5th place over the last few seasons has been in my opinion amazing, and few would argue that we have been punching well above our weight. I firmly believe the club is doing everything it possibly can to take things to the next level, and with the lack ofbresources we have

  12. I hate it when people say we are punching above our weight. Says who?

    Redknapp performed at par…. look at the quality of the squad he had to work with. The good league finishes came due to him showing contempt to some of the cups, and poor showing/embarassments in the ones we took semi seriously.

    we have/had some of the best players in the league, and at the end of the day, it doesnt matter how much money you have, its about the quality of the player on the pitch.

    only chelsea, man u and man city had better players than us last season, not arsenal, not liverpool, not newcastle, so how can we be punching above our weight to finish where we finish.

    I should add at this point, that the reason we have such quality players despite not being as rich as others, is due to the good work of Levy.


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