David Bentley may be out of sight and therefore out of mind as he prepares to make his debut in Russia’s Premier League but the loan move and the international break have given the midfielder plenty of time to ponder his future.

“You always hope. But there’s been a lot of water under the bridge,” said Bentley when asked if he expected to play for Tottenham again.

“The injury last year meant I was out for a season, and a lot of good players are ahead of me. And you always live with that hope in pre-season. It wasn’t to be.

“I’m looking to play some games and we’ll see where we go from there. I’m excited by the challenge. I’m there until Christmas; I’m looking forward to the challenge ahead.”

For now, the loan arrangement just takes Bentley up to the New Year but the player is also looking at the possibility of extending his stay.

“You never know with the football season and I’m treating it as a short-term contract,” he added.

“But long term we’ll see what happens. Obviously I’m going there to enjoy the football, so if things work out we’ll go from there.”

The possibility of seeing David Bentley in a Liliywhite Shirt again seems more remote than ever but a few Spurs fans will take the occasional look at Rostov’s fortunes between now and Christmas.



  1. Would rather Bentley than Livermore eventhough they play different positions. Livermore is unbelievably crap and will take us down if he continues to play for us. I have never hated a Tottenham player but i do now. Livermore makes me want to stop supporting Spurs ame believe me i am a passionate fan but Livermore is painful. Tom Carroll, Massimo Luongo, Bentaleb are all miles better than Livermore.

    • can i suggest that if you hate some of the Spurs players that maybe you should try supporting another team? I honestly dont get all the hating and booing at home games in particular…..boxing? Theres an idea…as much hate as you want.

  2. “I think there’s a big stigma around me in England,” Bentley told the Daily Mirror. “The picture that Tottenham painted of me was so wrong”.

    Yeah right David Bentley. So if it is just an unfair reputation and just in England why did nobody want you in France, Spain, Germany, Holland etc or even the top flight football in Russia?

    Blackburn laughed all the way to the bank getting £15 million for Bentley and Spurs have spent 4 years and a fortune in wages avoiding the fact that everyone else can see – he aint worth one million let alone fifteen!


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