Defoe going for goals – if he gets a start

Defoe going for goals – if he gets a start


Jermain Defoe has already scored twice for England this season and was unlucky to have a third ruled out against Ukraine last month. Defoe has also netted four times in the league for Spurs and the striker is naturally looking forward to tonight’s match with San Marino.

“You look at the fixtures and there are going to be chances in the game, no disrespect to San Marino. I just want to be focused to go into the game in the right frame of mind,” Jermain said.

“Two years ago I got a hat-trick against Bulgaria but it’s only when you get one in the game that you can start to think about those things. The only things I concentrate on going into the game are that I’m on it, that my movement is right and hopefully it will come.”

This is the type of game where England’s strikers will be queuing up to play but with Wayne Rooney guaranteed a start as captain, will JD be given a chance to add to his international tally?


  1. Defoe is in good form, it makes you wonder how well he would have done for us if Harry had given him a run of games a few years back. He has had a pretty frustrating career with us, I couldn’t believe it when I read he was 30 the other day. he has spent half his career on our bench…

    • a) Harry DID give him a run of games in 2009-10 season. Defoe started 31 out of 38 league games, and was sub 3 times. He netted 18 times. However, he got to 15 pretty quickly (after scoring 5 in one game, and another hatrick), and then went through poor form in the second half of season – despite Spurs finishing 4th.
      b) Defoe has had 6 seasons where he has started 20 league games or more. Out of those 6 seasons that is 204 apps (50 of them subs) and got 68 goals. Which is under twelve a season. Defoe is a 1 in 3 man. He scores in bursts, which explains why he ends up on the bench.

  2. Defoe is top quality but needs the team to play the right way, not hoof it up the pitch all the time. He’s fantastic on the break, his movement is sharp and intelligent (look at the goals against Man Utd, involved in all 3)

  3. Defoe is different this season, he’s been in special training all summer to bulk up – look at the way he fought off Ferdinand for the 3rd Old Trafford goal. Not forgetting the guys Father died during the Euros of course and maybe, just maybe, this has affected him – he’ll channel it into a goal against Chelsea, maybe two…


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