While Shakhtar Donetsk continue their complete domination of domestic football in the Ukraine, a number of their players are starting to attract worldwide attention from other clubs. We all know about the lengthy rumours over Willian but latest reports link Spurs with his striking colleague Luiz Adriano.

The 25 year old averages almost a goal every other game for his side and has a similar record this season – four goals in ten appearances as Shakhtar continue their 100% league record from fifteen matches.

The majority of these reports suggest that the Ukrainians are willing to sell both players – along with another Brazilian, Fernandinho, and any deals may even be done as early as January. The issue however – certainly for Spurs, Liverpool and a host of clubs is the price with Shakhtar underlining the extent of Willian’s buy-out clause,

Asked about Inter Milan’s interest in the player, Shakhtar’s coach Mirceu Lucescu said,

“If Moratti asks me about Willian, I will tell him that Shakhtar want to achieve things in Europe and will not sell their players. There’s the buy-out clause, though, which is €35m for Willian,”

It seems that Chelsea have once again set the bar for everyone to fall under,

“Chelsea paid €31m for Oscar this summer. The difference between Willian and Oscar is that Willian is much more mature, and has already plenty of Champions League experience and has played in a strong European league for years,” Lucescu added.

There is mixed opinion on the Adriano fee but it doesn’t seem that Shakhtar are the easiest to negotiate with – nor are they willing to sell players for less that their sizeable valuations.

Either of these deals may still happen but it’s hard to see anything happening in January – if at all.



  1. What are you talking about? We’ve got Tom Carroll! He’s better than Modric, Gascoigne and Gerrard roled into one.

    Of course, Im satirising my fellow Spurs fans – Carroll’s a championship player at best. We continue to produce a young player at the ground-breaking rate of one every 14 years (thats about the time between King and Caulker isnt it?).

    We are crying out for an attacking midfileder like Willian. It’s a shame we wasted 13m on a goalkeeper when we have, no exaggeration to say, the greatest keeper in premier league history in goal. And 8m on a player Swansea fans last year said was useless if he didnt score. 21m thrown away. And I alone was the only Spurs fan pointing out at the time these signings were ridiculous. It must be said, most Spurs fans know very little about football.

    • Hi Mark, I would like to know more of your opinions, because I think we are on the same wave-length.I’ve been saying since the beginning of the season that Hugo & Sigy was not the right buys,but I’ve made peace with myself that we don’t make the decisions,we are just die-hard SPURS supporters that wants the best for our club.

      I just looked thru the squad & I don’t even see Soulemane in there,in my opinion if his not that good why bother keeping him,and still his scoring goals for the u21’s,does’nt make sense.

      Another point I would like to make,on our current form I don’t see any big name player signing for us in Jan.All the papers are just speculating,and that’s a sickness of the media that will never go away.On a positive note I must believe that our fortunes will change and we climb the ladder again,thanks.

  2. Yep. So Spurs wasted £13 million on Lloris? Of course Bard will play until he’s 65 or will he play until 68? Let’s not bother to replace him until he falls to pieces. Let’s not look at tomorrow!! I thought the saying was that dogs only live for today but apparently some Spurs fans only live for the moment. Good to see yet another fan(?) expert write off a youngster. Some top experts including SAF have praised Carroll but hey what do they know. The final comment from NoMark demonstrates not only his arrogance but his ignorance. Couldn’t he just do a short precis? Look at me aren’t I clever would be shorter and a concise summary. Now wonder some think Spurs fans are fickle cretins. No need to fuel the fire!!!

    • I think Lloris looks dodgy, he looks uneasy with crosses. Why we didnt get the Birmingham gk Butland in fuck knows. Levy likes us to think we are in for the likes of Willian but he knows we wont get, just like Damiao, Aguero, Llorente et al. Oh and FUCK Chelsea.

    • Don’t worry carlton cole will be available January, perfect signing for a team who will be playing in bottom half of prem. Fortunes Always Hiding COYI!

    • How have we wasted £13 million on a player we paid £9 million for? He is the long term number 1 so where is the waste? Sp far he has made 5 mistakes cost 2 goals and should have cost 2 more. He hasn’t shown enough yet when playing in Europe, the Capitol Cup or against Aston Villa to warrant starting. But he will eventually.

      We didn’t buy Butland because Parkes doesn’t rate him.

  3. I do not believe that anyone doubts the quality of Lloris and he should be starting his 310 game run . Dempsey is a good player and needs some time, bench him for now.Siggy does not cut it for me,I would play Carroll or Falque before him. Vertongen is a player that is happy with the ball at his feet, happy to see him and Sandro ride shotgun for Carroll. With Caulker and Dawson stay at home centre backs,both Kyles protecting the flanks, the two best wingers feeding Ade.C.O.Y.S.

  4. Can Willian play the number 10 role? If so we definetly need to buy him, but if not it can wait. I think he is definitely better than Lennon but we need more in the center.

    • Will this kid ever play in the first team,personally it sucks the way this kid is being handled.I remember when he made headlines in the u17 world cup,we jump on the bandwagon to get him,got him,but 1 or 2 years later his totally forgotten.So Mr Levy I encourage u to tell the fans what the problem is with our youngsters.So I will say,chin-up Souleymane and great goal against Southampton

      • The clue is in your words – he’s a kid, nowhere near ready yet. You buy players for their potential and to develop them to get them ready for goodness sake.

        Scoring goals at Under 17 level is nothing, all you are doing is scoring against other kids. When the time is right he will start to get his chances as other youngsters are.

        Patience is a virtue you know.

  5. Spurs fans as always talking about replacements for our lot. This talk of soulemayne is way short of the mark people. Our 2 forwards have been excellent this year . Ade was actually world class against city. We need to get some perspective on our current situation. As per usual we find ourselves in a position where we are weak in key areas due to injuries. The bottom line is we don’t have the squad to cope. We are obviously 2 players short of being a top side and the quite clearly it’s cm and acm. Levy has fucked us this time. Granted I like the guy for running the club well but Jesus Christ how can he sell rafa when we don’t need to. Dempsey was a panic buy to be used a cover, I get that. But now we need Ade and JD to step up and make us tick up top. Failing that give sig a go. Im really concerned that AVB cannot see our weaknesses and make the changes. Walker, hudd and Dempsey have been poor and they keep on playing. Wtf

    • Excuses. AVB agreed to the sale and all purchases so it’s his fault not Levy’s. Our injuries have not severly weakened us, that is just another excuse by those who don’t like to hear the truth.

  6. “Chelsea paid €31m for Oscar this summer. The difference between Willian and Oscar is that Willian is much more mature, and has already plenty of Champions League experience and has played in a strong European league for years.”

    Yeah also that he’s not as good!

  7. Whats the truth stu? That spurs arent good enough? Typical knee jerk bull shit from someone with inflated views of our team. We are missing 3 of our best players in Kaboul , dembele and benny. Our cover is too weak and your blind if you can’t see it. And when exactly were we good enough for you anyway? Was it for 1 glorious year when we qualified for the champions league? Get real will ya. We’re spurs. We will always flatter to deceive.


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