Today’s lurid Lloris headlines

Today’s lurid Lloris headlines


You can try as hard as you like but the goalkeeping issues at Spurs just aren’t going to go away. When Hugo Lloris was called into the league side to face Aston Villa, it looked as if AVB had finally made a decision as to his first choice.

Immediately after that match however, Brad Friedel was restored to the Premiership starting XI and Hugo’s wait continued. At the start of this week, French national manager Didier Deschamps couldn’t help but offer his own opinion once again.

“He doesn’t play enough at his club and it doesn’t sit very well with him,” Deschamps was quoted as saying in the Daily Telegraph.

“His situation is difficult, burdensome, not ideal.

“Returning to the bench after the performance he made with us in Spain is not easy. He cannot be satisfied playing only one game out of two or three.”

One story that has emerged today comes with an accompanying headline stating that Lloris is refusing to rule out a January transfer away from the Lane. Here’s what he actually said –

“I’m training, I do the maximum, and the coach made his choice,” Lloris told L’Equipe.

“It is difficult to accept. It is a little hard. You will have to ask the coach. I just stay professional.”

It’s hardly a positive endorsement of a happy start to life at White Hart Lane but it isn’t a transfer request either. However, if Hugo isn’t installed as number one by Christmas, stories of a January move will flood the rumour mills.


  1. I,m getting a small bit pissed off at the media or indeed Didier Deschamps attempting to pick our teams. I don’t particularly like AVB’s tactics or his team selection/ substitutions, but when some ex Cheatski ‘highfalutting’ french coach or, even worse, John f**king Cross thinks they have a call on who or when we will introduce a player into the team, thats where I draw the line. I would like to tell them to mind their own business and know their place.

  2. Kookie you may be right but he is not listening to us fans and you tell me if you where brought in kept a clean sheet and dropped what would you think. This is like Ryan Shawcross getting picked before Caulker in England’s next friendly. I cant for the life of me see why Avb is sticking with a man who cant keep a clean sheet we have to score twice to win or draw. The goal he conceded against Wigan and City’s lost us the game also Chelsea. This could be the same if Lloris plays but we will then see who is the weak link in defense Because Friedel saves shots around his big frame but anything where is 41 year old reflexes are needed or he has to come of his line he is found wanting. The other big problem is Avb keeps playing one striker and a new player who is struggling Dempsey when Defoe and Ady are a handful for any defense but are limited separated. When he swapped Defoe for Ady after getting a hat rick is sends out the wrong message and if you then stand by your decision its even worse. The fans who have embraced Avb are backing him blindly and the ones like me are questioning is doggedness are hoping he proves us wrong because we all want the same thing success for Spurs no matter who is running our club. My problem is this i no 100 percent our team is suffering from Avb doggedness by sticking with one striker a 35 year old and 41 who are only loyal because they play no matter how bad they play at the expense of Captain Dawson Lloris who are being affected by not playing or in Dawson s case comming on when we need to attack trying to get bedded in when its one way traffic.This is why strangers are doing our job because we don’t want to be seen to want our team to fail the answers simple don’t change a winning team Ady Lloris Dawson Defoe all starred in our last win these never Friedel Gallas Dempsey Sandro the exception he was injured. Coys

  3. this issue has become a joke – brad is over 40 not much left in him – lloris is 25 world class keeper and his nations captian no brainer avb stop pissing about and put him in the team before he wants to move away


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