It’s tough not to mention the position of head coach Andre Villas-Boas and even someone who believes in the Portuguese is wary of making any slight criticism.

Tactics and formation and firmly under the spotlight but in the current climate, even the smallest scathing remark can easily get your faith called into question.

Sometimes it’s helpful to get an outside view from someone who has no allegiance to the club and there’s an excellent article today from Iain Macintosh who picks up on one particular area of AVB’s management skills – PR.

The piece is over at and can be found by clicking here. We’d be very interested in your views either on TottenhamBlog or over at Unibet’s site so please take a look and feel free to leave an objective view on the content.






  1. This reporter of whom you speak is just another example of the feckless media. They big themselves up like their opinion is worth more than the man in the street and somehow football managers should kowtow to them and be thankful that they are to receive, at best, a grilling post-match. Mindless journalists who have nothing better to do than belittle and act as judge, jury and executioner towards anybody who doesn’t play their game. Like always they pick out one phrase from a press conference that is otherwise perfectly without contraversy and single it out as an indication of the inability of the individual in question (right now that is AVB).

    Personally I couldn’t give a toss what they think or write… Football is a results business and I fully believe that once we have a more stable squad, without injuries to key players, we will be in positive form and then these naysayers can kiss my a$$.

    Journalists are scum, ranking between used car salesmen and estate agents on their level of integrity. Anybody with their own mind doesn’t require someone else to tell one what to think, one should be able to decide for oneself.
    So FCUK off and write about something important like Pippa Middleton’s arse or the 9/11 conspiracy theories (that comment was not for you Matthew but rather the idiot who wrote the piece you highlighted).

  2. I actually think he has got a pont.
    AVB has a tendency to dig holes for himself.
    Regardlessly, he is also (as mentioned) a very clever manager with new ideas and believe in these ideas.
    He needs time and a longer run with at least 90% of our main players fit. And that has not happened yet.
    As long as we are within 6-8 points of 4. when the end of the January window comes .



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