As Gareth Bale stood over the first of his free kicks against Liverpool last night, his stance and technique were oddly reminiscent of Cristiano Ronaldo’s last days at Manchester United.

The swerve and dip on the first kick was far too much for Pepe Reina who could only parry the ball and at the end of the night, Gareth could easily have had a hat trick from dead ball situations.

The Ronaldo comparison was also picked up by Andre Villas-Boas who said after the game.

“Players learn through what they see. With Ronaldo we saw that you can almost hit under the ball and it gains an effect where it drops and changes direction.

“Bale has the power to do that. He keeps on practising this technique and we are pleased to have it.”

Gareth is also scoring more from open play and while this is all good news for Spurs, it’s bound to be attracting the interest of other clubs.

“Obviously Tottenham as a football club want to keep him here for as long as we can but we understand players like this have propositions and a market which is the nature of the game,” Villas-Boas added.

Some have been a little unhappy at AVB’s comments while others have looked at turning them into full blown headlines about a summer sale. In reality, Andre is just airing what many of us are starting to think and the end of the season could bring the first wave of serious bids from the giants of European Football.



    • We do…If Madrid, or any other club Gareth wants to join, comes in for him, and we are not in the champions league, then we have to sell.
      We can try and play hard ball again, like we did time and again with Luka, but at the end of the day, if he wants out, he will get out.
      So unfortunately, you’re wrong….we are not big enough to keep a player as valuable as Gareth if he wants out.

  1. Personally, I think if Gareth Bale wants to leave, Gareth Bale should get to leave. Of course, only for the right price, though. Unlike Luka Modric who tried to bail as soon as things didn’t go the way we had hoped, the Welsh star stuck with the club, signed a new contract, and is now at the stage where he has to surely be looking to playing in the Champions League on a regular basis. We need to offer that to him, otherwise cash in and use the transfer fee on several different positions.

  2. I think AVB could probably have handled the question a little bit better with something like: “We are in the process of building a team that allows players of Bale quality to realise their ambitions here” or “We are not looking to sell any of our best players!”

    As it was, AVBs comments sounded a little too negative, for me, after a victory that takes us within touching distance of 3rd place, and has ever so slightly taken the gloss off of last nights victory.

    I think Levy’s been in his ear though as he has just released comments on the official website which are probably more in line with the image the club should be portraying.

    With that said, the fact is, most clubs in the world are ‘selling’ clubs, with the exception of Madrid and Barcelona who are the biggest or Chelsea and Man city who are the richest.

    Van Nistlerooy and Beckham left United. Owen left liverpool.
    Fabregas and co all left Arsenal and Milan have just lost Ibra & T.Silva…the list goes on…

  3. Yeah, what’s all this we have to sell if a bigger club comes in. This theory only exists cos people think the player should have all the power. No you’re wrong! If a player has just recently signed a four year deal, they’re bound by their contract and must play for the club. I’m getting fed up with people saying, if he wants to go let him, WHY? Do you need to give notice to your landlord before moving out in order to get your bond back? Or can you just leave without warning but still expect the bond back? Contracts must be honoured! Whatever is stated within his contract, by law he must honour. I’m sure it doesn’t say that he can leave for a bigger club when he wants.

  4. its not like he can just walk out he has 5 years on he contract, so it will take a lot of credit to buy bale since he is so young and proberly the best player in the premier league, who is going to spend 40 50 million on him with the fair play rules in effect now i mean realmadrid did not even want to spend 30 million on modric even real madrids credit is tight now days, plusthe fact bale plays left midfield and thats where ronaldo plays for real in every minute of every match so i doubt they will break the bank for cover for ronaldo or to play him as a left back when they have 2 left backs already – we just need to get CL football and give the guy a huge pay packet

  5. With him out, the attack will be less potent… There is no one in the squad of his quality to replace him. Up front There will only be Ade, aka Mr inconsistent and JD… JD needs good supply… who is gonna do that on a constant basis??

  6. Yes indeed we are a selling club but look at what happened with Luka. We stated our intentions by getting another year out of him and endorsed our status as a team in transit. We’re not big yet but aim to be there very soon. Without regular champions league appearances and a new stadium we will lose our best players , make no mistake about it. It looks like bale is going to fulfill his potential and make this year his best yet, so if we dont sign a couple more attackers in jan bale is gone .


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