The battle for Fernando Llorente’s signature may be coming to a head but while Spurs have supposedly been in pole position as far as the rumour mills are concerned, the appearance of Manchester City in today’s gossip columns could put an end to any hopes of landing the striker.

The 27 year old announced last week that he would not be signing a new contract at the end of June 2013 and as such, he would be available on a free next summer. That led, in turn, to rumours claiming that clubs would be looking at a bargain bid in the region of £7m in an attempt to land Llorente when the transfer window opens next month.

Having supposedly bid some 30 million Euros last January it might seem to make sense from Tottenham’s point of view. There are wages to consider of course but with a lack of cover up front and a bargain price this does seem to add up.

However, a fee of £7m will attract others too and Manchester City are the latest to be linked with Llorente’s signature. It would be no surprise to see Mario Balotelli on his way out of the club next month and here is a ready made replacement.

Fernando Llorente at White Hart Lane seems an exciting prospect but City’s big bucks could quickly end the speculation.




  1. Here we go again after a striker up to yesterday we had scored the second highest goals but we have conceded ten goals in the dying embers of games. Where i live there is substances you can take that make you slim and full of running. w This what we need to do find out what it his and start using it at half time we wont tire and defend deep but carry on attacking even when we are winning 4-0 with seconds to go. This is the benefits you get from this extra energy you can dominate the space other teams need to play. Also you can throw returning players straight into the team without worrying about there fitness levels dropping and you can rotate your team because they all have the same stamina . But one word of warning if you leave a players benched and they get tested randomly very rare if you have not played you can get tested positive like sub Kolo Toure did unlucky. The other downside is illness and burn out can happen through weight loss with all the extra running you do but if you have a big squad and rotate reguarly this should be okay if not you could plummet downward. The worse thing you can do is play Thursday and expect to beat this energy you wont unless you have bags of luck Goals and less than four mins to play when you score. So its not more bench warmers its better fitness coach from the North West where Utd Everton Liverpool have always got a in them goal even in the last seconds remember Liverpool really beat Everton 3-2 in the last seconds, We have at to hang on Utd Southampton Liverpool Norwich West Brom Everton we failed because of Thursday Pienaar and Jelavic still had spring in there legs to score 91 and 92 we had led legs stopping them.

  2. As if Llirente would join a 2-bob club like Spurs. Know your limits and stick to buying players like Dempsey and Arsenal rejects like Gallas, Bentley, Adebayoffside etc.,

    You Spuddies are so funny. You genuinely believe you’re a top team. Go on, say it – ‘Mind The Gap, mind the gap’… Just like you did last season… Hilarious!


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