Leeds came through their FA Cup third round replay against Birmingham last night and will now host Spurs at Elland Road on the 27th of January. It’s a potentially tough tie for us and one that will see endless repeats of a certain goal scored back in 1999.
We have played Leeds as recently as 2010 but the goal in question was just one of the very special strikes from David Ginola. As good as it was, the effort did rather overshadow another spectacular blast from Darren Anderton – in many ways that sums up Sicknote’s career.
For those that remember them, which was better? And for those that don’t, here are some links.
A couple more like this and a similar result would be very welcome at the end of this month.



  1. Anderton’s was better, although to be fair to Ginola it was taken with his ‘weaker’ foot.
    I was at that game in the east stand and was stood right in line behind Anderton and the goal. What seals it for me was the perfect amount of swerve he put on the ball with his laces/the outside of his boot to bend it to find the top corner. From behind him you could see if it went straight he’d have missed by about 6 feet.
    Great atmosphere at The Lane that night too.

  2. Both great strikes, both would have been beaten by Ginola’s silky run from the throw in, the one where he evades about 8 takles then hit the post (think it was that game?!).

  3. @Jurgen18, yeah it was that game. That was the greatest goal never to have been scored. Ginola was unplayable that night.

    Great night at the Lane.

  4. I always loved his goal against chelsea, think it was 06, latched on to a ropey pass, shimmied past defender and lashed it into bottom corner! still not volley against martyn tho!

  5. The Ginola run started just in front of me and was probably the best football I have ever seen. Still sends shivers down my spine. Not often you can do that when you don’t score!

  6. If i remember rightly there was another close effort from Ginola that would have been an unbelievable goal. With the one he scored and the the one hitting the post, it would have been the greatest hat trick of all time and Dazza’s wasn’t shabby either. COYS


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