The analysis of Tottenham’s defeat to Leeds continues but some may have been surprised at the remarks made by Moussa Dembele after the game. The Belgian, who was introduced as a 58th minute substitute suggested that the side may have found it hard to get motivated for the tie.

“The most difficult thing is to think every week as you would if you were playing United,” Moussa said.

“It is very easy to motivate yourself against them but when you have a team like this it’s a bit more difficult, because they have everything to gain.

“You have to give extra energy to motivate yourself and maybe that was a bit of a problem for us but we still feel we can win a trophy this season, because there is a lot of quality in our group.

Of course, there could be an issue with comments being lost in translation but could Spurs really find it hard to lift themselves for an FA Cup tie – irrespective of the opposition?




  1. Team looked flat – we need a quality striker and some goals and creativity from central midfield – personally I would rather have won the FA Cup than qualify for the Champions league.

    • You are surely having a laugh.
      The FA-up over CL qualification. Never in a millon years.
      SPURS is an international club now. And we need to show it on the biggest stage
      Bring on the C.


  2. Yes, the players mentioned above were not good at all. I do not understand AVB for fielding a weak team right from the start, leaving out better players, against a good Leeds team. He had obviously under estimated them or perhaps did not consider the FA Cup an important Cup to win. As a Spurs fan, I feel very disappointed if not humiliated for Spurs to have lost to a lowly team in a prestigious competition like the FA Cup.

    • How is that team yesterday truly weakened? All Internationals other than Naughton. Bale and Lennon playing .. our top scorer in Dempsey.

      Bottom line is like many teams, the under dogs played above themselves and the Premier team could not be arsed!

  3. I fully agree with Dembele that we were not motivated. Leeds looked ‘hungrier’ to score and win than we did. We were sluggish throughout the match, lacking in creativity and cohesion.

  4. I tend to agree with his comments to be honest, I wasn’t even that fussed about watching it.

    If it’d been later rounds then maybe, but Prem is the motivation this season, we need the money to stay still, and put Ass back a few years

  5. If wearing the shirt and playing for the club aren’t enough to motivate players they shouldn’t be playing for THFC. To hear comments like this is absolutely disgraceful and Dembele should be taken to task. This goes a long way to undermining any team effort.

    I would like to hear AVB’s take on these comments, because the team looked under par against Leeds.

  6. Motivation for this great competition shouldn’t be an issue, but sadly it is for the younger generation of players. The only guys that looked like they were giving 100% on Sunday were Parker and Dempsey.


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