Harry Redknapp had, and still has a number of supporters within the Spurs fanbase, many of whom seem to come out of the social media woodwork whenever we suffer a disappointing result such as yesterday’s loss to Leeds United.

Whatever your opinion of Harry might be, his career is defined by many for the club’s dealings in the January transfer windows of 2011 and 2012. Those dealings brought in four players – Steven Pienaar, Bongani Khumalo, Louis Saha and Ryan Nelsen – three of whom have left the club and in the case of Khumalo, the defender still seems light years away from a full debut.

With 2013’s winter window about to close and fans desperate for another striker, as we have been since 2011, what will AVB do?

When asked if any deals were likely – aside from the move to bring in Lewis Holtby – he merely said ‘I don’t think so, no’.

We’re fourth in the league and clearly our season doesn’t need ‘saving’ at this stage but can we hope to pick up points in the next few weeks without a recognised striker? On the plus side, there may be no more pointless stop gaps – although many will argue that those words adequately describe Dempsey and Sigurdsson – but is the striker need a desperate one?



  1. how Sah/Nelson came to be signed has never been explained – I really don’t believe these were Harry’s choices – more like brought in by Levy without any discussion with Harry – I never got the impression they communicated and I don’t see much improvement now


  3. With the imminent arrival of Holtby Spurs are in my opinion three signings away from being genuine title contenders.

    With Kaboul (when fit) and Vertonghen as centre backs we are well set. I am happy with Walker at right back because although he can be a bit of a liability at the moment he is still young and there is scope for a lot of improvement to that side of his game. Ekotto however is not good enough. He is prone to stupid errors, is not fast enough in speed of thought or movement and telegraphs when he is going to make a cross.

    As I said with Holtby as cover all across midfield I think we are strong in that area, so the remaining two players I think we need are up front.

    Adebayor cannot be gone soon enough for me. He would always be a one season wonder and we only re-signed him as he was cheap.

    How long though are we meant to persevere with Defoe; a striker who is meant to be our main man but ho has never in his entire career scored 20 league goals in a season? It’s a joke.

    We need two strikers. One out and out forward and one second striker with a bit of magic about him. A top man up front who eats sleeps and sh*ts goals and a genius to make everything tick.

    Who is the front man? Possibly Damiao, hoping he can hack it in our league. Personally though I would love to see us nick Lewandinski from under Manchester United’s noses.

    The man behind? Sneijder would have been perfect but of course wages were the issue. That is the kind of player we need though. Maybe Jovetic from Fiorentina?

  4. A new quality Striker is desperately needed. Simplest example was on sunday. If it was a half decent striker playing up front would have scored that Obika chance at the death. We might see more games of the same scenario because all other teams now will likely to deploy similar tactics against us very weak upfront. We need a goal scorer specially for defoe a typical february coming. He will be out for the season possibly again soon developing another injury same as every season. You cant rely on dempsey and ade for the remainder of the season.

  5. We need heung min son hes a fantastic versatile young attacker he can play either wing, attacking midfield or upfront he can use both feet and he scores goals what more do you want!

  6. Headlines such as ‘4 days to save our season’ only fuel the pro ‘Arry brigade’ even more, giving the impression our season is about to implode following ONE defeat.

    Truth be told, I would like a good cup run as much as the next supporter but I think the Europa League will/should take priority over the FA cup this year. As much as I would love to see the lads walk out at Wembley for a major cup final, we simply do not have the squad, at present, to compete on THREE fronts.

    The reasons I believe the Europa should take priority over the FA, this season are:

    1. An English club is yet to win the competition in its current format. To become the first would be something special.

    2. Winning the Europa League would enhance/cement our growing reputation around Europe, more so than than an FA cup triumph.

    3. The experience of winning a European comp would be amazing for our young squad, and would set us up perfectly for an assault on the Champions League.

    While I’m not dismissing the FA cup in any shape or form, I just feel that for the LONG-TERM benefit of the club, winning the Europa League carries more in terms of a lasting effect!

  7. Err excuse me Daniel levy here, stop goin on about a top striker I just bought adebayor last summer! Because like I’ve said all along he WILL not pay 20 mil plus for a player til we get champs league two seasons running

  8. 1/ If Tottenham sign a striker then they will qualify for the Champions League.

    2/ If Tottenham qualify for the Champions League there can be no justification for selling Gareth Bale.

    3/ It makes much more sense for Tottenham to flirt with 4th place for half the season and then self destruct towards the end of the season. That way the best players can be sold on for a massive profit, the current manager can carry the can for the disappointment of failure, be eventually sacked and paid off, and the whole process can start all over again next season.

    Tottenham are only there to make up the numbers and maintain the charade that the Premier league is competative. It is totally irrelavent that Spurs have the most balanced group of defensive and midfield players in the country.

    Have none of you realised that when previous Tottenham squads were weak in defense and midfield we had world class strikers like Klinnsmann, Sheringham, Ferdinand and Berbatov to paper over the cracks?

    How else can we cock things up with this squad unless we leave ourselves short of quality and consistancy up front?

    The truth is it is outragious that Tottenham have been allowed to assemble a squad so much more talented than Man United, Arsenal and Chelsea. If quality, of the calibre mentioned, were added we would be faced with the ridiculous situation of Tottenham being genuine title contenders.

    Just accept that we are the nearly men, these are our good old days which we all look back upon when this squad is dismantled over the next 2-3 seasons. It is only right that United should be allowed to cherry pick our best players whenever we manage to nuture a truly world class talent. That is our role.

    What we need is Heskey on loan. A striker who never scores. That way we are guarenteed Europa League football.

    • You seem to forget a player decides where he plays. Justification has nothing to do with it. Players like Bale want guaranteed Champions League football every season. Real Madrid can offer that Spurs can’t. Play in a massive stadium every other week, play in a small stadium every other week? Play in the sun in Spain for one of the top 2 clubs in the world or play in the rain in England? No contest.

      Bale will be sold at the end of the season because he wants to go there. Champions League will increase our fee, but I doubt it will delay the move a year.

      After that I stopped reading as your stupidity was taking over.

  9. Lots of sense written here, although i hate headlines that prevoke the sense of impending doom!

    I think that between the previous comments there is the best solution.
    1. I am please that Levy finally put in the few extra pence (by footballing standards) to secure Holtby.
    2. Heung Min Son appears an absolute bargain at £8m and as a youngster has even more room to improve and become something ‘special’
    3. Alvaro Negredo. whether we push a £12m purchase or just a loan spell in the short term (end of season) this is surely a must have.

    Personally speaking, Willian is too expensive when you can have all 3 for the same money.

    I doubt this will happen, and i am sure at the end of the season when we’ve been overtaken for the last Champions league space (again) we’ll all look back to January (again) as the time it went wrong.
    I am in total agreement that a Europa win will be more beneficial than an FA cup final appearance and, although i want to win everything, i am not so upset about the weekend loss if we make a real play for Champions league next year and Europa this year.

  10. Wilfried Bony is the solution to this seasons problem.

    If Spurs bought him he would get the goals in the tight games that turn 1 point into 3.

    Holtby is Bale’s replacement, don’t kid yourselves about that.

      • Bale is a winger who can play who can play through the middle. Has it crossed your mind that AVB might play without wingers?

        • Doubtful; Lennon is an out and out winger. Unless you think both Bale and Lennon are on their way? Possible I suppose. Complete overhaul. Doubtful though, like I say.

        • Bale was played thriugh the middle in a game in America and was a fish out of water, there is no evidence to suggest he can play there nor would you want to negate his main asset, his pace, by playing him there, besides he is leaving at the end of the season so it’s rather immaterial.

  11. What a load of garbage. Talk about trying to twist facts to suit yourself.

    Saha and Nelson were brought in as cover until the end of the season, that was known when they were signed on free transfers. What are we doing now, looking for striker cover!

    Our South African is simply because of a tie up with his South African team and is a PR exercise to give us exposure in Africa.

    Pienaar didn’t have the mental ability to be a winner, when he needed to buckle down and prove he was worth a starting berth on the training pitch and then in outings he was given he couldn’t and didn’t want to do it.

    Relegation side to Champions League, that’s failure is it?


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