It had always seemed likely that Tottenham’s pursuit of Lewis Holtby would see AVB get his man and the news was finally confirmed on the club website yesterday afternoon.

“We are delighted to announce that we have reached agreement with Schalke for the immediate transfer of Lewis Holtby,” the statement reads.

“The Germany Under-21 captain, who had already agreed terms to join the Club this coming summer, has made 27 appearances for the Bundesliga side this season scoring four times.

“Lewis has made 160 appearances in his career to date, scoring 29 times.”

The last statement may just give a clue as to what may happen when Lewis links up with the squad. Many had assumed that the rush to sign the player was precipitated by Sandro’s long term injury but others are now predicting that Holtby will take the Van der Vaart role behind the main striker.

His record equates to a goal in around one in five games – some way short of VDV’s one in three but the striker crisis at Spurs may just be assisted by a new face in the coming weeks.




  1. I’d like to get excited about the prospect of Holtby playing Lennon and Bale in behind the fullbacks, them getting to the bi-lines and pulling it back for ????? to slot it away…We can have the best wingers and number 10 in the world but no point without a decent striker to get on the end of it all…no new striker, no champions league….simple. I’m too angry about the non-signing of a quality striker to give a rats arse about Holtby to be honest….

  2. Great that we have signed a player who thrives on assists BUT who can he assist? OPTA stats already show that we have the greatest number of chances created but the worst conversion rate.
    A striker is required that can hit the onion bag with far greater regularity than the strikers we currently have. For me, Negrado would be ideal – a one in two goal rate and a player with presence who is used to running the line on his own and bringing others into to play.

    Bale wide left; Holtby and Dembele in the middle with Lennon right. Sandro sitting and being the beast … sound perfect with the right striker up top.

    • Paired with a striker who can do two things namely receive balls with his back towards the goal and finish on target this sounds like a potential winning receipe. For me this is no doubt Leandro Damiao. Spend the money, and get into CL and the fight for the PL trophy!

  3. From the footage Ive seen, the kid can certainly play,and has a wicker left foot shot to boot. He seems to have an excellent first touch and ability to thread the needle. He also tends to play alot of one-twos with the striker, so I could see him being better suited to Adebayor rather than Defore. I see him as cover for defensive midfield, but probably playing in behind a lone striker. With him having a great left foot and decent pace (not lightning) I could also see him as an option on the left wing should Bale be injured/suspended/sold…lets hope for a much improved attitude tomorrow vs Norwich..COYS!!

    • Negredo would be a perfect signing with the midfield that we have… I just don’t see L.D. ever happening but we must sign someone to stay in the top 4.

  4. An attacking midfield trio of Aaron Lennon, Lewis Holtby and Gareth Bale sounds promising. Can mix things up with Gylfi Sigurdsson and Clint Dempsey, plus there’s Mousa Dembele and Sandro/Scott Parker behind. Now all we’re needing is a striker or two, plus perhaps a leftback.

  5. It’s always exciting to get a new signing who is set for 1st team rather than the youth team. But I’m not holding my breath that Holtby will be as great as the press made him out to be, because many of his old fans noted he can often be hit or miss. We have a lot of players like this, and to be honest, we have lots of midfielders. I believe we needed that creative player with good defense splitting pass and if Holtby is that guy then he needs to start each week, meaning how will we line up or leave out? Let say Sandro is fit, for many of us he is the first name on the teamsheet, put our creative midfielder in and now you need to decide do we got 433 or 442 as two good examples. Dembele/Sandro/Holtby in a 433 is good! and Bale + Lennon(or someone) and a striker up front.
    If we go 442, then Lennon and Bale are already there, and Holtby, dembele, Dempsy, Sandro, Parker, Siggy, are all fighting for 3 spots.

    • I can see him in a 4411 formation.
      But as we can all agree. Midfield formations mean jack shit, when we do not have anybody to put the ball in the f… net.
      Sign Damiao and lets have it…………….


  6. As so many people have pointed out, it’s pointless creating chances if there’s no one to put them in the net-elementary my dear Watson.
    Defoe needs just one goal, a scruffy or lucky one even, to get his confidence back, but how Adebayor is tolerated is beyond me. Unfit at the start of the season, sent off stupidly against the scum, swans around with no interest, and now missing for weeks on end. Give me strength.


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