Spurs head coach Andre Villas-Boas has been updating the media with regards to Tottenham’s injury issues and as expected, striker Jermain Defoe has been ruled out for up to three weeks. However, AVB felt that there was some good news behind this outcome.

“Defoe has had a small ligament damage on his ankle. It’s good news in the end because it could have been further damage to his ankle, so we are happy with the result in the end,” said Andre. “We hope to see him back within two or three weeks.

“We play this game against Newcastle, then Lyon and then we have the whole week to prepare for Lyon. Then Defoe will be back.”

So, Defoe is out as we already knew but will Emmanuel Adebayor be back in time to take his place as the lone striker?

“Is he back yet? No, we’re trying to establish the best flight connections for him,” AVB. “He had issues to take care of as the tournament finished for Togo, so at the moment we’re trying to see if we have him back either for today or tomorrow’s training session.”

Andre also confirmed that Ade would walk straight back in to the side but the big question is – will he make it in time?



  1. Bet Ade had a great time partying for a few days with his buds in africa. Fair play to him, bet they got hammered and had chicks and moet.

  2. Togo get knocked out of AFCON on Sunday evening. South Africa has direct flights to London (BA, SAA) every evening, or connecting flights via Europe (KLM, Swiss, Lufthansa, Iberia, Alitalia etc) also every evening.

    Dempsey plays in Honduras on Wednesday and is at training in London on Thursday.

    Flight from South Africa is an easy 11 hour overnight flight in same time zone (OK – 2 hour time difference, but still not bad).

    Can anyone explain where Ade has been? Seriously, he is employed by the club and was out of tournament in South Africa on Sunday evening.He had 24 hours to pack his bag for the Mondday evening flight. What did he do on Monday? And on Tuesday? And on Wednesday?

    Is it even conceivable that he flew to Togo? Why would he go there?

    Dump him as will only cause issues in the future, as he has done at every club before us.

  3. Gotta Agree with Saffa – Should’ve been back by Wednesday the latest, However as long as he is available to play, if selected or to take a place on the bench for Saturdays game I’ll have no real gripe

    • Common guys. I kind of agree with the wages these players are on.
      But, having said that. Ade is ‘home’ on his continent. Maybe this is his time to see family and friends aswell.
      I am not saying I like it. But AVB has it under control.
      We WILL (need) get 3. With a happy Ade, it is a lot easier.


  4. He should have come back today really. But it would be normal for a player to be given a few days off after a tournament. He should really be looking forward to getting a great opportunity to play up top and regain some form hopefully.

  5. he played a tournament, not just one friendly. plus, he will come good. he just need to feel the love from AVB that he is his #1… not difficult if u dont even have a number 2.


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