Gareth Bale’s outstanding performances over the last three games have drawn inevitable comparisons with the efforts of Robin van Persie at Arsenal last season. Amidst all the praise for the winger’s performances, there have been plenty of allegations that Spurs are a one man team.

Tottenham’s new signing Lewis Holtby is one who refutes those claims and the German feels that the rest of the side aren’t getting enough credit.

“Gareth is a world-class player, one of the best in the world I think. What he is producing week in week out is fantastic,” Lewis said. “But you have to give the credit to the others in what is a great team.

“You see Hugo Lloris in goal. The defenders put their bodies into every shot. Everyone is working really hard, that’s the key of the game. To have a player like Bale makes the difference.”

With just under two weeks to our next league match, attention switches to the Europa League and Holtby continued his interview by affirming that Spurs can win it.

“I played in the Europa League last season with Schalke. We went to the quarter-finals. But Tottenham are able to do big things,” Holtby added. “I’m not saying that if we don’t get the Cup we’ll be disappointed, but I think we have the team and squad to get that trophy and we’re confident.

“It’s a great team, the quality in the side throughout the players, even the guys who didn’t make it into the squad against Newcastle, is fantastic.”

Our next tie with Lyon will be tough and if he starts, Gareth Bale will be a vital player once again if we are to make it through. Holtby claims we are no one-man team but is he right?



  1. As young Lewis so rightly said, lloris saved well near the end of the game. Daws is a superb captain and puts in blocks and tackles in all afternoon. Lennon causes disruption, Parker is a solid presence. So this stuff about a one man team is utter nonsense.

  2. Not buying all this talk of a one man team. Obviously, we are a BETTER side with Bale in the team (and in this kind of form) but the same can be said about nearly EVERY team in Europe.

    Whether it is Messi at Barca, Ronaldo at Madrid,or RVP at United ( Suarez at liverpool,… the list goes on), these players are considered SPECIAL because of their ability to decide matches (virtually) on their own. People talk as if Bale is somehow doing us a favour by turning in the sort of performances we have seen in the last couple of weeks, BUT THIS IS WHAT PLAYERS OF THAT CALIBRE ARE THERE TO DO!!!…

    Now that Tottenham posses that kind of player, some people almost seem to begrudge us that element to the team.

    The team HAS won, and will continue to win without Bale being in the side (or in this kind form) but while he is performing so well, how about we just enjoy it without having the usual FEAR-BASED anxiety that seems to follow every positive scenario/ outcome/ possibility.

    Was we a one-man team when Defoe was banging goals in for fun at the beginning of the season? Or more recently when it was Lennon deservedly grabbing the headlines?

    People thought we would struggle without the dominant presence of Sandro in the midfield, only to find that Parker has stepped in, to lessen what seemed like a huge blow at the time.

    That’s even before mentioning the FACT that Kaboul has missed the entire season up till now, BAE has JUST returned from injury….

    IF there is ONE thing this season HAS/ SHOULD HAVE taught us is that Spurs is NOT a one man team. To say we are would do ALL the players who have worked so hard to put us in the healthy position, we currently find ourselves in, a complete disservice.

  3. I am going to sound like a Arsenal fan now but Bale has had 3 good games against 3 teams in the bottom half of the table in Norwich, Newcastle and WBA…..lets be honest he has to do it on a inconsistent basis against the best teams to really justify the 1 man team label.

    I watched RVP destroy Chelsea with his Stamford Bridge hat trick and he got a double to beat Liverpool at Anfield….thats a true 1 man team.

    I think spurs have the best keeper (Lloris), best holding midfielder (Sandro) and one of the best central midfielders in the league in Dembele.

    Bale is getting so much hype because he is British just like Defoe did when he started the season on fire, and look what has happened to him


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