Spurs edged past Lyon by two goals to one last night in a tight Europa League Cup tie, thanks once again to the genius of Gareth Bale. To be fair to all parties, the three goals on the night were all brilliant but naturally we’ll be talking about those stunning free kicks for the rest of the weekend.

“The game was solved in three moments of great individual brilliance, not only Gareth’s goals, but Umtiti’s goal too,” said Andre Villas-Boas after the match. “It was a good European night.

“The first half was very good but in the second half, we weren’t as good as we normally are.

“We wouldn’t expect to roll over a team as experienced as Lyon and everyone could see their quality.”

Although Lyon have the away goal, Bale’s injury time decider could prove vital as the French side will be forced to attack, leaving space that we can exploit.

“We take this goal advantage at the moment, we have to try to score in the away leg, it’s important, normally we score away from home so hopefully we can do that,” AVB added.

As Andre says, Spurs are more than capable of getting that away goal but can anyone other than Gareth Bale provide it?



  1. Bale’s performance was suburb, but in a very equal match how much longer can we put up with the pathetic performance of Adebayor. Time for AVB to demonstate his management skills by axeing this useless footballer. Worst buy of the summer. replace him now maybe with Dembale up front, and sell the useless tool ASAP


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