There’s no official confirmation from the club but it seems that there are no fresh injuries from the clash with Lyon last Thursday. However, it also means that Jermain Defoe, Sandro and Younes Kaboul will continue to sit this one out.

The side should see at least two changes from the second leg in France with Hugo Lloris coming back in goal and William Gallas making way for Jan Vertonghen. BAE could also be put under pressure from Kyle Naughton at left back.

Elsewhere, Lewis Holtby started his first game in a Spurs shirt last Thursday but will AVB keep him in the starting XI for this match? The German did plenty to impress but will Villas-Boas recall Clint Dempsey at Upton Park?

Here’s how we think Spurs will line up but what’s your view?



  1. Lloris; Walker, Dawson, Vertonghen, BAE; Lennon, Dembele, Sigurdsson, Bale; Holtby; Adebayor.

    I hate to admit it, but Scotty Parker was awful on Thursday night. Neither him or Clint Dempsey deserve to start the match tonight. Gylfi Sigurdsson looks relatively confident every time he gets on, so I still don’t understand why Andre Villas-Boas doesn’t start him more often. Anyway, COYS.

  2. As much as i think dempsey is our best attacking mid, his recent form suggests a tough stretch. Let holtby have a crack with his unrelenting enthusiasm; deuce will hopefully step up soon. Scott parker is sure to be back in form

  3. Lloris

    Walker Dawson Gallas/Caulker BAE

    Livermore Dembele

    Lennon Hotlby Bale


    I’ve gone for the more commanding presence of a Gallas or Caulker for tonight’s game, as I believe BOTH are better equipped to cope with a potential aerial bombardment, that West Ham could pose, than Vertonghen.
    Andy Carroll could take some looking after tonight, and I just feel the additional AGGRESSION and EXPERIENCE of Gallas, or the AERIAL ABILITY and PHYSICAL PRESENCE of Caulker could prove decisive, in a combative London Derby.

    I know there are a lot of Jan lovers, but to let heart rule head when making footballing decisions is a fools game!

    I also went for Livermore ahead of Parker for this evenings match. Jake came in for a lot of UNWARRANTED criticism earlier on in the season, whilst partnering Sandro in the middle. With neither players strength/main attribute being CREATIVITY, the team struggled to produce opportunities in the final third, and many fans (PREDICTABLY) pointed the finger at the academy graduate.
    Livermore, under Redknapp last season, produced some EXCELLENT performances for Spurs and deserves a chance to replicate the feat in the MORE BALANCED Tottenham side, of today.
    With the North London Derby on the horizon, tonight’s match presents the perfect opportunity to give Parker a breather before that particular battle.
    Eager, mobile and confident, I have no doubt Jake would do a fantastic job if called upon.
    His inclusion would also give the team additional HEIGHT.

    With the fixture list soon to become congested, its Vital we have as many players as possible MATCH FIT.

    • Good shout. It also keeps more players fresh for the big games coming up. I just feel we have so much more in the tank than at the same time last year. Also, the meticulous planning and long term view of AVB and co will hopefully serve us well through this critical period. I am nervous, herE in Brazil, but feel the team is developing the mental toughness and winning mentally required to be winners.

      • Agreed, the team definitely feels a LOT fresher than it did last year! The attitude and mentality seems to be improving with every game, and the manager as well as the players have to take GREAT credit for that.

        I think the lack of a REAL run in the domestic cups has proved to be a blessing, as it’s allowed us to focus more on the comps that will serve the club to a great extent in the future.

        The league cup and FA cup are great comps, but winning the Europa league would further enhance our reputation across Europe, give the lads invaluable European experience, in prep for a CL assault next year, and also be special in terms of us being the 1st English club to win it in its current format.

        Plus it would mean we would play a lucrative Super Cup match against the winners of the CL…..PERFECT!

  4. I’d go with that but possibly swap positions for Holtby and Dembele. There were times against Lyon when Holtby was able to pick the pass, maybe give him a chance to do it from deeper. We all know Dembele can finish, let him try from a more advanced position and he can also look to play Ade in

    • Not a bad call, but even though he hasn’t scored yet, Holtby has been more unlucky than not good enough. He’s already hit the post several times as well as some near misses. I’d rather those (even missing) than straight to the keeper.
      Also, Dembele can score, but he doesn’t shoot very often. His biggest asset is being able to brush defenders off while looking for a good pass.
      Holtby AM and Dembele CM/DM for me.

  5. Lloris, Walker, Dawson, Vertonghen, BAE, Parker, Dembele, Dempsey, Bale, Holtby, Adebayor (Friedel, Lennon, Siggi, Gallas, Livermore, Caulker, Obika on the bench).

    I think we’ve got to get going early and quieten down those Spammers with their Bobby Moore motivation with a quick goal, then we should be OK.

    Also wanted to comment on the latest Wenger article, sayng that Arsenal can still finish second. He’s doing what he does every year, trying some Fergie mindgames to unsettle Spurs and the others with the home straight in sight. Fingers crossed that we’ve learnt big time from last year- if we win tonight and then on Sunday we’ll easily make 4th or better I think, but if not, then it will be deja vu all over again I fear. Come on Spurs, it’s karma time!!!

    • Too lightweight, for me. Who’s gonna win the ball back in midfield. Neither Carroll or Holtby are renowned for their tackling. West ham at home ARE at LEAST going to mount at physical challenge.

      If you wanted to get Dembele further up the pitch the maybe the following formation and team selection would prove appealing:


      Walker Dawson Caulker BAE


      Holtby Dembele

      Lennon Bale


      I STILL believe that Huddlestone CAN be the player we all hoped he could be for Spurs IF played in a quarter back role where he could just sit, mop up his ZONE and create from deep with his wonder range of passing.
      Holtby and Dembele could alternate in terms of supporting the defence and supplementing the attack.

      This formation is flexible whilst in possession and would also ENSURE that we have enough bodies in the middle of the park when we lose possession.

      Playing Dembele EXCLUSIVELY behind Ade would mean that our defence would lose SO MUCH in terms of cover/protection.
      Remember how FEW games we have lost when Mousa has been in the side. There is a REASON for that. The guy is a SHIELD as well as a SWORD!

      Again, the inclusion of Huddlestone would give us additional HEIGHT, whilst giving the team a threat (in terms of SHOOTING) from outside the box, should West Ham choose to sit deep.

      • Good call on Hudd. I could see your lineup working with Caulker (fast) behind Hudd (slow) and Holtby in front. Holtby seems to have some of Parker’s bulldog attitude.
        He’s young and maybe can pick something up from Parker. Also, you have to love attacking mids that start that kind of preasure/defense in the attacking third. That’s what Spurs need if we keep using the high line we have. I hope we do — it might have some kinks in it now but the longer we use that system the better the players will get used to it.

  6. Why do graphics from England always have teams attacking down the screen while graphics from USA have teams attacking up the screen? Its much easier to have the right sided players on the right side of the screen and the left sided players on the left side of the screen.

  7. I agree with a few others Dawson and Caulker have to play tonight, West Hams only threat is the aerial ability of Carroll and Nolan…..Caulker and Dawson are immense in the air, Verts and Gallas are better on the floor, hence Europa selection, Kaboul has both which is why I cant wait until hes back.

    Parker has been awful but this may be the game that resurrects him….if not after tonight Holtby should play deeper in the his role and Defoe should go alongside Ade for Arsenal.

    Lloris, Walker, Caulker, Dawson, BAE, Parker, Dembele, Bale, Lennon, Holtby, Ade

  8. Lloris, walker Dawson verthongen BAE, siggurdson holtby Dembele Bale, Dempsey ADE,
    Parker & lennon have been poor of late I’d rest them for 2nite & bring them back for Gooner game

  9. Lloris, Walker, Dawson, Caulker, Verthongen; Livermore, Dembele; Dempsey,Bale,Holtby; Adebayor.

    Rest Lennon until the 60th min then let him loose. Give Livermore a chance and get Ekottu off the pitch before he does something stupid !!

    • Have to say, I LIKE the look of Vertonghen at left-back for tonight game, although I’m not completely sold on having Lennon on the bench.

      I think Lennons form has APPEARED to have suffered due to Walkers hesitance, at times, to give him the ball EARLY, when he is one on one with the full-back.
      Kyles dithering on the ball OFTEN allows the opposition to close the space around Lennon and cut off the supply-line.


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