Once again, Gareth Bale took all the Tottenham plaudits after last night’s display but there were some heroics all over the park. Hugo Lloris features highly in the Man of the Match voting on the club’s official Facebook page and although the Frenchman received some criticism from Sky Pundit Gary Neville over Joe Cole’s goal, it was generally another good night for Spurs’ number one.

Hugo received thanks from his club captain Michael Dawson after the stunning save which denied Matthew Taylor in the second half.

“One guy I want to mention is Hugo,” Dawson said. “He pulled me out of jail when I played Matty Taylor onside. He’s got a real shiner for it as well!

“That was massive. It was 2-1 at the time and at 3-1, it’s probably game over, certainly in terms of winning.

“It would be hard to come back from there, but Hugo made a tremendous save and he did the same in the first half as well.”

There was some great footage from behind the Spurs keeper as the third and final goal went in last night. Hugo’s reaction spoke volumes about the player and after a long settling in period, the French captain has quickly become a fans’ favourite.



  1. World class act (another one!), Le Whippet has made all the difference this season as we’re successfully playing a high defensive line.
    You can just see the confidence growing in our back four with Lloris between the sticks, not that Brad wasn’t a great keeper – just a differant style of keeper.


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