Tottenham Hotspur v Arsenal: The Vital Statistics

Tottenham Hotspur v Arsenal: The Vital Statistics


Sunday 3rd March 

Tottenham v Arsenal 16:00 

– Gareth Bale’s incredible scoring record went to eight in six games with a brace against West Ham in Spurs’ last league outing. 

– Those were Bale’s 14th and 15th goals of the season, coming from 109 efforts at goal with 66% on target and averaging 7.27 shots per goal. Bale is only the second player in the EA SPORTS Player Performance Index to pass 100 efforts at goal this season, after Liverpool’s Luis Suarez with 138. 

– Gylfi Sigurdsson finally scored his first Premier League goal for Spurs against West Ham to leave behind his title of ‘most shots without scoring’ in the EA SPORTS Player Performance Index. Sigurdsson finally scored on his 23rdPremier League appearance for Spurs, despite being the third most frequent shooter among the Premier League’s midfielders, having an effort at goal every 24 minutes 12 seconds. Sigurdsson is 10/3 with to follow up with another goal at any time against Spurs 

– The goal threat posed by Spurs in the West Ham game is apparent when you consider Jussi Jaaskelainen was the busiest goalkeeper in the Premier League last weekend, making 12 saves.

 – Kyle Walker has impressed at getting forward this season, and has completed 518 passes in the opposition half, behind only Leighton Baines and Glen Johnson in the EA SPORTS Player Performance’s full backs. 

– Moussa Dembele, meanwhile, continues to impress with his link up play. Dembele has completed 570 passes in the opposition half, second only to Luis Suarez among the EA SPORTS Player Performance Index’s strikers. 

– Two goals from Santi Cazorla were enough for Arsenal to beat Villa 2-1 in their last game. Santi’s six shots on target was the joint highest in the Barclays Premier League last season. The other player to test the keeper six times in the last round of games was today’s opponent Gareth Bale.

 – Cazorla’s goals took his total in the Barclays Premier League to 11, one of 18 players and 7 midfielders to have hit double figures this season. Cazorla’s accuracy and chance conversion stats are almost identical to today’s headline grabbing opponent Gareth Bale, getting 66% of shots on target and averaging 7.8 shots per goal.


  1. I can see Gylfi playing an important role on sunday. Perhaps bagging the winner. Hopefully it will be the first goal of 6 scored by the Spurs

  2. Don’t get me wrong. I find watching Bale quite fun, he does a few spectacular things. However, like most commentators, you’ve seen Bale score a few spectacular goals and have reached a quite emotive and irrational conclusion as a result. For a change let’s actually look at some facts.

    Bale has a very poor return for the number of shots he’s had this season with a scoring rate which you say is a goal for every 7.3 shots. Walcott, Arteta and Poldoski (among many others) all have considerably better returns than that. Poldoski for example is on a goal for every four shots and also has 9 assits to his name as opposed to the miserly one that Bale has. Bale is conseqeuently ranked as eqaul 112th in the Premiership for assists.

    As a midfielder his dribbling isn’t bad but it isn’t that impressive either avergaing less than either Wilshere or Cazorla. His passing success rate is actually shocking and with 78.4% success rate ranks him as equal 178th in the Premiership. His accurate long balls per game average 1.1 another spectacular 185th in the premiership. In terms of accurate through balls per game it’s even better; his average being 0% having not had one successful through ball this season (although in fairness he’s always shooting or trying to dribble unsuccessfully so he doesn’t actually play that many). 8 Arsenal players and 8 Tottenham players all have a better success rate than him.

    So perhaps it’s his defending that’s what earned him this “superstar” reputation. Whoops, with just one per game he still only manages 187th best in the Premiership. So maybe his speed and ability to intercept balls is what earns him this reputation. Well in fact he’s much better at this managing to make 93rd best average in the premiership.

    Now I know stats don’t prove much in isolation but when you analyse the whole range of possible stats available it actually proves that he’s actually very poor at many things.

    The media do really need to think before coming out with this “world class” nonsense. A few spectacular goals a season does not make someone a brilliant player. As for the absolutely ludicrous comparisons being made with Messi… don’t really need any stats to prove that’s complete and utter nonsense.

  3. Spurs will beat Arsenal on Sunday down to the following. We wan’t revenge for the Emirats game. Will go 7 points clear of them and because they are our deadly rivals. Let’s hope that Bale does the business. Just hope that AVB will get them fired up and try to improve the performances of Adebayour who owes Spurs fans a massive favour, after his poor form this season and costing us the previous game when we played Arsenal . COYS

  4. Dear dear Mike, this is why you’re not in fact a football manager and are in fact an Internet troll.

    Gareth Bale can do things with a football that no one in the premiership has been able to do since Ronaldo left. Sure, even the odd Goon is capable of scoring a wonder goal but to do it regularly is special. He’s also the only player in the prem who can run with the ball and accelerate away from the fourth player he’s just beaten and then still find the finish.

    Oh, and even Messi has his faults.

  5. Bale is just a glorified, fast, glorified, average, admittedly of cracking form, monkey look alike. I would say that Woijcech Sczcesny is a more rounded footballer


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