Just as they had done in the previous round, Spurs made hard work of their Europa League Cup tie in Milan last night but we’re through and although there were issues arising from the game, that’s all that matters for now.

After the match, Andre Villas-Boas hailed the win as a fantastic achievement but his comments revealed his relief after Emmanuel Adebayor’s extra time goal sealed the win on the away goals rule.

“We went through all the emotions,” said AVB on the club’s official website.

“The fans were there for us when it was not looking good and the players were there to reach this wonderful objective that we continue to pursue.”

Overall, it wasn’t the best performance but Andre managed to draw some positives from the display on the pitch.

“One thing we could see was that the players really wanted to achieve the objective because they kept on fighting even if the game wasn’t going their way,” he added.

“Maybe it wasn’t in the fashion we wanted but we will understand that we were in a difficult group in the qualifying phase, we had two very difficult knockout ties with away games as the second leg and we managed to go through against Lyon and Inter Milan which is a tremendous achievement for everybody.”

The draw for the last eight is coming up later today – who do you want and who do you want to avoid?



  1. Watching the game on T.V last night reminded me of what i have i have been praying for the last eighteen months….buy Leandro. I just hope we are not to late and drop out of the Champion League spots. Our strikers are either not good enough or are not up to the task anymore. It was so,so important the Spurs bought a great striker in the last transfer window. If what i have read is correct,we could lose Bale.

  2. It doesn’t matter who we play next, we can beat any team in this europa cup as long as we have Gareth Bale & Aaron Lennon on the pitch we can beat anyone without these two we are absolutely useless , we find it difficult to break through opposition defences and struggle to score goals. We are in desparate need of two good strikers who can not only score but can tackle too. We need to get rid of Parker he’s good at breaking up attacks but he is not good at passing or attacking he either passes the ball backwards or runs at the opposition like a mad man and falls over or just has no idea what to do next we need Sandro back in the team.

  3. Nah, its not Parker thats the weak link. I agree with needing strikers, and I’d say that before replacing Parker we need some depth on the wings. At least one more person who can really stretch the field for us when Bale and/or Lennon are absent.

  4. I love AVB and I’m glad to say for the most part this season he’s gotten his tactics right and all. But last night was horrendous playing with two strikers and playing a total right footed left side with demebele our best cm on the right were three big miscalculations which left our defense open. But last night shows the weaknest of spurs we have no depth in midfield whether in the center or on the wings it was pitiful. But it was good to see Ade have a good game. But we still need that top class striker. Also the only future Defoe has on this squad is as a super sub/ with a rare start against poorer sides.

  5. See Ade have a good game? What did he do that was good? He never chased the ball and was barely present in our attacks — let alone defending. Somehow he scored a goal but I’d give that 90% to Dembele and 10% to Ade who knocked it in. Even the knock in was slow and unconvincing. Has he ever struck the ball with any real power?

    I used to be a fan of Ade on the team — not that he was ever a big goal threat, but he used to chase the ball and hold play up well. Now, I just don’t see what he adds — other than making a great argument to Levy that a REAL striker (or 2) need to be bought.


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