After a dismal eight days in terms of results, Spurs players, along with the Head Coach, are backing the club to emerge strongly from two straight league defeats and guard against a repeat of last season’s late slump.

AVB spoke today in terms of maintaining the pressure on Chelsea and even on Manchester City in second place,

“The top four has become a different situation over the last two weekends,” Andre said in The Sun.

“Chelsea are back in third and Arsenal are still competing for the Champions League. We’ve enough games to get to third hopefully or bring Manchester City closer to us but that’ll be difficult.”

Meanwhile, Gylfi Sigurdsson, who has enjoyed an extended run in the side since his goal at West Ham also spoke in the wake of yesterday’s loss,

“We just need to pick ourselves up, stay together and perform well until the end of the season,” said Sigurdsson.

“It is in our hands and we are in a good position to make sure we get the Champions League spot.

“It’s down to us now and we have just got to make sure we are playing the way we’ve been playing throughout the season.”

The international break is probably a welcome relief to some but Spurs will need to start picking up points from the next league match at Swansea if they are to avoid a second consecutive season of disappointment.



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    He who laughs last, laughs loudest Spuddies.

    And we laughed so much last season, but this years laughter will be the loudest and funniest ever!

    Your BEST ever season is still not better than our WORST ever!!!!

    St Totteringhams Day is coming in April – You are all invited! Xxx

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    • From your comment, it looks like you rate Sigurdsson. Why? Why? Why? What has he ever done for Spurs? Nothing is the answer. Needs to be sold in the summer.

  3. Sigurdsson is not good enough for Spurs. He does very little in a game. How he can be picked instead of Tom Carroll or Lewis Holtby is a joke. Spurs have made some terrible buys and the squad has too many mediocre players.


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