As Spurs get ready to return to Premier League football this weekend, the last few games of the season are vital but is it a good thing that the club, if not the majority of the players, have been inactive for nearly two weeks?

January signing Lewis Holtby certainly seems to think so as the German spoke to the press this week.

“These 12 days of international break are really good for us to clear everybody’s head; to go to the national team and see something else. We will bounce back, especially in the next game,” Holtby said.

Tottenham head to Swansea on Saturday on the back of two defeats but Lewis is adamant that the club will hold on to its Champions League place.

“We can definitely do it. We had 12 unbeaten league games, we had a very good run. And now we’ve had three disappointing games,” the German added.

“There are still a lot of games to play and I think we have the right mentality and the right quality to play Champions League next season.”

A positive result at the Liberty Stadium is vital but has this latest international break come at just the right time for the club?



  1. The problem is nothing has changed…still no striker worth the name…still big defensive issues and still Man City and Chelsea to play….if we couldn’t beat Liverpool and Fulham….

    Much as I would love us to finish to the top 4 I can’t help feeling that this season is over and that will prejudice next season in terms of retention and recruitment of players. From my perspective we haven’t really played a good 90 minutes all season in the League and have scraped through on a number of occasions. Sandro’s injury has been a critical factor in our lack of control of the mid-field area in several games and Holtby doesn’t seem ready to play at EPL level yet.

    As usual, I live in hope but expect to be disappointed.

    • Jesus Christ lighten up. We’ve lost two league games, would you have said we had no chance before the Liverpool game? I very much doubt it, not that I’m saying you’re fickle or anything. It was always gonna be tough; those thinking we’d walk it were deluded because we would always lose a few. Are Arsenal suddenly a super team just because it’s the end of the season? Have they re signed Van Persie? They are gonna lose games too. Chelsea have been crap all season and they have a harder run in than we do. Are you suggesting we have no chance of beating Chelsea? That’s one game, and we are usually better in the big games. Win that and it’s game on!


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