It was widely rumoured yesterday that Scott Parker would be heading out of White Hart Lane after two years at the club but the England International could head a list of central midfielders leaving through the exit door.

A move to QPR may not suit a man who holds aspirations of a place in England’s World Cup squad in Rio and a suggested fee of £6m for a man who will be 33 in October may deter anyone other than the free spending West London club.

Meanwhile, it’s also claimed that Tottenham will look to offload Tom Huddlestone and Jake Livermore with a desired price tag of £5m for both. Additional sales of fringe players such as Heurelho Gomes are expected to bring in a further £7m leaving Andre Villas-Boas with £23m to spend on new blood for the 2013-14 campaign.

With Sandro expected to return to full fitness ahead of next season, the central midfield slots are tied up but do any of those men deserve a further chance at the club or is their time truly up?




  1. Lets not beat around the bush on this:


    – Parker has been a good player and is still a decent Premiership player but he is too slow for a top 4 – 5 team. OUT!
    – Hud exactly the same but generally speaking I want him to get his confidence back as a player as 3 -4 years ago he was fantastic but not at the expense of Spurs I’m afraid.
    – Livermore. Never really cut it but hasn’t had a decent chance to do so. Retain as a benchwarmer in my books for another season but play regularly in cup games (not C.L :O))
    – Noughton – Bit part player again, retain for cup games.


    – Defensive Mid. Backup for Sandro or another Sandro type player. A strong, fast leader type player at the heart of everything, involved in everything.
    – Left Back. Bring back Rose. Hopefully his game has improved enough to make an impact at a top four club.
    – Striker!! And just in case Levy is reading this. YES A BLOODY STRIKER!!!. Need I say more – just buy one – PRONTO – DECENT – NOW – INVESTMENT!! CAPISH!!

    DO IT NOW or waste another season with bit part – mid table at best players.

  2. Howll can you even mention selling Huddlestone who showed against the team finishing second on his day his passing can cause havoc. Let me jog your memory he has missed in total at the very least three years of his 26 years with Injuries Knee and Ankles. He has not had a full season under his belt and only played against City after being subbed against Leeds at Half time. I know he is still not back to his best form and without playing more games this was never going to happen over night we all no he has a wicked shot but its kept under wraps only Tom noes why is the damaged ankle still weak his he scared it will break down again. We can only wait and see if he scores one of his famous shots i noticed him wincing when he tried one against Stokes Launchers. All teams need a player blessed with passing skills and they are rare Utd Alex Ferguson seen the merits in this with the installed M Carrick and is one of the reasons they won the league by a big margin. If you tracked Tom you would see him covering Vertonghen and Daws when they ventured forward and he has the ability to pick Lennon Bale or Dembele higher up the field from deep positions. He also offers 6ft3 height at corners and free kicks the sad thing Dembele and Lennon Bale have all suffered knocks since Tom returned and we have not seen the benefits of having a natural quarter back in our team.So my advice is sell the others keep Tom and hopefully the scar tissue and ankle will finally heal up and we see long raking energy saving passes thunder shots and Goals once again The game is crying out for the Carricks Hudds even more with energy supplements helping this new pressing game with less space to carry the ball has the returning Parker has discovered

      • Out , Livermore , Parker ,bea , possibly naughton and send Carroll out on loan . Look what sending Townsend has done for him ,he will come back next year a great addition to the squad to rotate with bale and Lennon. And as everyone has said sign a good striker who can hold the ball up and play I know there not cheap but when were selling players for £33 mill lets get them in for tht as well .

  3. Spurs need to ship out all the average players: Livermore, Rose, Naughton, Dempsey and Sigurdsson.

    They need to sell the players who haven’t played for Spurs this season: Khumalo, Gomez and Bentley.

    They need sell the players who are good but do not fit the team: Huddlestone, Dembele, Adebayor and Parker.

    Spurs need to bring in a new left back, Isco, Christian Eriksen and two new strikers. They also need to promote Tom Carroll and Alex Pritchard from the under 21 team.

      • Dembele! you are on drugs. Sigurdsson has come good towards the end of the season and Dempsey gives 100%..might not be the best player in your top starting line up but good squad player in my opinion….BAE has gone backwards this year in leaps and bounds…need another left back if Rose doesn’t cut the mustard…Parker is too old/slow now for a top 4 side…Huddlestone is to injury prone, to slow for the position and anyone who talks about his passing range should watch the Chelsea and Stoke games again…his passing was deplorable…my 86 year old dad can still pass better than he did in those games

  4. Re Lennon.
    He’s been our player of the year, not a chance would I want him moved on. I know Bale has taken all the plaudits but he was pedestrian at best until December. Lennon has been consistent all year round and yet again we missed him terribly when he was out.
    We did however drop a clanger letting Townsend go out on loan but hopefully the experience did him good.
    Parker & Livermore can definitely go; one finished, the other nowhere near good enough.
    I hope AVB is backed handsomely this summer as he’s proved he can get the best out of a pretty average squad when compared to the crop ‘Arry had

  5. Spurs have the most mediocre squad of players since those inherited by Martin Jol.

    When you compare some of these players to the Spurs greats of the past, it is laughable.

    With the exception of Lloris, Vertonghen, Dawson, Kaboul, Carroll, Pritchard, Lennon and Bale, the rest are not worthy of the shirt.

    • Seriously? What, are you 10 years old? Get a grip, you obviously weren’t around in the 90’s if you want to talk about mediocrity.
      Spurs teams in the last 2.5 decades have been built around (at best) 2 or 3 decent players at any one time. The rest of the squad has always been below average.
      Only the last 5 years has a squad been built capable of challenging near the top of the table. And we also now have a youth/U21 set up that is enviable. Whilst we have yet to taste success,the future is looking better now than it ever has in my 40 years.

      The downside to having a team that can challenge for CL places or silverware is all the mugs calling themselves fans, coming along with a sense of entitlement to have instant success at any cost…sell these 10 players… buy these 3 players at £25m each…. just like they do on Fifa13 or Football Manager.
      “Sack the manager we only finished 5th and I wanted 3rd…”

      Wish they’d all fk off to support the Woolwich, where they came from.

      • The thing you are not getting is that there have been some bad buys which Levy and AVB are responsible for. Instead of wasting money on Sigurdsson and Dempsey they should have bought a decent striker.

      • LOL….I have followed Spurs since the mid 60’s…spoiled by the likes of Greaves, Chivers, Hoddle etc etc so the current squad is well on the way to achieving something when you compare it to some of the rubbish we had in the late 90’s early 2000’s…COYS

  6. I have been trying to think of any Spurs player that has been overrated more than Dembele. It is difficult to come up with anyone.

    He does have great technique but then so does a ballet dancer. It doesn’t mean that he is an effective footballer. He does have his good moments but they are not often enough. He needs to be sold and replaced.

  7. Looking at some of the rubbish players (still on Spurs books) who have actually played for the Spurs first team, it is ridiculous:


    Naughton, Khumalo, Rose

    Livermore, Sigurdsson,

    Dempsey, Adebayor

  8. I’d have to agree with Scott. Dembele IS overated.

    He continually passes the ball sideways, rarely takes a shot on goal, constantly loses possession by dribbling the ball in tight situations.

    Our performance in the last 20 minutes against Man City showed what we really need is a player who can see the gaps in opposition defences and distribute the ball quickly.

    Hudd’s staring cameo demonstrated he is capable of this but with his injuries and problems with loss of form he can’t be relied upon for next season.

    Also we can’t just wait for Tom Carroll to mature into our midfield supremo so we still need AVB to sign a Moutinho or similar this summer.

    • There is no need to wait for Tom Carroll because he is ready to play now. He is a miles better player than Dembele already.

      • Carroll is a replacement for Hudd, not Dembele.

        As for Dembele losing possession while dribbling — he’s one of the few players that create openings against a locked-up defense. I’d rather lose possession occasionally but also create chances than keep possession the whole game and never do anything with it.

  9. Next season its probably gonna be europa league again (oh no), so we’ll need players like hudd, dempsey, siggy, townsend, rose, caulker, carroll and poss defoe for that competition and the other cups, which should take the pressure off our first 11-13 (presuming levy wakes up from his coma and backs avb at last) which I reckon has been the biggest problem this season. It’s no coincidence that we’ve struggled on matches following marathon trips abroad; and expecting our top players to do both without rotation. Look at Man U the way they switch their squad about. Sure if we make quarter finals again bring in the better players – but why loan youngsters out when they can play for us in the cups or cover the first team – its a no brainer ?
    Forget selling dembele – he’s a perfect fit with sandro; have you twonks got amnesia or something – listen to what the pundits were saying about those two earlier in season. He cuts through defences single-handed, and what about that ball for bale against stoke which gareth flunked?
    KEEP dembele he’s class (and he’s belgian and they’re collectable apparently!!
    We need a TOP quality midfield play-maker (not tom carroll yet), a proper striker (one who can get 15+ goals on his own unlike our two who get 15 between them) and a quality left back; I’m a bit worried about danny rose defending, going forward he’s looking good though, so play him in the cups and see.
    We’re on the up though and with the right backing from diddy daniel with the long arms we could be eclipsing arsenal soon, already have when it comes to taking on the big teams…….

  10. I cannot believe you want Spurs to keep all their average players. They will never progress if they do that. Better to sell them and replace them with good players.

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