The week immediately following the end of the season will always spark rumours of mass clearouts and for Spurs, there could be a real trimming of the deadwood in preparation for the new campaign. Scouring the websites this morning reveals a list of up to eight names heading for the exit door and while some may be obvious, others could cause one or two surprises.

Of the fringe players that everyone had forgotten about, David Bentley and Heurelho Gomes should be playing their football elsewhere in 2013-14 but will there be any takers for Bentley after an underwhelming loan spell at his former club Blackburn?

Gomes stands a much better chance of finding a new club however, after impressing at Hoffenheim before a hand injury curtailed his loan spell in the Bundesliga.

Elsewhere, William Gallas is expected to hobble away after three seasons at the club and while there have been conflicting reports about Danny Rose’s future, it’s now felt that the left back is more than likely to join up with Sunderland on a permanent basis.

Meanwhile, Tom Huddlestone’s return to the squad seems to have come too late to earn him a regular place in the side so that leaves three players who have been near-permanent features in the first team this season.

Scott Parker, Emmanuel Adebayor and Clint Dempsey are all being touted as casualties as the club looks to raise funds needed to bring in players of the calibre of Joao Moutinho and Leandro Damiao.

So that’s the current list of candidates but do you agree with the general assessment?



  1. Dempsey’s an interesting one. Under appreciated but versatile. Has scored key goals in major games. I think AVB likes him and he’s a useful player to have in the squad. As for The Hud, think its time he moved on and we brought in a creative player who is mobile

    • Yep keep dempsey he gets important goals. Ideal as an impact sub from the bench or in europa league/cups. He’s got an uncanny habit of ghosting in on the far post even against teams like Man U. Hold onto him.

  2. You cant get rid of everyone, but certain players just need to leave…..

    Ekotto, Parker, Gallas, Adebayor and Livermore have to go

    Bring back Rose and Townsend and give Carroll a go

    We then need 2 strikers and leave the rest of the side, give Holtby and Carroll a chance to be the new Modric.

    Remember Modric was crap at first, I remember watching him in a game against Bolton at the reebok and laughing as he fell on the floor over and over.


  3. Sure we need to move on players that are marginal, however we also need to remember getting new players in is more expensive than keeping the ones we feel have room for progression within the squad. This type of article needs to also look at how we can bolster the squad in anticipation of injuries. We need to have utility players for positions and speciality players with cover, only AVB can decide where he wants to have more strength in the squad.

  4. its sad to say but it looks like benny’s time is up and i think Rose could do that job but we do need more competion in the both fullback areas as kyle walker has had some poor games this season. as for Ade, well why didnt he play the whole season like the last 3 games…
    Clint is another story, i rate him, he’s strong, mobile and scores goals, maybe not as prolific this season as he was at fulham but deffo a solid squad player and finally, do we want a midfield without Scott Parker, not his best season but half of it he was injured. On a whole i think the majority of the squad will stay, 2 or 3 new guys, Sandro and Kabul back, new managers all over the top 6, maybe its time we won the league… COYS

    • We’ll qualify for the UCL next season IF we don’t flog the first 11 half to death in the europa league, so we need cover that is good enough to get us out of the group stages at least; somewhere in the middle of the reserves ‘arry fielded and the 1st team played by avb. Hence we MUST bring back Townsend and Rose because these 2 can play EL/cups and are good enough to cover EPL too, and their already ours – no brainer!

    • I agree…Dempsey may not be world class but is a good squad player…if Ade played every game with same attitude as he did the last 3 Spurs fans would love him…BAE has to go along with Livermore, Huddlestone, Gomes, Bentley and Parker…bring in 2 quality strikers and a decent left back and think we can soar up the table…come on Levy, spend spend spend and do it early not at the last minute…COYS

  5. I agree with most of the rumours however Danny Rose has proved himself at Sunderland and could do a good job for us at LB, sorry Benoit but I think he is far more solid and he is young with a bright future in the game.
    If we start the season without adding more strikers I’ll pull whats left of my hair out!!!

  6. Could do with a good young GK as understudy to Lloris. Plus a good versatile full back (a Corluka who can run),a creative midfielder ( Moutinho / Modric / Erikson) and two top strikers (Torres / Villa / Leandro / Benteke / Remy / Soldado)
    Def say goodbye to Ekotto, Gomes, Bentley, Hudd, Naughton, Gallas, Adebayor. Think about saying goodbye to Parker and Friedel. Yet to be convinced with Holtby and Dempsey but perhaps next term will see the best from them. Certainly should see more of Rose, Townsend , Carroll and Caulker. Its going to be an interesting summer !!

  7. Defoe needs to go as well, his returns are piss poor and we could do so much better without him. BAE also needs to go as there are far better options on the continent such as Umtiti, who I feel we’ll go in for. Parker, Sigurdsson, Gallas, Adebayor, Huddlestone, Friedel should also leave. Time to let AVB put his own rubberstamp on the club.

    • Didn’t defoe get 15 league goals despite serious injury issues through the season including goals against Chelski and Man City? Plus more in cups I believe, my figures might be wrong but he contributed more than our other “striker” I think. Keep him as impact sub methinks for another season because when he comes on defenders take a while to adapt to his style.

  8. I believe the time is now to give AVB the full support he deserves. A solid left back . An attacking midfielder .A top class striker. Watching Vertonghen this seasons convinces me that he is a better player going forward . A midfield with Sandro , Vertonghen, Dembele, Carrol, Pritchard, and a new signing, There are games when we should not be using two holding players. Vertonghen can then revert to the centre of defence, Most games are won or lost in the middle of the park.I would like to see a squad consist of
    Lloris and A N Other.
    Walker,Dawson,Kaboul,Caulker, A N Other, Naughton.
    Sandro Vertonghen,Dembele A N Other.Bale,Lennon,Siggy.
    Damioa,Villa. Give the young players a chance .

    • Vertonghen turned Arsenal down as he didn’t want to play in midfield. let’s not start trying to do the same
      Leave him at CB with Kaboul, he’s captain material

  9. Spurs have made too many bad buys –

    Adebayor whose had a shocking season.
    Sigurdsson and Dempsey who are just average players. Dembele – who has great technique but is too inconsistent and not effective as an attacking force (lacks creativity, rarely gets into dangerous positions, hardly ever creates goal scoring opportunities or scores goals).

    All of these players are not good enough for Spurs.

    Then there are the mediocre young players – Livermore, Naughton and Rose – not good enough.

    All these players need to be shipped out and replaced with new ones. Also promote Tom Carroll and Alex Pritchard from the under 21 team.

    • A bit harsh on Dembele, If we had a forward who made some intelligent runs into space behind the defenders he could use his passing ability, someone like Carroll would benefit from this type of forward too.
      Exactly what Defoe should be doing, just a little bit more awareness in his game and, finesse in his finishing he’d score so many more goals

  10. I believe AVB wants Ade and BAE out (I understand why).

    Add to that fringe players like Gomes, Bentley and Gallas. So that’s 5 out.

    Personally, depending upon who we can get in then I’d review Dawson, Parker and Defoe’s futures.

    Looking forward to seeing more of Rose, Carroll, Townsend and Caulker. Holty with a full pre season with the team and having Sandro and Kaboul back.

    ……oh and three new strikers!!!!!!!

  11. I would sell Gomes £3m, Bentley £Kitkat Chunky, Hudd £4-5m, Dempsey £5-6m, Ade £5m, BAE £8-10m, Livermore £3m, Naughton £3m, & Gallas £ 1-2M.

    Then try to have something like this available for next season

    1st Team


    2nd/Cup Team

    ________Heung-Min Son______

  12. Some deluded horseshit fans…. Too much playing FIFA13 or FM13 could reduced your IQ to none! Better fuck your dog! FOYS!

  13. Livermore – Spurs through & through but not enough quality.
    BAE, cult hero, on his day is quality, when it’s not his day he seem too laid back and uninterested (city’s goal where he let Milner run then stopped to watch him) – is Rose better? certainly worth a try (doubt Contreao will come now!!)
    Not sure about Dempsey – on the ball he is lacking in quality but he does score some important goals, keep him unless we can improve significantly.
    Have tried to see how we can accommodate Huddlestone and the conclusion is…..We can’t. Great passer but he likes to have space and time and he won’t get that, (robbed by Wickham on Sunday). would like to see Carroll given the chance, he passes and follows the ball to get it back and keeps the tempo of the game up, Huddlestone hits a long pass and stands and admires it.
    Naughton can go, lets get Adam Smith back to push Walker a bit, He’s not as fast going forward but neither was Corluka but Corluka dove tailed well with Lennon down the right side, which Walker doesn’t.
    It’s no coincidence Adebayors form picked up when there were rumors of him being released/sold in the summer. I couldn’t bear another season of him doing fuck all and getting weighed in 100k p/w.
    Still like Parker and the energy he gives but the quality was lacking at times, the season before he simply broke up play and gave it to Modric, more of the same please Scotty.
    Bentley, Gomes, Gallas, Friedel (looking every inch a 41y/o) can all go.
    9 players out to free up some money on the wage bill, If we could get 4/5 quality players in (L/B, 2/3 strikers, a schemer in midfield) we could be right up there next season

  14. Benoit and Hudd should go, Bentley but who would purchase, surely Freidel will be off due age and bench, Ade too lay, no dedication sell for what we paid and get rid of the big wage bill, Gallas too slow, Livermore mediocre. Get Townsend back and Rose give them both a chance. Buy top class striker and midfield class.

  15. We need a Top quality striker (20 goals
    + a season), a quality winger who can play both sides – perhaps Deulofeu (barca B) Atsu, or if possible Heung-Min Son (Lennon, Bale and Townsend will need one more capable out on the wing especially if Bale continues to play centrally. We can only lose Parker and Huddlestone if we get a midfield playmaker like Moutinho or perhaps Belhanda – people like Panjic and Erickssen play further forward and would not offer defensive cover so we would have to keep at least one. We will probably have difficulty getting rid of Ade so may have to sell Defoe instead, especially if we do go for Villa. Gallas, Bentley, Bostock, Gomes, Parker/Huddlestone, Ade/Defoe, BAE, Livermore should all go.

  16. Guys – strikers plural. We need at least two as we will at a minimum sell one.

    Need to hit next season with three quality strikers.

    So that means Defoe out as well.

    • There is no way on god’s earth that both defoe and adebayor will be sold. So probably 1 good striker in is what we can expect. Don’t forget dempsey has been played up front.

  17. Forget moutinho it just ain’t gonna happen, I believe the guy himself has already stated he’s happy where he is. Besides 30 million is quoted and just imagine his wages…….and though a great player he only scored 1 goal this season!
    One important factor is we need cover for the heavy commitment that the europa league brings. We can’t play the top 11 in every single match or we’re going to hit major injury problems again.
    I believe tiredness was a factor in a couple of the later matches we dropped vital points in. So for me Danny Rose Must be brought back into the fold.

  18. Watching the difficulty Spurs had breaking teams down in the final third, I would say that a playmaking midfielder in the mould of Moutinho is even more important than a high-priced striker. If they can get Benteke, fantastic. Remy is being investigated for gang-rape I recently read so maybe he isn’t the best choice.

  19. Think we need to be realistic about the names we can expect to attract without UCL football, having said that I’d say we’re in a better position than last year because it seems likely we’re keeping the most famous player in europe as an attraction which i think actually gives us an advantage over UCL no-hopers like the arse and city.
    Will levy break the transfer record for a player like moutinho who granted is a playmaker but doesn’t score goals or will he break the bank for a 20+ goals a season striker? For sure he won’t do both. If he does I’ll need an ambulance.
    Everyone keeps saying we need 2-3 strikers; I believe avb sees Bale as a striker now……….

  20. We don’t need a major clearout. We need to let Bentley, Gallas go for sure. I would probably like to add Freidel, Dawson and Defoe too providing we replace them with more quality. Priority is 2 new strikers to back up Ade. Any 2 from Benteke, Berbatov, Lukaku or Andy Carroll would be my choice (all proven in the PL). Next priority is a quick centre-back to compete alongside Vertoghen & Kaboul. Bring Townsend and Rose back from loan. SORTED. Ade will be OK with a full pre-season under his belt.

  21. i`m sick of reading about Moutinho….how many supporters jumping on the bandwagon who have never seen him play apart from a couple of internationals at the euros

    1) he not actually that good
    2) he is certainly not worth anywhere near £30m

  22. I would be very happy if we started next season with these changes (notice I said ‘started’…not left until deadline day)
    Out: adebayor, assou-ekotto, bentley, gomes, huddlestone, gallas, livermore (maybe on loan to a promoted prem team to see how he does)
    In: fabio coentrao (unlikely but he has the portuguese link with AVB and can’t enjoy playing second fiddle to marcelo, maybe madrid will sanction the move to get in our good books when it comes to selling bale…if not then rose deserves a shot at starting), benteke (worth breaking the bank for a youngster who has proven he can cut it in the league rather than looking at damiao who looks good but might not cut it), a creative midfielder (moutinho would be very optimistic but again he has the links with AVB at porto)

    Depending on whether he does play bale behind the striker rather than on the wing then rather than the creative midfield option it may be a winger in the form of david villa although unproven and at his age he’s not going to get any better if he doesn’t hit the ground running for us
    seeing as there’s an obvious overhaul at bayern maybe robben could be on the move can’t see him fitting in guardiolas plans, wages may be a problem but personally I would love to see him at the lane even if he is frustrating at times alas all these targets would’ve been a lot more attainable had we not yet again messed up when comfortable in 4th spot!

  23. Still the same old shit. Load this in load this out. Why don’t you all start save all your money and buy one of name you all mention above? This is not FIFA13 dude! It’s just not about buying best player and give him the wage he demand! FFS, it’s about business!! About financial structure of the club. What are you guys? 8 years old mama boys? Get a life..

    • I can only assume you’re an arse fan by your childish name and clueless opinions. ‘Why don’t you all start save your money’, firstly I’ll let the awful grammar slip but secondly, yes because saving money really worked for you lot! Remember when you were challenging for titles and cups, I can…just about 😉 so maybe they should be looking at it a bit more like fifa and bring in some decent players. You are clearly worried about the force we will become with a few new faces and it amuses me that you are even on a spurs page…I haven’t posted anything on arsenal sites purely because I couldn’t give a toss about them…why don’t you fuck off back to your pages or is it that boring with the lack of transfer activity?

  24. Aren’t Gallas and Bentley out of contract? I’d be happy to see them leave and don’t care where they end up.

    Players to put on the transfer list are Parker (terrible going forward and refuses to just just do simple short passes like Makelele), Adebayor (doesn’t try unless he’s trying to earn a move), Dempsey (lack of technique), Livermore (I don’t know what he offers), BAE (love him but he doesn’t look as good as he was last year and AVB wants to be the only man at the club with three initials), The Hudd (not AVB’s type of player) and Gomes (no thumbs).

    I’d like to see Rose be given a chance at left-back but I fear he’s set on moving back up north.

    That will mean we need to buy first choice left-back, back-up defensive midfielder, a first choice left-winger (if Bale insists on being in the middle) and a world class striker. Carroll can be cover for Dembele, Townsend can provide cover on both wings and young players like Ceballos and Obika can get the occasional chance in the cups. I really hope we play the reserves in the Europa League in particular as that would make us a certainty for the Champions League and perhaps even give us a shot at the title with the right striker.

  25. Before i begin, don’t get me wrong I don’t think BAE is our future but unless we are able to bring in Baines, Coentrao, Perreira etc then I would 100% keep Benny..

    He hasn’t done any worse than Walker this year and is a player who is comfortable on the ball (sometimes in the wrong area) but has a good eye for a pass, he is quick and ridiculously strong for an average guy. Just need to work on his positioning a little.

    Danny Rose is not a bad player but not Tottenham quality. He is too small to be in our side.. he will become a focal point for the stokes and West Broms of the league by putting their big forwards on him and hitting long diagonals and midfield runners will pick up the pieces.. (remember Lee Young Pyo) .. to challenge for top 4 you CANNOT have weak spots.

    If anyone disagrees, then fine but think of this.. ‘who does rose mark on set pieces’

    Just my opinion


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