It’s impossible to avoid the Gareth Bale stories in today’s press, particularly when the player’s agent Jonathan Barnett is so happy to discuss Real Madrid’s reported interest in the Welshman.

“If Florentino [Pérez, the Real president] is interested in Gareth Bale, it would be an honour and we’d listen,” Mr Barnett said.

The agent then went on to intimate that Real would step up that interest having seen Neymar sign for Barcelona at the weekend.

“Bale is a better player than Neymar and he’s demonstrated it in one of the best leagues in the world,” Barnett added.

“I would imagine clubs want him not just because they missed out on Neymar but because of how good he is. He should be the first option, we’ll see … Bale is worth more than Neymar.”

But Mr Barnett also stated the current position as far as Spurs are concerned.

“But his contract is with Tottenham. We aren’t free to talk with anybody at the moment, that’s the point we’re at.”

So it’s going to be a fairly one-sided conversation if the agent can listen but not talk. Overall, it’s just a story that we hope will start to go away as quickly as possible but comments like these are hardly likely to end the speculation.



  1. He won’t go this summer i personally guarantee it.
    Cos he just got really good at freekicks.
    And Ronaldo won’t let him take none.

  2. No. There is no life after Bale. We’d have got relegated this season if it wasn’t for him.
    Irreplacable. FACT

    • No players irreplaceable pikey he’s done us a job this year but with 60million in the bank we can push on I hope he stays but if he goes the spurs march coys!

    • Monaco didn’t have any big names but they attracted Falcao, Moutinho, Rodriguez and Valdes… If we buy e.g. Damiao, Dries Mertens, Atsu and Benteke/Villa with the Bale money, I think we will be stronger, no?

  3. We have to keep Bale, it’s a must. I mean atsu? mertens? don’t think they add any quality even if we kept bale I would be gutted with them signings. We need a creative attacking midfielder( another luka) and quality goalscorer who dosent play for a contract

    • Mertens is as good as Hazard. I’m Belgian and recommended Courtois and Debruyne on this site a long time before they went to Chelski. Mertens is the only Belgian diamond worth stealing that’s left, although Lestienne from Club Brugge is maybe worth a gamble. Anyway, I suppose you wouldn’t be gutted with Damiao, Benteke AND your new Luka instead of Bale, no? Who would be your new Luka?

    • Why would he want to carry a load of dead wood,in front only 35000 whinging and whining Toby’s that never win fuck all.


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