If there had been any suggestion that our goalkeeper Hugo Lloris was set to turn his back on Spurs after just one season, it had been a very subdued one. The claim barely registered among a media desperate for Gareth Bale developments but the stopper took the opportunity to deny any interest in returning to France.

“What’s happening in Monaco is good for Ligue 1 and for this great French club, because PSG need a challenger,” Lloris said while speaking to le10sport.

“But personally, I left to go abroad, to try and build something on a personal and sporting level and I don’t intend to come back soon.”

Hugo also went on to claim that links with one of Monaco’s biggest rivals – he started his career with Nice – could prevent him from ever making such a move.

“There are some things that are difficult to refuse, but only if it allows you to go one step further,” he added.

“And then there is another thing – I am too much of a Nice man to go there!”

Any deal would seem unlikely, certainly at this stage of the player’s Spurs career and having finally found some stability between our posts, it would be a relief not to have to start the search all over again.




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