The AVB to PSG rumours haven’t gone away just yet and in fact, they have simply intensified over the last 24 hours. Some reports go a stage further by forging the fairly obvious link that would take Gareth Bale to the cash rich French club alongside his manager – the only surprise is that somebody didn’t think of that one a little sooner.

Like most rumours of this, or any summer, no-one knows how much truth there is but it’s fair to say that Andre will continue to be hot property the longer he stays and impresses while at Spurs. For that reason alone, the Chairman should realise that this is the most critical pre-season for many years.

When Luka Modric first asked to leave the club in 2011, the club vowed to show the player their ambition with some big name purchases but we all know how that finished.

The summer of 2013 could be a bigger test for Daniel Levy and while the AVB to PSG stories still seem a little bizarre, this simply has to be the time for some big name arrivals in order to show ambition to both players and the coach.




  1. Daniel Levy really does not like to spend money I think as long as we are finishing in the top 5 or 6 and still making a bit of profit they are quite happy with this . They will do what they normally do leave things till its to late there is 2 or 3 Brazilians we are rumoured to want to buy , what will happen is we will wait until after the confederations cup and then run out of time in trying to tie up deals. A few teams in the premier league have already tied up deals for new players so why cant we. Why do we have to send scouts to watch Bernard when he is one of the most in demand players in South America ?, you only have to look at a few clips on youtube to see that this kid is so hot he will end up in a very big team like Barcelona , Its best to get him now while we could get him at a good price because he will be worth more than double whats payed for him . Bernard is just the type of player we need at Spurs He can scored with his head , left foot , right foot , and can poach goals and can score long range goals and a brilliant free kick specialist and he’s a good dribbler so he can break through tough defences . Do you need to know anymore ?

    • spot on about that cunt levy he is firmly to blame for the second season running we failed to buy a striker in the jan window and blew it both times, this current arsenal team is the worst they have been for the last 5-6 years and they still pipped us.
      We could have had berbertov for 4 mill and that would have got us 4th place, levy you wanker fuck off

  2. Spurs were one of the top teams 1961-1991, winning 12 of their 17 trophies in that 31 year period. They were relegated in 1977, but that really was a blip.

    Since they went bust in 1991, they have been run on a business footing, with a smallish ground capacity. They have won just 2 trophies since 1991, but have had pretty good league positions in recent years, given their current muscle power. The policy of buying youngish players, and then selling the really good ones for a good profit, has sustained the plan. Gareth Bale will leave, unless Spurs can convince him to sign a contract extension, because just 3 years on his contract leaves them exposed – only 2 years next summer – lower fee – and 1 year in 2015 – even lower fee – and no fee at all in 2016.

    To get back to the top group of clubs on a sustained basis, and then not losng their star players, Spurs need to fund the new stadium asap. This means getting the naming rights income. or doing some sort of share issue, because heavy borrowing with expensive repayments won’t really help much short term with team strengthening – look at Arsenal recently.

    Spurs need to decide in the not too distant future if they can do this. Otherwise they may as well continue as they are. A new stadium funded by heavy borrowing could leave the team worse, not better, at least for a number of years.

  3. That’s some of the best writing on Gareth Bale an the whole spurs ethos iv read on any of these redundant self indulgent blogs.. And I’m referring to 62spurs!!
    Bale will go this window without question, only a fantasist would believe otherwise.
    What needs to happen for spurs to succeed is A. For his sale to be done early in the widow for a good fee. And B. for that money to be re invested into good sustainable players. If levy sells bale too late we will end up with a sahar type replacement an slip to 6/7 in the league at best. Coys

    • Its hard to turn down 85 mill for any player and remember even the biggest club in the world man utd could not hold onto ronaldo so what chance have we got money talks.
      Cant wait till this fair player comes in chelsea and man city will be fucked hopefully both only where they are because of the money not proper football clubs like us man utd, arsenal,liverpool and everton the proper big five.


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