After a brief period of speculation, Spurs’ head coach Andre Villas-Boas spoke to the media and denied rumours that he was ready to ditch the club after just one season and join the French revolution with PSG.

Despite having a personal connection with the Ligue 1 Champions, Andre confirmed that he had a job to do at White Hart Lane.

“I have had a friendship for some time with the president of PSG,” AVB said.

“He is a friend and we speak regularly, but my commitment is with Tottenham.

“It was the club that allowed me to return to the Premier League and I feel good there.”

It’s likely that the story will disappear now and in its place, talks of a £50m ‘war chest’ will gather momentum in the next few days. Depending on which source you read, that figure may need to be supplemented by the sale of several fringe squad members ahead of the new campaign.

The PSG link had always seemed an unlikely one but fans of the coach will be relieved to read those comments as we head towards what could be one of our busiest pre-seasons for many summers.



  1. Guys and Gals I’ve always had a soft spot for your club but £20m + Adebayor for Benteke? Come on now don’t be silly we all know that is just never ever ever ever going to happen now is it???
    We want rid of arseholes (Ireland, Dunne etc) not replace them with even bigger ones, so from all Villans a big Thanks but No Thanks.

    • You can’t blame us for trying haha…Seriously though, I like Benteke but I’d be unhappy if we paid more than £15m for him (I know that means we won’t get him as you don’t NEED to sell). Good luck next season, you have some great young players… hoping we one day take Weinmann off your hands

  2. Well vilians benteke is worth no more than 20 million he has only had one season and could be a one season wonder lke cissie at Newcastle plus he has only played at a struggling team where everything goes through him he would have to adapt at spurs he might not be ready. You guys bought him for 7 mill Last season and now you expect the world becouse you did not get relegated lol No way keep him becouse he won’t sign a new contract with you and will go for much cheaper you wait and see

    • He’s got 3 years of 4 year deal to run so we have absolutely no need to sell and so if the mood took Randy he could have him (Benteke) festering in the reserves on his present £20k per week deal and would Benteke want that with a world cup coming up? I think not.
      Oh and the valuation- the papers are reporting Spurs are willing to offer £20m + Adebayor, what’s Adebayor’s value £10m(ish)? So it looks like AVB’s valuation of Benteke runs to about £30M.

  3. He learned from Chelsea experience and will surely not repeat mistake by jumping ship after one season just because a big club comes calling.
    Wrote about it a week or so back

  4. @afc:
    Good shit you got there! Still London is blue!! Fuck red and fucker white. Seriously I don’t like white more than red so…. fuck white chicken fuss!!!


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