So Spurs seem to be closing in on their first transfer deal of the summer although many of us remain sceptical over Paulinho and the prospect of a move being hijacked in the next few days. The player himself has come out and said that he cannot turn us down – words that we were used to hearing 20-30 years ago but less so in the modern age of Champions League football.

“To play in England for a great team like Tottenham is a dream. What I respect about Tottenham is the ambition they have shown,” the player is quoted as saying.

“This summer there has been interest in their coach and their best player – and they have been clear they both are not going anywhere. When my agent made me aware that Tottenham were interested, I knew it would not be a move that I could turn down.”

Meanwhile, the Brazilian international has been talked up by former Arsenal player and current Corinthians Director of Football Edu who is clearly describing a player of exceptional class.

“Paulinho is, what I really want to say, a really professional guy. Very focused in training, in the match,” Edu told BBC Sport.

“Scores so many goals, it’s quite strange to see his number because he’s a midfielder. He scores so many goals – important goals.

“As a player he is box-to-box, easily. It is very difficult to find a player with his characteristics.”

What a talent this guy is but can we accept that the move is reality or is a late twist in prospect with the transfer window set to open?



  1. Oh dear Paulinho won’t be hijacked. If you follow the history and the direct quotes you’ll soon find out that the Chelski and Real Madrid connections were just pure fabrication by lazy internet hacks out to get as many hits on their useless websites as possible for advertising purposes.
    Simple logic meant a hijack To Real was very unlikely because they’d basically ruin any chances of ever getting Bale in the future wouldn’t they? We all know Levy doesn’t forget ! Besides both teams simply don’t have a regular place for him in the starting 11 and Paulinho needs to play because of next years World Cup.
    The only other interest was from Inter Milan but we offered more and triggered his release clause. Besides the player himself has spoken of his worry over playing in a racist league hence his preference for the EPL. The player has also expressed his delight at a move to Spurs and David Luiz has also been interviewed on the subject.
    I’m amazed at the gullibility and sheer pig-pigheadedness of some Spurs fans when it comes to internet stories that can be debunked by 10 minutes of research. (Not saying you).
    I have a mate who is a Corinthians supporter, trust me on this and stop worrying you’ll get old before your age !

  2. Keep wishing, you tiny little spuds…you’re forever in the shadows of the London giant…The Arsenal!

    No matter who you buy, you know where you belong, don’t you?

    Happy 2013/2014 St. Totteringham’s day in advance!

    • YOUR the same as us now mug winning nothing now fuck of your james hunt mayor of the woolwich my fucking arse another mouthy arsenal cunt do miss the old days taking the north bank every year wankers ha ha

  3. This is big. David Villa talks getting serious too I hear. Another player looking for the exposure we can give him before the World Cup. We’re going to have a formidable squad which is already a loyal and tight unit with some real quality added. I love that three of the top four teams have new managers too. Forget Champions league qualifying… A title challenge is the only thing that should be on our mind.

  4. is it true the cleaner at the emirates has been arrested?
    Apparently he’s been claiming for silver polish for the last 7 years.


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