Tottenham’s ‘imminent’ signing Paulinho continues to talk of his future at Spurs despite the lack of any official confirmation from the club just yet. Those that hadn’t seen the midfielder in action at the Confederations Cup might just be wondering what type of player he is but recent comments in the media may have cleared that up.

The comparison with Chelsea’s Frank Lampard was first suggested by Juan Roman Riquelme who came up against Paulinho in the Copa Libertadores back in May.

“Paulinho is like a black Lampard, but also makes headed goals. He is a phenomenon,” said the Argentine.

The player himself has since picked up on the claims and is more than happy to emulate the England international.

“This comparison is a responsibility I will take, I will not run away from it. Lampard is a great player not only for Chelsea but world football,” Paulinho said in The Sun.

“I intend to follow in his footsteps as he is a very professional guy. David Luiz always speaks of him on international duty.

“I’ve always looked at what Lampard does and, to me, he is a phenomenon – the way he hits the ball, what positions he takes up. He really is incredible.”

Fat Frank gets a lot of stick but a further 20 goals a season from midfield wouldn’t be a problem if Paulinho did go on to make a similar impact at White Hart Lane.



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