It’s become clear in the last 24 hours that Turkish club Besiktas have made an enquiry to Spurs over the possible signing of striker Emmanuel Adebayor. It’s also apparent that Ade’s new suitors have been knocked back to some extent by the financial demands involved.

“It is certainly true that we are looking at the idea of a transfer. We have made a serious bid for Adebayor,” said Besiktas Director Ahmet Piper.

“That, in turn, has given us a figure for the player, which is slightly above the amount that we imagined.

“However, making a signing as big as this immediately is nothing but a dream.

“Negotiations always take a long time. I hope that we will get a chance to have a meeting soon.”

Some of today’s reports also claim that Ade is looking to see out the remaining three years of his contract but should Spurs look to cash in or is there a need to offload after last season’s mixed set of displays?




  1. Mixed set of displays makes it sound like he played well half the time but it was much less than that. A lot of the time he didn’t look interested and may as well been off the pitch for all the difference he made.

    Get rid of him.

  2. He has to go. He only really performed in the very last few games for Spurs other than that he just coasted through the games showing very little interest which was completely different to the season before where he was brilliant.

  3. Last years shenanigans (no pre-season thanks to loooong money negotiations, his late return from AFCON and poor displays until the last few games and even then nothing spectacular bar 1 magic strike against Chavski) mean that most Spurs fans have rapidly fallen out of love, understandably. Shame, because he’s got it in him.
    The only other option would be to let him stay and lead the line in Europa and cups, this might (20% chance probably) get his confidence and interest back. But I think avb has probably lost patience to be honest.

  4. If Ade goes, we’ll and good. But I beg to differ from all others by saying that the mixed season he had had a lot involved. 1) he was injured @ the beginning2) his country put pressure on him to play in the ACN.3) AVB’s system was a bit confusing @ first and I believe that is why we lost out on the Champons league. 4) finally when he settled in again he turned out to be the addy of old.

  5. yes please but this bloke will see his contract out a total waste of space thanks levy tosser good business move fucking useless lazy no good cunt


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