With Paulinho already at the club and more arrivals expected during the remainder of this summer, it seems likely that one of our fringe players will head through Spurs’ exit door before the end of the transfer window. Last week, the press had briefly suggested that Gylfi Sigurdsson would be the odd man out but over the weekend, the media clearly had it in for Clint Dempsey.

Tottenham’s Marmite player had been on extended international duty for the US and had impressed in his last few international matches while his knack of scoring important goals might suggest that Andre Villas-Boas would be keen to keep the former Fulham man at White Hart Lane.

On Saturday however, the first rumours of a possible switch to West Bromwich Albion but the player’s agent was quick to deny those claims.

“I have been in constant contact with Tottenham and they are happy with Clint and he’s happy with the club,” said Lyle Yorks.

“He’s reporting back shortly. He’ll be back there and will be in Hong King and everything’s good.

“There have been no meetings and no discussions. Not with Tottenham or with any other teams about Clint”

“His focus right now is returning to the team and helping them qualify for Champions League.”

The stories haven’t subsided however and surely someone must give way to accommodate the new faces but is Clint Dempsey your man to fall foul of the cut?



  1. Dempsey will stay. He needs to play in the right position, behind the striker, not on the left wing or wherever.
    He has a lot of quality, probably doesn’t get mentioned so much cos he’s not doing stepovers and cruyff turns.
    Underrated by spurs fans. Great in the air, works hard (and intelligently) and can finish.
    His stats are great too. Cos he probably focuses on them. Cos he’s american.

    • I’m an American Spurs supporter and I resent that (not really though).

      If we cared so much about stats, someone in this stupid country would have noticed them and stopped claiming we were the greatest at everything, heh.

      I hope Clint stays, though frankly I’d understand fully if he left. I just personally like the guy and enjoyed watching him play for my team, but I agree that most spurs supporters seemed a bit harder on him than he deserved.

  2. if we are really geting chadli then i cant see dempsey staying. Basically one more winger should signal the end of dempsey. Sig and Holtby will be kept. The only big if is on the striker side…..if we dont get two strikers then one of ade or dempsey will stay…..most probably dempsey

  3. personally i would get rid of dempsey and ade and a defoe and replace with yilmaz/benteke/Negredo or Damiao. But this isnt champ man unforunately.


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