This isn’t the first time that Edin Dzeko’s name has appeared in connection with a proposed move to Spurs but this is certainly the first occasion where there have been claims of a definite approach and a bid in the region of £19m for the Manchester City striker.

With Valencia staying stubborn over a proposed deal for Roberto Soldado, Dzeko may be seen as a better option thant the Spanish striker, particularly if our club were to save some £5m on the fee.

At 27, the Bosnian is a year younger than Soldado but it’s his experience of the Premier League that makes Dzeko a more tempting option. In 76 league games for the club since 2011, the striker has netted 30 times but you have to remember that there have been plenty of substitute appearances during the period when he battled with Tevez, Aguero and Balotelli for a starting place.

Tevez and Balotelli may be gone but Dzeko faces a new battle to get into the team ahead of Aguero together with new arrivals Stevan Jovetic and Alvaro Negredo. Both the player and Spurs might fancy the move but would City really sell to us?



  1. I think this is absolutely the guy we should be going for. He’s been unlucky not to get more games at City given his scoring record and he was superb against us when we got smashed a a couple of years ago. Proven Premier League scorer at his peak.

    Adebayor in part-exchange, City? No? Alright, straight cash it is then.

    • No chance. Transfer fee more like £30m-£35m than £19m. Wages £150k plus per week. Overall chance of us affording him. Well below 0%. Wake up people, this is crazy talk.

    • absolutely spot on and im a spurs fan. Would he be better than the others we are going for? No doubt. Would we be able to afford his transfer fee ( £30m probably ) NO, where £19m has come from god only knows, so city will take a £10m hit will they?? You lot are living in dellusion land.
      Can we afford his wages?? NO NO NO.
      Overall chance of this happening?? about the same as Messi, no f*cking chance.

      • A player who dosen`t start every match and was not last years top goal scorer and is 27 and wants to leave city for game time is not costing 30 million. Your a defeatist and a whiney bitch.

  2. …didn’t City take a £20m hit on Adebayor?! Of course they’d be willing to do it if they no longer felt they had use for him and thought he might just mope about all season. I’m not convinced they’d sell as low as £19m but it’s worth finding asking the question as I believe he’d take a drop in wages to become a key player.

    If I’m honest – I don’t believe City view either us or Arsenal as actual competition (only United and Chelsea), so I think they would sell if they thought he wanted to go and the fee was fair.

  3. they wouldn’t sell Bellamy to us would they? Obviously they rated him a lot more than Ade. As for wages, if Dzeko is fed up warming the subs bench where would he get the money he’s on now? Not many places. I do think the petro dollar zillionaires would drop the 10 mil like I would drop my change into a charity box if it suited them but sell a decent player to us? Don’t think so.

  4. The concept that City (or any other club for that matter) would decline to sell because they would “take a hit” is ludicrous. Any player’s value depends on the market for that player. And the intial outlay for any player is a SUNK COST. It’s a player’s ongoing wage bill that makes more of difference – pluse how much the club can get for him in order to fund other CURRENT or FUTURE transfers. 30 goals in 76 appearances is not too special; he’s not going to get that many starts with the new acquisitions at City, and thus they will be carrying him and his wage while he produces very little. His value is unlikely to be anything close to 30 mil, and if they can get a decent price for him and don’t have plans to make him a major part of their attack, then they will sell him.

  5. Dzeko just need a quality playmaker behind him, and he’ll become a beast , like batman who need a robin, not some selfish players who do not want to pass the ball
    in spurs he’ll get robin 😀

    For those who think that Dzeko does not have a good first pass just watch second goal against Bayern

  6. I wouldn’t be upset if Dzeko left. His first touch is like an elephant on on ice rink. He will only benefit if he has quality wingers around him.

    Nobody liked passing to him last year because he always lost the ball, very frustrating player.

    A good finisher, but not top quality.

    • man u know about footbal as well as I know about kriket , hope dzeko’ll will leave in club where he’ll be more appreciated

      • You haven’t had to endure his touches match after match. We thought Ade was good to begin with.

        We also thought Samaras was good when we saw him on Youtube, but alas…

        • I watched his games in wolfsburg when he played with team without superstars but with great teamspirit, team witch destroy bayern and borussia, I watched from the first row Volkswagen Arena and I know for what is he capable, he is far different from ade who cant run 90minutes just like against basel, and younger too. Did you watch city’s game against real? Man dzeko is a beast he just need unselfish teammates who rather shoots ball on the moon or pass to him just when nothing else can do! And I didn’t say he is best but he is very very very good player

          • I rate dzeko pretty highly as well. He got a good build, strong in the air (remember that ridiculous looping header he scored against us) clinical in finishing (based on his strike rate as a SUB) and able to score clutch goals (again, i remember tat sickening winner against us).

            Only thing is his pace, not very pacy and his work rate seemed to have dipped badly during his time with city….

            and johnnie, we’ll take kolarov any day of the week over BAE. mind you, i love BAE, he’s a cool guy, but kolarov would be huge upgrade for us hehehe


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