We’ve probably had about as much speculation as anyone can endure over the Roberto Soldado deal with most outlets starting to suggest that the player’s buy out clause has been met and that the striker is preparing to travel to London ahead of a White Hart Lane medical.

Not all areas of the media are in agreement with that suggestion however and some are claiming that the deal is far from done while others are even reporting on a proposed move from Liverpool to hijack the transfer.

However, it has almost got to the stage where some of us are checking the club’s official website for a confirmed update but as we wait for new arrivals, it seems as if the departure of Emmanuel Adebayor may also be imminent.

The deal seems to rest on whether Besiktas are cleared to play in the Europa League,

“We are interested in Adebayor, the transfer could still go ahead,” said club President Firket Orman. “The deal breaker for Adebayor was whether we would play in Europe this season, as soon as we are I will travel to London and complete the deal.”

However, reports suggest that a decision on that may not be made until the 30th of August leaving little time for anything to be formalised. So, in both cases, we wait on a decision but for the Soldado signing at least, the news may come sooner rather than later.




  1. Dzeko? Hardly set the pulses racing
    But how are we gonna spend £100m on overpriced 2nd rate footballers who are gagging to play on thursday evenings?

  2. The Soldado confirmation can’t come quick enough. It has all the same hallmarks as the Paulinho and Chadli signings. A left back for Danny Rose to challenge for a first team place will be the final piece of the jigsaw.(IMO)

    • If we sell Bale, then we have more money to spend, if not, the Soldado will be our last singing. We (apparently) had 50mil to spend, and I doubt we’ll go above that unless Bale goes.
      Left back, for me, Baines would be ideal.
      The thought of Contrao as part of any Bale deal fills me with fear – he is awful.

    • You dont think we still need a creative midfielder? Dembele is injury prone and struggled to unlock stubborn defences last season…and its not Paulinho or Sandros go…

      • I would like to see Holtby given a go as that creative spark in there, he had half a season in a team that weren’t playing at their best. He deserves a full season in his strongest position imo

        • think dembeke was olaying to deep last season buts thats down to avb playing him there played further up the pitch for fulham and hopefullly will do with sandro back in the side

  3. I would say Dzeko has an excellent record – when and wherever he has played, the man scores goals. I say I would prefer him, as if we’re paying these amounts of money for a ‘top’ striker, I would at least have one who has proven himself in the Prem.
    Having said that, I’m not going to be disappointed if we get Soldado.
    Actually quite impressed with how we have gone about our business this summer. Makes a change to be backing the manager and not getting in some cheaper deadline day options.

  4. Dzeko is proven scorer in the PL….Soldado could be great, or he could struggle with the more physical PL defences. I would go Dzeko also if had a choice between the two. Watched him live against Sunderland in HK and the goal he scored was class….his missed penalty was not.


  6. Stop complaining about whether we get Soldado or Dzeko what are you retarded ? Soldado is more likely the striker we want so live with it .What, would you just rather we keep it Defoe ,Dempsey and Adebayor? I think Dzeko’s a good top of the range Centre just like Soldado but maybe AVB talked to Baldini and thinks he is the man. Falcao wasn’t a 7 foot target man but his movement and finishing is different class and Soldado is the same .You guys are never happy theirs always some other better player out their .Shit I trust AVB over you bums anyday

  7. BOB – chillout and take a pill buddy. Who’s complaining? Its called a DISCUSSION. If you are not open to the opinion of others, dont read forums.

    • Absolutely agree with Dan – didn’t realise either of us were complaining, I thought we were discussing pro’s and con’s for each. I would however agree with you BOB, in that his movement and finishing look absolutely class, though I stand by my concern that at 28 years old, having never played outside of Spain, will he adjust? I just don’t know, and at 28million, it’s a massive MASSIVE gamble. Right now though, with the strikers we’ve got, I’d pay 5million to get my nan up front!

      • ade bayor can fuck right off because of levy buying him on the cheap instead of berbertov it cost us champions league again


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