Roberto Soldado spoke to the press for the first time since agreeing a deal to join Spurs and the 28 year old focussed on negative aspects at his former club Valencia as the main reason for leaving La Liga.

The striker is set to join up with his new team mates as soon as he passes a medical and Soldado lifted the lid on the issues with his previous employers.

“I’m leaving Valencia because I do not believe in, nor do I trust their sporting project. Right from the first moment I spoke to the president, I had made my mind up to go. Salvo (club President) lied to me many times, and that hurt me and my agents, who are like family to me,” Soldado confirmed.

“I think the deal is good for both clubs. I would like to say sorry to the fans for failing to complete my contract. I would have liked to have ended my playing days here but I was confronted with a hurdle which made me think again. I wish Valencia all the very best,” the player added.

With that out of his system, Roberto turned his attention to his new club and answered a predictable question about the prospect of playing with Gareth Bale.

“I think everybody knows about Gareth Bale. He’s a great player and that’s why Tottenham are making it so difficult for him to leave. Of course, I hope that he stays with Spurs.”

Soldado is one of our most exciting signings for years and is already featuring highly in the Premier League goal scorer betting for 2013-14. Will he make the difference in finishing fourth rather than fifth or is that dependent on the future of Bale?



  1. i think top four is not completely on the future of bale.
    i think this team has a good chance!!

    walker . verthonghen. kaboul . bae/rose/new lb
    . sandro .
    dembele . paulinho
    lennon . soldado . chadli

    obviously i will be distraught if bale left, however this team will create and score goals. add to that up to 100m more to strengthen the side from bales sale. Has anyone looked over at the team sheet at the emirates? no new signings (apart from some French freebie), more pressure due to another year with no trophies. we are doing ok!


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