There are no reports of fresh injuries ahead of Sunday’s North London Derby although it seems unlikely that too many of those who started last night’s game with Dinamo Tbilisi will begin  the match at the Emirates.

However, the defence may well feature Kaboul, Vertonghen and Walker with Rose coming in on the left side but will Michael Dawson automatically come back in and take his usual place right of centre?

In midfield the big question must surround Andros Townsend who played so well in Georgia but hasn’t had quite the same effect since. Does AVB keep him on the left or does Nacer Chadli start with Townsend available as an impact sub?

Elsewhere, presumably Soldado comes back in for Defoe despite Jermain’s two goals on Thursday but has anyone else done enough to merit a start – Sandro, Lewis Holtby or Tom Carroll for example?

Here’s how we think it will look but what’s your opinion?





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        • Bale has been great for the club. Silly to get petty. Tricky situation he’s in I’m sure .
          Back to topic, I’d play Kaboul instead of Dawson. Obviously, Lennon is injured so I’d play Townsend. I’d start lamela ahead of Chadli who has had glimmers, but not done enough to hold down a spot. Similarly I think Dembele could make way for Sandro.

  1. ………………..lloris……………..
    walker……dawson..jan V……rose

    • all our midfielders are big a strong, maybe faster…. weak? Arsenal Wilshere and Carzorla may be skilled, but they are little ponies. Ramsey? He’s the real horse to be worried about, but Capoue should chase him down all game. Shouldn’t be a problem.

  2. Obviously more depth for Spurs than Arsenal right now but this first team still doesn’t compare to the one Arsenal will put out there.

    • I’ll give you Sagna and Wilshere as players who seem to outclass their Spurs counterparts. I’ll give you Walcott over Lennon. But past that, who from Arsenal would you seriously pick as a better player than a similar player from Spurs?

      • Firstly, every year people say Spurs would have more players in a combined 11. Last year I saw some with 9 Spurs players. Every year the outcome is the same. One would think you’d learn to stop counting your chickens before they hatch.

        Secondly, how can your claim be taken seriously when you don’t mention Cazorla? In what world are any of those 11 Spurs players even comparable to him?

        • Oh, and Spurs have the same back 4 as they did last season, as do Arsenal. Spurs conceded 9 more goals than Arsenal did. Why do you believe that justifies your claim that 3 out of 4 of Spurs’ back four are better than Arsenal’s?

          • these are my rankings after the game and how i rate these players normally too.

            lloris > sczesny
            walker < sagna
            dawson mert
            rose < gibbs
            capoue rosicky
            Dembele < wilshere
            townsend < walcott
            chad < cazorla
            soldado < giroud

            being kind of pessimistic here though… also, our players are not like for like… Arsenal have a fantastic first 11 of that we have no doubt. We really needed Bale to stay for this game. our boys are a little too one wayed at the moment. a lot of good strong players, but none with any real creativity. soldado doesn't do anything but ghost and poach, that would work good on Arsenal's side, but not on our powerful game.

  3. Lennon still injured so will look the same but with Townsend starting, think Holtby will come on at some point and do not be surprised if he features more as the number 10, Great goal yesterday and another for the under 21’s. Holtby is not defensive midfielder but an AM and only played there last year as he needed game time and is flexible.
    Have a feeling we will turn them over 2-0 with a brace from Soldado! COYS

  4. I would play Sandro instead of Dembele, use 2 holding midfielders and probably use Capoue to `shadow` Walcott. I think Theo`s pace will expose Rose`s defensive frailty.

  5. 4321 formation






  6. Lloris, walker, vertonghen, kaboul, rose, paulinho, capoue, dembele, townsend, chadli, soldado.

    I would say lamela but I think he will be on the bench.

    Friedel, Dawson, sandro, lamela, sigurdson, Carroll, Lennon.

  7. Lloris
    Walker – Daws – SuperJan – Rose
    Capoue – Dembele
    Andros – Paulinho – Lamela

    Sandro, Carroll, Vlad, Defoe, Friedel, Siggy, Chadli as subs

  8. How bout this for a first and second team…











    Boom! That’s an immense 2nd team, possibly better than any othe pl team… Capable of getting us far in cup games keeping the 1st team fresh until jan. hell yeah

  9. Levy is the KING.
    He has made us into a top three team (maybe even challenging for the title this year or next) and still made a profit of around 15m.
    WOW. What a window. Especially in comparison with – yeah basically any other window I can remember.


  10. In the standard 4-2-3-1, too soon to move towards a 4-3-3 as the team needs more time to train in such a formation.

    GK: Lloris

    RWB: Walker
    RCB: Dawson (Although Kaboul’s speed would be useful against l’arse, he simply hasn’t had enough playing time to play at this high a level)
    LCB: Vertonghen
    LWB: Rose

    RCDM: Capoue (Sandro I think when 100% is a better player but he played a full game in Georgia and I think may make a good half-time/second half substitute instead)
    LCDM: Paulinho (I don’t understand why you have played Paulinho further ahead in your 4-2-3-1, he has some great attacking ability but his whole play style revolves around his rushes from behind the line in the position he has always played -a defensive midfielder-, a role Dembele isn’t very good at)

    RAM: Lamela (I’m unsure whether this is a great idea considering his inexperience in the squad but Townsend is tired and Lennon is unfit, the gamble could pull of as Lamela could rip into Monreal’s defensive failings with his dribbling)
    CAM: Dembele (this is Dembele’s old position actually, only moving move defensively last season. Until we move towards a 4-3-3 Dembele can make an easily sufficient enough attacking midfielder in front of the two defensive midfielders with his strength, speed and dribbling allowing penetrating runs alongside Soldado)
    LAM: Chadli (I seriously don’t rate Chadli actually, I think he is very very mediocre or shit at most things apart from some mildly proficient dribbling. He’ll make a good sub in the future though. With Eriksen in, I think Eriksen brought in at half-time/the second half can really add a spanner into the works for Wenger as he’ll struggle to cope with such a wildly dangerous player, unfamiliar with AVB’s tactics but able to pull off a killer pass or long shot without notice.)


  11. I think that with spurs new midfield strength, Arsenal will have a hard time. I think Spurs will have a lot of the ball in the middle of the park, and if Townsend and/or Lamela are on the wings, we will have a great attacking threat. As long as the back 4 do there job, we should be fine. And it not as if our last line of defence isn’t an international captain or anything!

  12. dang it all to H!!!!! no sting with the final ball. where is all the creativity? all we had was townsend trying to wing it and send the ball in and with no accuracy i might add. Need Lennon back immediately. I hope Eriksen is as good as advertised, or we’re going to be winning and losing a lot of 1-0 or 0-1 this year. sigh… lets put title talk away, we bossed the ball but they were going to defend their goal anyway, not a surprise.


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