When taking all competitions into account, Jermain Defoe is now out on his own as the club’s leading goalscorer this season despite being the Premier League side’s second choice behind Roberto Soldado.

Soldado himself has four strikes but doubles against Dinamo Tbilisi, Tromso and now Aston Villa sees JD up to six from six games. Will that record have any influence on Andre Villas-Boas when he picks his team to face Chelsea at the weekend?

“It was a great performance, good energy, we kept the ball well and that’s something we’ve done in the last few games,” said Jermain.

“We kept another clean sheet as well, that’s important. When the lads at the back and the goalkeeper are all doing their jobs, it’s up to the forwards to get the goals to win us the games.”

But the focus of those quotes on the club’s official website are last night’s goals which took the striker ahead of George Hunt and into fifth on the club’s all time list.

We have seen something of a pattern with Jermain where he looks devastating in games such as these and in the EPL when coming off the bench. When starting a game however, he doesn’t look quite so potent but is it time for Roberto Soldado to drop down with the subs and give Defoe another chance?



  1. No!!! – You just said it yourself in the final paragraph.

    J.D, as much as all spurs fans should love him for his loyalty professionalism and goals, is not the right player to lead a line, especially against the likes of cahill and that fuckwit terry, who are both very physical, let Soldado’s movement tire them out, and then, when JD comes on, (30 mins to go for me, almost no matter what the scors is) he will ensure their back 4 is kept honest by staying failry deep and most likely try to man mark him, hopefully creating space for Holtby and Lamela who BOTH should play and destroy the blue racists. COYS!

  2. The simple answer is no. Defoe’s job is to score against scrubs like AV’s B team, so that Soldado can rest for the tough matches. Like Holtby, Defoe is the victim of having better players ahead of him, but that should not take away their importance to the overall team. If the Spurs want to compete on all levels they need that depth of squad that they have never had. Soldado will start scoring in bunches when the side gels more behind him. People need to remember what Defoe is a hot and cold me first striker. AVB is thinking big picture and is using Defoe just right.

  3. I think games we should start games with two strikers and put a lot of pressure on the opposition goal because we’ve been having plenty of scoring chances but not scoring many goals. If the opposition started to control the game we can bring on a midfielder and take a striker off .

  4. Frankie that simply isn’t gonna happen.
    AVB likes the extra midfielder so we can control games, and that’s exactly what we’ve been doing whilse creating just about enough chances to win games.
    Dominating the opposition in the middle is the key.
    And this is why Defoe SHOULD start ahead of Soldado.
    There won’t be many chances for the striker, and Defoe is better at taking the odd chance when it comes his way.


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