Our team to face Aston Villa – what’s yours?

Our team to face Aston Villa – what’s yours?


Official team news is yet to come through but the two main questions must concern Danny Rose and Aaron Lennon. Danny was initially rated by AVB as 90% ready for Chelsea before dropping back to 50 / 50 ahead of West Ham but it was felt that Sunday’s clash at Villa was a more likely target.

Danny’s absence has exposed a lack of cover at left back so hopefully he will slot in.

Further up the park, could Andre look to play both Lennon and Townsend on opposite flanks? The odd man out in that instance is likely to be Gylfi Sigurdsson but that formation should surely provide more chances for the front man.

Who will that front man be? Andre switched Soldado with Defoe for the Hammers clash but will he go back to the Spaniard?

Here’s how we think it will line up but what’s your view?


  1. would be harsh on Gylfi who has played well this season.
    However, Villa with Agbonlahor, Weimann and poss Benteke will be dangerous. Think Sandro has to play. Mousa and Paulinho can defend but natural inclination is to go forward. Need Sandro to come in to offer more protection to defense

  2. I agree Harrison sandro has to play I’d drop dembele purely because I think paulinho offers a bigger goal treat and doesn’t hold play up! But I think Avb will continue with dembele and paulinho! It is a bit harsh to drop siggy but he offers very little IMO and Lennon and Townsend could be extrealy fighting for the opposition defence

  3. Dembele and Paulinho are rubbish in midfield. They don’t link up at all with Soldado which is why he hasn’t scored a goal yet in the premier league (apart from 2 penalties).

    Spurs need creativity in midfield. Give Chiriches a go in midfield with Holtby, behind Eriksen. See how this works.

    Let Lennon and Townsend swap wings throughout the game.






  4. Lloris
    Walker. Vertonghen. Kaboul. Rose

    Paulinho. Dembele

    Eriksen. Chadli

    The midfield is hard but eriksen likes to cut in and I couldn’t leave him out

  5. Nobody’s giving a thought to Lamela here, who I think needs a Prem start to get his Spurs career up and running. My team would be:

    Walker, Dawson, Vertonghen, Rose
    Lamela, Sandro, Paulinho, Townsend

    With Lennon, Defoe, Siggy, Kaboul, Holtby, Dembele and even possibly Adebayor to come off the bench, we should be too strong for Villa. Sandro has to start to offer more protection to the back 4

    • like the look of that team but would put in kaboul instead of dawson this is the bloke avb tried to sell last season and now he starts every game AVB clueless

  6. I couldn’t agree more … Sandro has to start. I think we’ve sorely missed he’s determination and ball winning ability in the last 3 London derbies (1pt out of 9!!)….couldn’t believe AVB hasn’t even brought him on as sub when its been plain he is exactly what we’ve needed. I also support the idea of playing Lennon on the right and Townsend on the left to get outside & behind the opposing defence, but I know that isn’t going to happen – AVB will play Townsend on the right and stick with Sig.

  7. Are you some sort of maniac Andy?

    Poor old Vlad has hardly settled and you wanna throw him in CM in the prem?? Noo,.

    So,. we obviously start Lloris,. As for FB’s, Rose must play if we’re gonna play an inverted winger on the right,. (Hopefully its Lamela but head ruling heart, its probably still too soon for him, AVB is a pragmatist, I reckon Gylfi)
    Unfortunately, Walker has absolutely no competition which is rediculous,. He does have exactly that in Naughton but he keeps getting shunted on Left which is just becoming painful.

    Anyway, before I start getting side-tracked further, which is easy for me being a bellend,. This is what I think:

    AVB will play:

    GK – Lloris
    RB – Walker
    CB – Dawson
    CB – Vertonghen
    LB – Rose
    DMF – Dembele
    CMF – Paulinhio
    AMF – Eriksen
    RWF – Townsend
    LWF – Sigurdson
    CF – Soldado

    I would like to play:
    GK – Lloris
    RB – Naughton
    CB – Dawson
    CB – Vertonghen
    LB – Rose
    DMF – Sandro
    CMF – Paulinhio
    CMF – Holtby
    RWF – Lamela
    LWF – Townsend
    CF – Soldado

    • I agree with both your expected line up, and your preferred one (Though I would still have Walker ahead of Dawson).
      To the man saying play Chiriches in Central Midfield!!! hahaha, get a grip son.

      • What do Dembele and Paulinho offer in midfield? Do you even watch the games? When do they ever pass forwards?

        I agree that Chiriches in midfield is worth a go because it cannot get any worse. He can defend, pass and run with the ball. Chiriches is technically brilliant and would link up well with Holtby and Eriksen.

        • Errr, well Paulinho set up Defoe’s chance vs West Ham, had a chance himself and scored winner vs Cardiff. Paulinho has probably been our best new recruit so far.

          • If Paulinho has been our best recruit, that says alot about how bad the rest of them are (Chadli, Lamela terrible buys). Paulinho is overrated and nothing special. He cannot seem to shoot on target. Maybe okay as a squad player for the Europa League.

          • Hmm amazing how you can judge Lamela so well with just 74 mins EPL playing time across 4 matches. As for Paulinho, people forget quite how ordinary Modric looked in his first few outings. Paulinho already done better than that so far. Patience!!!!

  8. I have no idea why anyone would pick Dembele, Capoue, Sandro, or Paulinho in Spurs midfield?

    They are hardly any better than Didier Zokora or Wilson Palacios.

    None of these players are the type to entertain or create anything.

  9. Personally think the CM partnership should be Sandro OR Capou with Moussa OR Paulinho. Any such combination gives us a fabulous platform to go forward, but playing three from the four is overkill and stunts us creatively. And Eriksen and Holtby should be competing for the one spot behind the striker – and I think Holtby has done enough to start. Townsend and Sigurdson have earnt their starting berths.

    • I don’t think AVB’s system works like that. The holding 2 are the holding 2…. If you pick a more defensive holding 2, I don’t think you become more adventurous….

      • Tony, I’m thinking that either Sandy or Capou would free up either Moussa or Paulinho to be more attack-minded. At the moment, the two of them can seem to be neither one thing nor the other.
        In the longer term, is having Holtby playing further back (ie. with Eriksen ahead of him) an option? And whatabout – again, in the future – having as an option Townsend through the middle, with Lennon or Lamela on the right? I mean, Bale did quite well there….

    • Playing two of them is overkill. Only need one of them to defend when Spurs are trying to kill a game off. Holtby should be given a chance to link up with Eriksen.

  10. Christ theres some tripe being written here!




    Rest Dembele – only a twisted ankle during international duty but he’s played in more games than any player this season. Got strength in depth – use it.
    Ade is hungry – thats when he’s best – bench good shout
    Holtby is in tune now or getting there – 6 assists
    Paulinho will go forward with Sandro beside him.

    2-0 Tottenham

  11. I would expect when kaboul is fully fit he would take dawsons place who has been badly exposed this season no pace as shown against a very poor west ham team last week an as for naughton dont even start me on this clown walker needs a kick up the arse too, its time for avb to prove himself now and show some balls, listened to the press last week and played defoe.

  12. Lloris
    Walker Dawson Vertonghen Naughton
    Paulinho Erisken Sandro
    Townsend Soldado Sigurdsson.

    AVB should ban the back four from sideways and back passing at the start of a game, (and Walker told never to) sets the wrong attitude!

  13. I think after the West Ham game we are still lacking in speed of play and the creativity needed. Against Villa, I would experiment and try a very offensive lineup that maximizes our speed on the wings.


    Now the first thing people will say is Townsend as a left wing back, but why not? With Walker on the right and Townsend on the left; think about the speed on the wings. Chirches, I think needs to replace Dawson because he gives you more going forward and can’t be any worse on defense. Holtby in for Dembele as CM. Holtby is a better deep lying playmaker then Dembele. Demebele has good numbers but never generates anything from it. Also, Holtby would link up well with Eriksen I believe. Lamela and Chadli as inverted wingers with Walker and Townsend making runs on the outside would be impossible to stop.


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