Erik Lamela could have given his confidence a bit of a boost if he’d only tucked away his penalty in Wednesday night’s shoot out and scoring might have stopped some of the criticism on social media. It’s been a tough start for our record signing and his own uncertain beginning hasn’t been helped by the form of Andros Townsend. An extended run in the Premier League starting XI won’t be coming anytime soon.

The Argentine has already admitted that he has found the physicality tough to deal with and following the Capital One Cup clash with Hull, Lamela has asked for more time to stamp his authority on the English game.

“I think I need a bit of time,” Erik told the Evening Standard. “I feel good here, although getting used to life here in every sense is a completely different thing. I’ve barely been here two months, so time is maybe what I need.

“I need training, a bit of rhythm, some games. English football is very different from the game in Italy — much more physical, whereas Serie A is more tactical. It’s not necessarily more difficult, but it’s just different. This is a style of football I like very much, though, and I think, with the way I play, it will be very suited to my game.”

Criticism hasn’t come from all sides however and an article in the Metro cites Lamela and Harry Kane as the two stand out players from Wednesday’s win. Some would argue with that viewpoint but there’s certainly plenty more to come from Erik – the question is, when will we see it?



  1. Lamela nd Eriksonn both are good young players but it will be not until next season we see the best from them. I was worried we had shelled out far too much money for the young Argie, ridiculous. I am very dissapointed that Tom Carrol is not getting his chance ahhead of Holtby and Erikson as he fully desrves it. We have far too many similar players in our midfield and that combined with AVB’s cautuios approach to going forward is causing us to be far too pedestrian. Something needs to change and I hope it is recognised we need an exciteing attacing mid who can beat a man a two, Gazza!

  2. `arry (for all his tactical ignorance) was good at one thing….installing confidence – putting an arm round a young player and telling him how good he was, and to just go out and frighten the life out of defenders!

    erik does look like a little boy lost at the moment, he really does look scared to even try going past anyone, and we know he can do it, we have all seen the clips of him last season playing in italy!

    come on avb…show us your man management skills as well as your undoubted tactical nous, and start getting the best out of this young fella!

  3. the jury is out on Lamela. Looking very average to me honestly. i would rather have lennon out there, and i already feel he is not enough. we have a lot of quality depth, but none of it is really world class or playing at that level. we have been very fortunate with our results.


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